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Nithinart Sinthudeacha Telan

Dr. Nithinart Sinthudeacha Telan: Reforming Benchmarks in Management Consultancy Sector

The perquisites of attaining an impeccable vision and an ability to bring out a change reside in every entrepreneur irrespective of gender, race or ethnicity. To exalt a venture, a leader has to possess a keen understanding of drafting statistical plans and an efficient way to process it. Besides, through the courageous step to pursue passion, and redefining ideologies, an entrepreneur can precisely elevate the stature of a venture to greater heights. Acquiring such attributes, ardent entrepreneur, Dr. Nithinart Sinthudeacha Telan, Founder and CEO of N-able Plus Co., Ltd and Founder and Executive Committee Chairlady of Beryl8 Plus Co.,Ltd, is creating a difference in the traditional way of offering management guidance.
A Fervent Leader  
Nithinart stepped into her career in a PR agency at Burson-Marstellar in New York after completing her first masters. Her role, in a responsible campaign of the first launch of Acuvue—first disposable contact lens, aided her to learn a lot on answering the controversial questions and conveying constructive messages in challenging circumstances. After completing her PhD, Nithinart entered into establishing a long-term career with Accenture, which played a major part in her development, professionally as well as personally.
Prior leaving Accenture, she was a Partner overlooking Organizational Transformation and Change Management Strategy Offering for Asia and Pacific. Even though her career was elevating upwards, she had taken a break in order to take care of her ill father. Nevertheless, the firm grit to pursue passion prevailed at last. And she operated as an internal adviser for Thaibev—a large Food and Beverages Conglomerate, for straight two years which acted as a turning point in her entrepreneurial journey.
In 2008, she founded N-able Plus, a niche management consulting firm, specializing in organization & HR transformation, change management, and culture development. In addition,, N-able Plus has attained a reputation of helping its clients on innovation management and recently on digital culture & leadership transformation. Meanwhile, in a partnership with Salesforce, Nithinart co-founded Bery18 in 2009, which currently stands as the largest partner and reseller of Salesforce in the Asia Pacific. As its next move, Beryl8 is planning for its IPO and Nithinart is now holding the role of Executive Committee Chairlady. With the consistency in the increased growth rate, Nithinart and her team are stretching their expansion to cover ASEAN region especially in Vietnam, Indonesia, and Philipines. Besides, the company will be also partnering with Google in order to gain a creative and flexible perspective to meet the demands of clients.
Customer-Driven Success
In order to prevail in business, a firm has to comprehend the needs of the clients and must keep an eye on the competition simultaneously. At N-able Plus, Nithinart and her team have been working with big clients and been helping them with advancements like PTT and CPF. Since sustainability became a strategic issue especially in the resources industry, relying on innovations is the key strategic agenda for the firms. In addition, knowledge management which is a strong offering of her services is also a key infrastructure and enabler for innovations and capabilities development.
Currently, the team of N-able Plus have started a talk on implicating data-driven mindset and culture to support digital transformation. Apart from that, the firm also realizes the existence of a stressed environment in today’s business and offers an “Executive Well Being” program to help C-level and senior executives mentally, personally, and professionally.
Glorifying Facets of a Skilled Leader
Nithinart firmly believes that passion is the key ingredient which drives an entrepreneur to achieve the desired goals. And, a work-loving factor also helps an entrepreneur to acquire the energy needed to surpass over the problems and strive for success. Attaining growth attitude and an optimistic behavior also aids a leader to carve a venture effectively. Nithinart also believes that a leader should equip itself with two key facets—knowledge and capability; know how to manage money, and how to manage people.
Future Prospects of the Company
Recently, Nithinart and her team have started a new program under N-able Plus, in conjunction with a large venture capital, known as ‘I2C’— innovation to commercialization. The I2C aims to invest in students, idea-owners and fresh entrepreneurs with less awareness and experiences regarding commercialization. In addition to incubation support, they have also worked with venture capital funds to provide investment for the selected initiatives. The program will be currently focusing on healthcare, environment, and education sectors. Nithinart, herself, along with her associates renown in environmental science supported a research on growing algae to absorb carbon dioxide and turn it to carbon credit.
An Advice to Rely On
Women Entrepreneurship is not a theory anymore, but a real-time scenario. With every slippage of time, the awareness of pursuing entrepreneurship as a career is remarkably rising in young women. In an interview with Insights Success, Dr. Nithinart shared her insights on women entrepreneur and advised the upcoming generation. Here are some of the highlights:
Have confidence in yourself and don’t think that you are a woman. You are just a person with passion and goal to do business that you love and make it successful. Remember that there is other people following you and they will help make your dream comes true. Take them with you with your heart and care. Never say enough to what you know and never compromise with quality. Be positive, be happy, and be proud that you are a woman.