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Dov Katz and 2130 Labs are bringing state of the art technology to the natural medicine industry

Mr. Dov Katz, please tell us more about 2130 Labs and what are your goals with this company?

Our main goals and focus are to develop a product that combines material and software. With the help of data and AI, we solve a complex problem of matching between natural materials and genetics/mental health and state with the goal of finding the most appropriate and specific treatment for each individual patient.

All of that will be done by using a device that we are currently building that has a similar structure to an inkjet printer. This device can combine a collection of natural materials which are being stored in cartridges to deliver a customized treatment that is effective for each individual person and his/her mental disorder. After using the device on each individual, our AI will adjust the treatment for next time according to the feedback so that ultimately there is an accurate match for each person. Our goal is to assist people who are suffering from sleep problems, energy issues, concentration problems, overweight, anxiety, depression, etc., and guide them to improve their quality of life.

What sets you, Mr. Dov Katz, and your company apart from other companies and makes you unique?

We all know that the market of natural medicine is a multibillion-dollar market for its significant product sale per year, which has a lot to offer yet. At the same time, the downfall with this market is that science is used truly little in crafting the products, and the involvement of technology in it is very little.

So, what sets 2130 Labs apart from the companies and makes us unique is the fact that we want to use both technology and science for crafting and tailoring unique products for each individuum by studying their body composition and running tests which help us understand what the best possible natural medicinal combinations that can be used in order to craft a unique solution for that same individual are.

With the help of this system, we produce solutions that are accurate by using robots and artificial intelligence, which allows us to precisely measure the quantities necessary to produce the specific product and customize the products for the said individual.

Mr. Dov Katz, please tell us about yourself and where do you come from

I live in Ramat Hasharon, married with three kids and another baby girl on the way. As it is very well known, I am the founder and leader of 2130 Labs, where I also work nowadays.

I have studied at UMass Amherst and then a postdoctoral fellowship at the Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in Pittsburgh, graduated with a Ph.D./Doctorate in Robotics and Artificial intelligence. My previous professional experience included working at Oculus, being one of its first employees, we developed the augmented/virtual reality oculus, which later was bought by Facebook (which is now called Metaverse). I also worked with a company called, where I helped build a robotic plant-growing system under very controlled conditions, which can be done in any climate.

And now I am working at 2130 Labs to help the everyday person have a better quality of life and feel like any ordinary human being and enjoy living an ordinary life (or reach even more).

If you are interested in reading more about Dov Katz and his work, click here to view Dov Kat’s LinkedIn profile.

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