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Dotin: Tapping into Subconscious Behaviors of Human to Provide Accurate and Powerful Business Outcomes

Human Resource and e-commerce are going through heavy inflection point and are at the door step to be disrupted. The techniques used are very traditional and outdated that is overlooking maximum data from this digital revolution which could help personalize both users and business to make informed decisions. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has been in the evolution of making one’s life better. It would definitely have an impact of obsoleting some of manual jobs, but also help in creating new opportunities. One of such leading company is Dotin, which is pioneering firm, which provides an unbiased and pervasive technology that enables business outcomes benefitting both the users and business.
Dotin outshines its competitors because its business-to-business AI SaaS platform capturing unbiased personality of a user (buyers or employee or applicants) using digital assets primarily images extracted through digital footprint of a user. They have come up with a unique IP of understanding the true personality of the users by analyzing the subconscious drive or motivations of users through the images. Images were users have taken positive action. Like in social media it considers images that users have uploaded. It can even consider images of products which are personal accessories and come out with potential business outcomes to come back with true persona and very powerful business outcomes. They also consider the conscious mind set data like clicks, user actions including CRM data to create powerful business outcomes. What makes them different from their competition is these subconscious drive along with conscious mind data is translated to a very tangible business outcomes. Such data can be leveraged by enterprise to generate sales leads, do targeted marketing, better customer segmentation, personalization in ecommerce ,  help with applicants find the right job or employee hiring decisions (finding the right cultural fit) and even helping with employee engagement and retention.
Evolution of Dotin
Dotin was founded in 2014 by Ganesh Iyer to address his personal pain point- “how do I connect with a like-minded professional” to either grow the business or career. As a part of this journey he along with handful of data scientist and psychologist started exploring the ways of understanding the true personality or motivations of the users to make better recommendations. During the course of exploration of identifying the true personality what they realized is that they need to pay closer attention to the subconscious actions of the users that captures 90% of users’ personality and decision making technique. It took 3 years to build the base model with lot of experiments with live people training the Machine learning model, where it has built an ability to predict users’ core personality and motivational instinct without asking any questions. The insights, thus created, can be used to hire the right cultural fit talent (without asking a single question), team building, employee engagement, employee career growth, e-commerce buyers personalization, targeted marketing,  customer market segmentation, warm sales lead generation and many more.
Helping Right Employees Meet the Right Employer & ViceVersa
In the Human Resource vertical, Dotin allows applicants to find the right job and team based on their cultural fit into an organization. This also helps recruiters hire the best cultural fit without asking a single question.  This helps in the time to hire the right talent which is about 2 months reduction in finding the right talent and remove up to 80% subjectivity from the hiring process. It helps in enhancing the talent engagement, there by retention.
Taking online shopping experience to the next level!
In the e-commerce vertical, Dotin removes the clutter and present the products and offers that resonates with the users thereby enhancing the user satisfaction and loyalty to the business or the brand. The recommendations that they provide is going beyond the CRM data. i.e. what else the users may buy apart from their past purchase history, tagging personality to CRM data. This eventually leads to upselling and exponentially growing the business.
Dotin is still a growing venture and so far has been honest, treating team members with respect, being transparent and has enabled an environment  of ‘trust’ that is bringing the best of all to make a positive dent in this world. It is a ‘Personality DNA company’. Defining itself with a new category with a mission of capturing the true personality of the users so that business outcomes derived becomes a lot more tangible.
Awards, Achievements, Recognitions Received

  • Selected as Top 25 Innovative HR solutions for 2018 by CIO Review Magazine.
  • Selected as Top Startup at 2018 Silicon Valley International Entrepreneur Forum (SVIEF) AI + Big Data Conference, California.
  • Selected for BRIIA.IO and TECHCODE Artificial Intelligence (AI) Accelerator Program.
  • Top 20 Promising Cognitive Solutions for 2017” along with IBM Watson by CIO Review magazine
  • “National Institute of Health (NIH)” providing grant as obese users were getting healthier using our platform.
  • “Top 3 Hottest Start-up” Collision 2017
  • “Top 3 Hottest Fintech/Insurance Industry Start-up” Silicon Valley Financial Technology Executive Workshop 2017.
  • Selected for “CES2017 Eureka Startup Program”
  • Selected by Google to get ‘High-Touch’ Marketing support for Free.
  • Featured in various articles including VentureBeat, Engadget, KR36, and World News.

Footsteps towards Future
Dotin is pioneering in creating a new industry category – ‘The Personality DNA Company’, by taking personalization to the next level, making ‘Search’ obsolete. i.e. To present the content to the users as they are thinking without having them even search for it.  This can only be achieved if you understand the true personality and motivations for the users! It is a team of passionate technologists from Silicon Valley who are dedicated towards understanding the art of decisions made by the subconscious mind to yield powerful business outcomes.
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