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DocsInk®: Growing Steadily to Seamlessly Connect Healthcare Communities

Mobile technology and cloud-based services are becoming game changers in the healthcare sector, with increasing levels of adoption across the nation.  DocsInk®, a mobile charge capture and clinical communication platform, is one of the most popular SaaS solutions being embraced by medical providers. Successfully saving time, increasing reimbursement and improving care coordination, DocsInk® is a powerful tool that assists providers with the shift towards a more value-based and performance-driven environment.
Julie Thomas, CEO, and Brad Hinely, CTO, originally founded DocsInk® in 2012; while working with a premier group of cardiologists affiliated with Penn Medicine located in Philadelphia. DocsInk® streamlines the capturing and reporting off-site charges, inter-practice medicine communication, and continuity of care.
A Broad Spectrum of Services and Solutions
The company’s philosophy is to provide Simple, Sleek, Scalable, Synergistic, Secure Solutions to their clients. DocsInk® has HIPAA-secure mobile charge capture and clinical communication that instantly captures charges at the point-of-care, promoting an increase in clinical revenue by an average of 17% within 45 days. Customized billing templates, a built-in ICD 10 crosswalk and ability to submit charges within 2 to 7 seconds expedite the billing process.
It connects the medical professionals in a simple Facebook-like manner, without the need for expensive and complicated interfaces, enables efficient communication and collaboration. The ability to send secure messages in real-time about a shared patient population helps eliminate errors and redundant services, directly reducing the per capita cost of healthcare.
It helps medical staff quickly manage their census with the ability to transfer patients to other providers within 3 seconds. Historical data and pertinent notes are easily viewable, speeding-up and simplifying the patient handoff process.
It streamlines the referral/consult process by showing real-time availability statuses for community providers via an integrated provider directory. Consult requests may be sent in seconds with an attached digital patient profile for maximum efficiency. Notifications of both accepted and declined referral/consult requests are automatically sent to requesting providers and are reportable for clinical revenue tracking.
It allows groups of providers to simply manage their call schedule with an interactive On-Call Calendar. The shared, real-time calendar streamlines hospital communications, expedites patient care, and greatly improves throughput times.
It automatically sends admission and discharge alerts to primary care physicians and appointed care coordinators when their patients are admitted and discharged from the hospital. These notifications allow patients to be quickly transitioned back into the outpatient setting for successful management of their chronic diseases in a cost-effective manner. Physicians’ benefits from the ability to bill for Transition Care Management codes, readmission rates are reduced, and emergency room over-utilization is minimized.
DocsInk’s® Secret of Success
“Our simple User Interface is a big part of our Secret Sauce,” assures Thomas. Native to both the IOS and Droid operating systems, DocsInk® is also accessible via the internet browser to accommodate customer preferences. “Healthcare technology should not be just one more impediment in a medical professional’s day,” Thomas continued. “Our solution molds to the needs of our users.”
DocsInk® addresses interoperability in a unique and simple way. Their platform is designed to promote inter-connectivity in a hub-and-spoke fashion, regardless of existing technology, provider affiliation or geographical location. Their mission is to “Connect the Docs” in order to seamlessly connect entire healthcare communities to improve overall care management and clinical outcomes of a shared patient population while maximizing clinical revenue. DocsInk’s® application is modular, allowing complete customization designed to address the fiscal and communication challenges and goals of every client.
Successful Team, Successful Company
DocsInk’s® team is dedicated to listening to their customers and staying ahead of the curve, so investing in research and development is always going to be a priority for them. Their team is dedicated to affecting positive change and transformation throughout the healthcare continuum. Everything is centered on providing DocsInk® as a true SaaS solution. In order to meet those high goals, the adoption and delivery of technology has been developed to be incredibly intuitive and easy.
DocsInk® has achieved their high level of growth and success by working to provide simple solutions to eliminate clinical silos, save time, improve outcomes and maximize revenue. Their team will stay true to that path.
Client Support and Satisfaction
Thomas explains that every customer is viewed as a partner. They do not have regular “vendor – client” relationships with their end-users. DocsInk’s steady growth across the nation is a direct result of referrals from satisfied customers who continue to recommend their platform to other providers, practices and health systems in their medical communities and networks.
“DocsInk® is easily hands-down the most responsive IT vendor our group has ever dealt with. They are for real; committed to my group’s success, personally handling the specific needs for our 6 specialties. We have four different on-call rotations and DocsInk® simplified our handoffs and transitions and minimized data entry for our providers using their ADT feed from our hospitals.” – Dr. Joshua Lowentritt, MD – Internal Medical Specialists/President of Louisiana Physicians ACO.