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Dr. Noufal Mais

Dr. Noufal Mais: Creating Success Through Patient-Centric Eyecare

Eye care professionals are visionaries by nature. They look ahead to the possibilities of the future with clarity and foresight. Dr. Noufal Mais, an optometrist and entrepreneur from Alberta, exemplifies this forward-looking nature, forging his own path to success through a commitment to expanding access to innovative, affordable eyecare solutions throughout Western Canada.

Dr. Mais is the founder and CEO of The Eye Centre, an eyecare facility with multiple locations in the two provinces. He also started a Mobile Eye Clinic, traveling to remote and rural indigenous communities to reach underserved populations. Through his business initiatives, Dr. Mais is having a true impact on the quality and accessibility of eyecare for Canadians.


Dr. Noufal Mais began his career as an optometrist’s assistant, a job he held while attending university. He liked the idea of practicing a craft while also being able to apply his entrepreneurial instincts. He achieved the necessary qualifications and began preparations to start his own eye clinic.

“When I started out, I was looking for an opportunity to practice in a small town, a place that was underserved and where there was a need for high-quality eye care.”

He decided to open his first clinic in Drayton Valley, AB, a town of about 7,000 people.

“I was attracted to the town’s entrepreneurial spirit, and I quickly established a successful practice there.”


From the beginning, Dr. Mais’ priority was on providing personalized, patient-centric care to his patients.

“I think it’s extremely important to build your eye clinic around the patient experience. You want to provide them with the best possible technology and resources. You want to make sure they feel educated about their choices and their particular needs. You want to build that trust and loyalty, and if you do it right, you’ll retain them for life.”

Dr. Mais emphasizes the need to stay on top of current trends in eye care. “We make sure to invest in all the latest technology in our clinics, including retinal imagery and the most modern testing equipment. Our brand is built on offering top-quality eye care, so it’s important that we deliver.”


Dr. Noufal Mais opened The Eye Centre in 2009, and within a year, he was already making plans to expand.

“I’m a business person by nature, and I wanted to grow the business and find new paths for success. I explored options for a new location, and I decided on Leduc, about an hour east of Drayton Valley.”

He opened the second Eye Centre branch in 2010, using the same model of patient-centric care.

“I saw that our business model translated to the new location, and I was encouraged to keep growing.”

Today, Dr. Mais is the CEO of an eye care franchise of his own creation. He’s kept the focus on serving rural and remote towns and offering a higher quality of care to their people.

“That was always my goal, to practice in smaller towns with underserved populations. I plan to continue finding paths to reach those goals.”


Later this year, Dr. Noufal Mais is starting a new initiative called Digital Optometric Services, which will provide remote telehealth care to rural areas of Saskatchewan.

“I want to reach those people who may not be able to travel to an optometrist, either because of the distance or because of mobility issues. They deserve the same quality of care as they’d receive in our clinic.”

This commitment also led Dr. Mais to create a Mobile Eye Clinic, which operates in work camps and rural indigenous towns. The mobile clinic serves patients throughout the summer months and demonstrates Dr. Mais’ dedication to going to areas where there’s a need.

To this end, Dr. Mais is not done with expansion plans for The Eye Centre.

“This December, we’re opening a brand new branch in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. So we’re very busy with preparation for that launch. And by next summer, 2024, we’re going to announce a new location, which will become our sixth branch.”


Dr. Mais has built a career that combines his passion for the practice of optometry with his zeal for business and growth. His path provides a great example for other optometrists who wish to become successful business leaders.

“I’d advise those optometrists who are just starting out to build up their own practice as early as possible because it will take a lot of time and effort to reach a level of success where you’re ready to grow and expand. But if that’s your goal, don’t be scared of taking the leap. It’s very rewarding.”

Dr. Noufal Mais cautions that the entrepreneurial path is not for everybody. “There are a lot of optometrists who prefer to focus on their practice and leave the business side to others. It certainly takes a different set of skills and motivation to run a successful business. There’s a tremendous amount of work to launch your own clinic. It takes a ton of personal investment. And that applies to every new branch you open. But for me, seeing the practice thrive is a huge satisfaction. It makes it worth all the effort.”

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