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DQS Inc.: Adding Value beyond Certifications

Pursuing important certifications is a significant task to dignify a business’s professionalism and qualitative performance. They are defined by the degree of confidence which customers and markets rely on. DQS Inc., a third-party Certification Body (CB), was formed with an objective of making businesses more competitive.
With over 25 years of experience, DQS is recognized as a premier provider for registrations to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 13485, ISO 50001, AS 9100, IATF 16949, ISO 27001, and GFSI Standards, to name a few. Additionally, DQS can perform supplier audits and other assessments on a non-certification basis. The business was originally started by Underwriter’s Laboratories as UL Management Systems Solutions. In order to provide geographic coverage and enhance its market position, UL MSS merged with DQS GmbH in 2008 and ranks among the leading certification bodies in the world.
Tailor made Solutions
In addition to offering standards in multiple markets, DQS is able to offer integrated audits, auditing two or more sets of audit criteria at the same time. This eliminates redundancy for clients and checks for the consistency among management systems. The company also provides non-certification audits that are tailored to clients’ specific needs, such as to make sure all locations and employees are following protocols or to audit a supply chain to increase transparency.
Enhancing Business Practices 
Since DQS came together 10 years ago, it has worked through issues, such as setting up and improving upon its own internal processes. During the same timeframe, it also worked through the issues of the financial crisis in 2008 that strongly affected the markets it serves. In 2015, the company rebranded globally from UL DQS Inc. to DQS Inc. to unify branding, though UL still remains a major shareholder in its business.
Like DQS suggests for its customers, it is continually improving its processes. This allows the company to enhance its business practices for its clients. During a recent brand research project, current customers named some strengths DQS had.
One customer mentioned, “What I value is their knowledge, their expertise. They don’t always agree with me, but I accept their decisions because I respect them. I guess that’s it. I respect them.”
Another customer said, “That they really know whatever service they are providing, they excel at knowing that product or knowing that service…. And, they really provide value to our company when they provide that service, they really provide that value.”
Exemplifying Proficiency 
The team at DQS is led by Brad McGuire, the President and CEO. He joined DQS at the time of the merger in 2008 and was appointed CEO in early 2017. Brad played a significant role in simplifying and improving its workflows and customer interactions. He has led the company and customers through the revisions of its top four standards. He continues to lead the company in growing the business, ensuring the organization is on top of the latest developments in the markets, and is continually improving its business processes and customer facing activities.
Building Professional Relationships 
DQS certificates are more than a piece of paper. It works with a genuine desire to help its clients improve and comes in with an open mind to take the time to learn each client’s individual business. The company focuses on building long-term relationships, adding value to customers who strive to continuously improve.
DQS takes prides in the quality of its auditors who pursue a passion for what they do and conduct tough but fair audits that truly help clients improve. The company work as a strategic business partner for its clients to help them improve their business with a value-added audit – The True Audit Experience.
Expansion of Services 
DQS will continue to expand its services to meet client demand. Currently, it is expanding offerings in the food safety, medical, and information technology markets. It will also continue to provide information on standard revisions to prepare current clients for transition audits.
Satisfied Clientele 
“Our auditor was extremely knowledgeable and during the audit spent time explaining a number of different ways that we could strengthen our system.” – Charles Marino, Quick Mount PV
“Overall audit process is a value added exercise that always leads to needed feedback to aid in the improvement process.” – Aaron Cole, Bonnell Aluminum