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Dr. Michael Bertini: An Innovation-Driven Entrepreneur Bringing Value to the Customers

Change is inevitable. And depending on how you approach it, it can be disruptive or extremely rewarding. To understand disruption in the businesses, one first needs to consider some broader scale changes. A statistical survey shows that, about five decades ago, the average lifespan of a Fortune 500 company was about 60 years. While in 2010, this lifespan decreased to 18 years. Based on statistical analysis, it is estimated that by 2020, three quarters of today’s Fortune 500 companies will no longer exist. Influencing factors driving these disruptions include access to technology, increasing customer expectations (driven by native digital experiences customers meet every day) and a spike in competition from digital native companies that move swiftly to meet customer needs. Promoting a culture of innovation in order to survive in the constantly changing business world is a tenacious leader by the name Dr. Michael Bertini.
Michael emphasizes an understanding of the “user”; helping them with their needs, creating enhanced customer journeys, and helping them to define and utilize TRAVERSE to best fit their needs.
About Michael’s Entrepreneurial Journey
As the CEO of Open Systems, Inc. and ProcessPro, Michael Bertini is passionate about fostering a culture that places the customer first.
Michael started his career as a manufacturing engineer in Australia and New Zealand but soon realized he was more interested in technology than engineering. He took the entrepreneurial plunge and, over three decades of persistence, built his own software company.
Michael saw the need for industry-specific customized ERP solutions that streamlined business processes and provided timely information for critical business decisions. He acquired and took direction of ProcessPro to advance that vision.
ProcessPro develops, sells, implements and supports complete ERP software solutions for companies that execute batch process manufacturing in highly-regulated industries, particularly food, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cannabis, and chemical processing.
The team believes in one basic rule: Get more from your information and you will get more from your business.
Because he has built a team where the members truly enjoy their work, Michael is confident about the continuing growth of the company through new challenges and opportunities for his employees.
Bias is the Biggest Challenge to Innovation
When businesses and institutions are under pressure to change or innovate, their focus is on people rather than process. They often fail because change and innovation are stifled by cognitive bias. Michael believes that this bias is the biggest challenge to innovation and that creating the right business environment might be the key to changing this. Michael
In a technology company, it is easy to be biased towards the technology your teams understand and with which they are comfortable. Michael advises, “Don’t lose track of the customer; make decisions based on what they need, not what you are comfortable with”. He focuses on getting a broad scope of responses and feedback by reaching out to both existing and potential customers. Simply  put, customer-driven innovation always works.
As an entrepreneur, Michael believes in identifying and siezing the opportunities present in the every environment. “Lead, innovate, motivate, compete, be compassionate, thrive on winning, integrate, avoid bias, don’t take no as an answer unless it makes sense… and remember that it’s trash until its cash,” he adds.
Michael as a Leader
Michael takes a strong personal interest in the success of the customers. His team’s primary objective is to help clients to succeed, become more productive and transform their organizations.
He believes that organizations need the right information, provided efficiently to the right people at the right time, to pro-actively adapt to their markets. His vision is to invest and grow vertically-oriented businesses like ProcessPro that can provide significantly more value to customers than a more generic “one size fits all” ERP solution.
Michael makes sure that the products he offers do not only give one of the best returns on investment in the marketplace to his clients, but also deliver a framework in which any investment a client makes today in adapting the solution is retained with future upgrades. By linking functionally-richer vertical solutions, deep vertical domain expertise and a shared investment in adaptable core technologies and platforms, Michael believes he can promote his customers’ success in a way that few other ERP systems can.
Foreseeing Innovation and Growth
Michael is certain that his ventures will expand to at least twice their size in terms of [turnover, client base, etc. – need to be a bit more specific what is doubling here] in the coming years.
This will entail a significant increase in hiring, transformation and investment, as well as incessant innovation. Michael asserts, “I see myself as a change agent for our organization and our thousands of customers. I enjoy watching our employees and clients grow as a result of our solutions and practices.”
Innovation is at the core of ProcessPro. The company is set to constantly evolve and optimize its products to best meet the needs of customers and the industries it serves.
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