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Downsizing Your Trucking Business Due to Supply Chain Issues? Here’s How to Sell Used Trucks Easily

Trucking is by far among the most profitable industries. Accounting for almost 70 percent of the economy, the sector is largely responsible for bringing things closer to the consumer, from food to clothing, office supplies, equipment, vehicles, and everything in between. And especially in a time when drop shipping is increasingly gaining popularity, starting a trucking business can be a great way to invest and grow.

However, the business doesn’t come without various challenges, sometimes enough to make you want to downsize. Supply chain issues are definitely one of those challenges, and downsizing would often mean staff lay-offs, selling equipment, and letting go of used trucks that aren’t adding much value to the business.

In case you’re managing a trucking business that’s downsizing as a result of supply chain issues, read on for tips on how to sell used trucks.

Common Supply Chain Issues Faced By Trucking Businesses

A trucking business can be affected by various supply chain issues, some of which may be out of the owner’s or fleet manager’s control. Moreover, many of them could mean incurring losses.

For instance, the business will have drivers to pay, some of whom may not be doing much.

This is not to mention that some, if not most, trucks might be sitting idle.

Common supply chain issues that can have such an impact include:

Sometimes the situation can be dire enough to make the company want to downsize, part of which will mean getting rid of some of your used trucks.

How to Easily Sell Your Used Trucks

While potentially reducing the amount of money you spend on parking space, drivers, and truck maintenance, selling used trucks is also a good way to raise money for your struggling business. And, of course, it can be a daunting process to dispose of used trucks, but not if you are well prepared and informed before putting them out there in the market.

On this note, below are some pointers that can help you sell your old trucks easily and perhaps faster when downsizing your venture.

Consider Selling Used Trucks Online

This is perhaps the best way to sell used trucks when downsizing your business. As opposed to auctioneering, which takes tons of time to plan and close the deal, the folks at provide various convincing reasons to sell commercial trucks online.

For instance, you won’t have to wait for ages to find a buyer, and your payment can be done ASAP if you’re using a reliable vehicle-buying online service.

The process might be as simple as providing some info, getting an offer, and getting paid shortly after accepting it. Some of these services also make things even smoother for you if you opt for a trade-in.

Have the Trucks Serviced

Before putting old trucks on the market, you might want to get them serviced. This could potentially increase their value and allow you to fetch more from each old vehicle’s sale. If they’re in good condition, your trucks are also more likely to find a buyer faster.

Decide on a Fair Asking Price for Your Trucks

Setting a fair price for an old vehicle makes it easy to sell. As a manager of a trucking business, it’s important to have a valuation done for the trucks you intend to sell. An asking price that’s too high or too low could easily scare off potential buyers.

And there, you pretty much have it! The above few tips can go a long way in helping you sell your used trucks easily and faster when the business is downsizing due to supply chain problems.