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Doron J. Fetman: Bridging the Gap Between Design, Technology and Marketing

In an interview with Insights Success, the CEO and Founder of Eff Creative Group, LLCDoron J. Fetman sheds light on the company’s cutting-edge strategies that help create and market the most innovative digital and consumer products. Doron shares his insights about the company’s core competencies and its future and also broadly discusses his overall journey as an entrepreneur. Considering these influential and inspirational aspects, Insights Success recognizes Doron as one of the Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs of 2019.
Below are highlights from the interview conducted between Doron and Insights Success:
Give a brief overview of your background and your role in Eff Creative Group. 
I graduated from Sy Syms School of Business with a Finance and Marketing degree in 1998, and that is where I began my journey as an entrepreneur. My first experience came as a day trader in the late 90’s while taking my family’s restaurant and catering business to greater heights. The entrepreneur in me needed to innovate and expand within the industry. In 2003 I cofounded a brand of widely successful Kosher food concession stands across the country’s largest sports stadiums and concert venues which previously never served any Kosher or Halal food. My successful exit led to my next endeavor. In 2006 I cofounded a company, which utilized a widely used NASA licensed technology to offer a vending machine that allowed frozen food to be heated up in under 60 seconds from a vending machine. This was my first experience in creating a patented technology and in successfully launching it nationwide. I soon realized that I had a skill in successfully bringing products to market. My natural next step was to challenge myself to innovate and launch new products in other industries as well. I began traveling abroad to find inspiration and opportunity for my next ventures. Within Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Australia, I was quickly able to identify and source innovative product trends before anyone else for distribution into North American markets. An approach of spotting foreign innovative opportunity based on regional receptiveness became the success of several international franchises that I had the privilege to work with directly. After 3 years of hands on success, I started being asked the same question over and over, “can you help me bring my product to market?” To answer this question I built infrastructure and launched a service business to help clients bring their products to market. In 2013, I founded Eff Creative Group – today an internationally renowned and award-winning vertically integrated creative agency. With headquarters in Times Square, New York Eff provides a multitude of services to clients both in the digital and consumer product space specializing in Fintech, Fashion, Health & Wellness, Food & Beverage and Celebrity industries. By 2017, Eff Creative Group saw exponential growth, ranking #403 on the prestigious Inc. 5000 list of America’s Fastest Growing Companies followed by a second year on the list at #406 in 2018. As CEO of the company, I like to call my role “Chief Education Officer” because I am a firm believer that a leader can only be as strong as his well-educated team of implementers.
How do you diversify your solutions that appeal to your target audience? 
As an entrepreneur, whether you’re working on a project of your own or a client’s, you need to be able to offer an integrated solution that can succeed no matter the industry or vertical. Over the years, I have successfully launched different products in varied industries with the same go-to-market focus. I have always believed in a vertically integrated approach, where you are hands-on from the conception of a product to the design, development, marketing, and sales, thereby ensuring consistency and efficiency. I already know how to sell and market the product before we even develop it. No matter the target audience, this philosophy alongside developing innovative and creative marketing tactics has led to optimal success.
Describe some of the vital attributes that every entrepreneur should possess. 
Aside from the obvious, every entrepreneur must possess the ability to delegate and trust their team. No one person is capable of doing everything alone.
What were the past experiences, achievements or lessons that shaped your journey? 
Growing up as a son of immigrants and watching my parents who were both hard working entrepreneurs gave me the work ethic that I have today. As an avid athlete growing up, my competitive nature and the ability to rely on teamwork have translated into me being the trusted and passionate leader that I am today.
What were some of the primal challenges and roadblocks that you faced during the initial phase of your journey?
One of the first challenges that I faced when I started my first business straight out of college was that being young, people didn’t take me seriously. I had to spend more time earning people’s trust and respect. Another important lesson I learned along the way was to not choose opportunistic partners. Focus on finding partners that add value and have the same work ethic and vision.
Where does Eff Creative Group see itself in the near future and how will you catalyze the change?
Eff Creative Group is well on its way to global expansion. Eff’s sister company in Singapore just celebrated 2 Asia Pacific Awards for bringing Eff’s global creative innovation to the Southeast Asian region. We continue to look for new opportunities in other parts of the world so we can expand into countries like the Middle East and Europe.
What is your advice for the emerging entrepreneurs? 
Don’t be greedy. It’s important to remember “A small piece of a big pie is better than a big piece of a small pie.” These are words to live by for any entrepreneur.