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Dominance of Microsoft in corporate World

In today’s highly advanced world of technology, there is a catalogue of emerging competitive enterprises whose ratio of presence is increasing with their productive features day by day. Exemplifying ongoing advancements and widespread technological elevations, Microsoft is rapidly taking transformation with each passing day. As a matter of fact, it is undeniably true that today, there would be hardly someone being unaware to Microsoft.  However, there are some core functionalities of Microsoft and its related products which may be unknown to those users who are unfamiliar to the information sector. Since the time of its establishment, it has dominated its presence such a way that it has become a necessitous part of all levels of education sector and business world.

Today’s nature of high technology, has made every individual market inextricably linked to various other markets through a combination of software standards, training skills and  development tools that must be able to work aggregately. Microsoft Corporation, founded in 1975, holds a strong priority in the development and production of software and its related solutions. Headquartered in Washington, Microsoft has broadly availed various operating systems and software for desktop computers.

Evidently, it’s been a long time since Microsoft started surpassing other companies and listed being the first choice of every business personalities. Since last few years, Microsoft has changed its figure and there is a vast change observed in its capitalization and revenue. It has happened due to the financial strength of Microsoft that allows it to buy startups and other companies. The key to the economics of networked technology of Microsoft lies in products and markets that doesn’t stand alone in today’s soaring technological markets but instead reinforce one path of innovation v/s any alternative path. Any operating system attracts software that is developed around that thereby discouraging new competition since any alternative faces not only the challenge of creating better Operating System but competing against a whole array of existing software application developed around that.

Buying Influence for Future
It is matter of no surprise that Microsoft has reached a lofty height within no time of its ground work. It has framed its glorious impact over all other dominating technologies such that it holds the operating system of 94.1% of the personal computers sold on the market today. Along with its strategic stretch to the boundaries of education sector to business workstation, its varied tools like Word and Windows NT has dominated its importance in totality. However Microsoft has steadily expanded the operating systems and software applications that have contributed the business acumen and it also sells the development tools that are used by majority of programmers involved in the industry.

Though, significance of Microsoft is conspicuous in technology and corporate world, it is playing pivotal role in technical education, forging commercial partnerships with academic as well as commercial training institutions, while expending dollars descending the training costs of computer venders and professionals in order to tie them into the Microsoft framework. Keeping an eye on the burgeoning internet standards and commerce, Microsoft has almost gripped its strong control on both the desktop and its inroads into the server market. Having confederation with banks and financial software, Microsoft is also emerging as a key player in shaping up the online system of future in finance.

Moreover, beyond software and content, Microsoft is strategizing to control the way people connect to the Internet from work and home by speeding up the internet access to anyone in the world. On other aspect, by utilizing Big Data to provide enormous solutions, its dependency has become directly proportional to its offerings. It has been also revealed that Microsoft has partnered with the Federal University of Minas Gerais, one of the largest universities of Brazil, to undertake such research that could help predict traffic jams to an hour in advance. No doubt, it would be a fascinating transformation in the corporate sphere if this Traffic Prediction Project is launched.

While there are number of tools and online services including Google Maps that enable drivers to track the crunch of traffic jams by the time, to accurately predict jams before it is yet to happen has yet to bear much fruit as several companies have been working on this solution from many years. Additionally, Microsoft will be embedding its Azure cloud computing platform to the test for the project, which will be mandatory for the immense processing power needed to crunch multiple terabytes of data. The success factor of Microsoft is that when it fails to create viable competitive software, its financial resources act as a pillar of support and it emerges with a vow to buy out other companies to maintain its stranglehold on the industry. Microsoft is using its financial clout over the last few years to acquire companies, software and human assets such that its statistical data shows a vast growth in market share and capitalization in past five years. Even there is a vast change observed in their revenue since the time where it has an increment of 45% and employment of over 95,000 employees.

Microsoft has multiple tools and products through which businesses and academicians are progressing on their defined paths. For business purposes, by launching Skype in market, Microsoft acted as a distant thinker and helped businesses turn their meeting rooms into video conferencing without spending a whole of greenback. How easy it could be, was a question years ago, but after the introduction of Skype, entrepreneurs found it to be the most dominating feature of Microsoft to compact their business structure by saving precious time and acting enthusiastically in investing that for fertile productivity.

It is crystal clear that Microsoft has not remained the same Microsoft as it was supposed to be decades ago. When technology and Software had been awaiting a revolutionary change, Windows 8 stepped into the globe. After its launch, market warmly welcomed the operating system with a yawn, declining P.C. sales and general apathy. Unlike any other tool of Microsoft, MS Word has become an indispensible tool for any individual in today’s digital age. Either it’s about working professionals, students or an active retiree, proficiency in MS Word is supposed to be a vital skill essential in both complex business and day to day purposes. On the other hand, MS Excel serves business the tools they need to make the most of their data. Basically, Excel spreadsheets are commonly used for displaying financial information and other relevant data.

Future of Microsoft by 2020
When Microsoft had missed the boat on mobile at the time, various other companies including Apple dominated its grip in smartphones, music players and tablets with a vision to replace it. With this background of Microsoft where it was only centered to innovate in PC, there was a giant change in their work structure after the introduction of Windows. In fact, Microsoft has now become more comprehensive and inclusive towards embracing the diversity driving the next wave of personal computing. Fixing the sins of Windows 8, there have been several amendments in Windows 10 that is a value addition to the Windows world. Consequently, due to the great hammering of mobile technology, it is estimated that there will be a gradual shift in Microsoft’s foothold where its next move will define its future as a dominating business. If such transformation of Microsoft and its aim to surpass the other companies excels in the same vein, Microsoft’s future is going to rest on the Windows and its success in mobile area. So one thing is clear, Microsoft is not going to fade away, rather its future is glimmering with the brightness to overpass other technologies by 2020.