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Dr. Andy Khawaja: Started at the Bottom, now Standing at the Top

Dr. Andy Khawaja, Founder and CEO of Allied Wallet in his early adulthood spent 12 years in retail. He learned the needs of every consumer, their money spending habits, and even what cards they use. He served consumers from different regions, and had seen multiple ways of spending and trouble of having different currencies, that got Andy into an understanding of global business and he realized that people like to transact in their own currency. He then decided to start something to accommodate boutiques, something that can transact with everybody, it was the feel of the experience, Andy got inspired by the speed of the internet, and he thought something should be get done out of it, that got Andy to start his own company of eCommerce.
Allied Wallet is a provider of e-commerce merchant services and online payment processing services, enabling business owners to accept credit cards and other payments on their websites.
The One Who Never Gives Up
Andy was inspired by the infinite, inspired by the way eCommerce work, wanted to accommodate domestic and international market at global level. When he went to people for help, they used to say, ‘you are crazy, you are out of your mind,’ they were laughing at him, he had a brilliant idea and people didn’t understand it. But Andy didn’t quit, he says, “it’s the same thing when you are a pilot, you don’t expect the passengers to fly a plane, because they can’t, you fly it because you know it,” this kept Andy on the track.
Andy encountered other problems too. Having no money in the pocket while starting the company, people don’t take you seriously. They never gave him the chance, he had to struggle, and it took him five years to actually start the company out of an idea. In that period of five years, he went around the globe, finding a solution for banks to believe in him. Andy also had to struggle to buy his first computer, a Dell computer, he remembers very well. Even being encountered by countless difficulties, he never gave up, and today he is the owner of a Multi Billion Dollar Company, 1100 people working for him, serving more than 150 million customers.
A Leader Inspiring Millions
Andy is very persistent, when people say no, he fights harder, when people say no, he takes it as a challenge to convince them to say yes. He is inspired by the things he can accomplish, he always push himself beyond the limit. He always tries to do the best thing for his company, his people, and people around him. He is a good leader, he works hard for his people, he always fights for the right people, always come up with new innovation, so that they can keep the company going, brings new product so that consumers get attracted to it. He is a leader who wants to get the things done. He is a leader who wants to know what’s going all around the world. He is all around the clock. He likes to know what people are buying, what people are transacting, and how the economy is going all around the world.
The Other Type of Business
There are two types of businesses, one who runs for only the money, they just want money, the other type is Allied Wallet, they are interested in making their users successful, they believe that if their clients are successful they will be successful. Andy and his company don’t believe in the competition. Andy likes to take ideas; ideas that will help the consumers get better experiences.
Andy and his team help you out, they educate you, they inform you, they reach out to your terms and conditions, to eliminate you from getting fines or violations, they teach you how to eliminate frauds, they help you to change your business without getting large charge backs, they have an educational program, and 100% satisfaction, and guarantee in the support they provide. Because of this, Allied Wallet is growing with 100-120% per year, “we are growing at the speed of light, reason is because we take care of people we don’t want to make money, we make sure that you are in good hands, that’s been my strategy from day one, and that’s the strategy for the future too, we want to make sure that what we do, we do best for you,” says Andy.
Meet the Future
Referring to the future, Andy says he wants to make sure that his team, people who work with him, people who helped Andy to build the company gets the most. They are also all set to build IPO (Initial Public Offering), hopefully by the second quarter of 2017. They want to show what a company like allied wallet can become. Andy’s future goal is to make a statement, that even a little dream with a little bit of inspiration can become a Multi Billion Dollar Company which changed the way people transact.
Andy and his team are about to launch Next Gen, a platform of API, which is going accommodate every eCommerce of the planet, it will connect you to every shopping cart, it will also have unique internal social media so that people can communicate each other. People can even apply for jobs on that platform, to work with different processors, different companies and different tenders. “It will be the next generation of shopping, it will be the mother-ship for all eCommerce,” claims Andy.
Inspired by Einstein, Andy believes in the power of crazy ideas. “Maybe people don’t understand it, but when put it to work, people see how it works and what comes out of it, they love it, they get addicted to it,” says Andy.