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Do You Know Alcohol Abuse Is a More Significant Problem Than Drug Overdose in Your Country?

Drinking overdose has been an issue for a long in the US, but it has always managed to skip everyone’s attention. It’s time that everyone becomes aware of this and does something about the same. If America saw 93,000 deaths from drug abuse in 2020, alcohol-induced causality stands at 95,000 a year, becoming one of the third-most preventable reasons for death. The country observes National Recovery Month in September to create awareness around this. Many rehab centers in the country offer excellent treatment. Let’s not take your or your dear one’s dependence on this substance lightly anymore and recover from this disorder before it’s too late.

If you know someone who needs help in this matter, you can check Magnified Health Systems – West Palm Beach alcohol rehab. But before anything, it’s time to analyze the gravity of the situation by going through some crucial data.

Alcohol dependence among Americans

After the pandemic, people have been under tremendous stress due to economic uncertainty and personal losses. It created an atmosphere of fear and pain. When things looked a little better, the delta variant started wreaking havoc. One of the reputable surveys showed that about one in four adults increased their drinking habits for stress management. From February-November 2020, the overall alcoholism rate jumped by 39%. Binge drinking saw a 30% increase in the same span. In 2019, over 14 million people (18 years old and more) suffered from alcohol abuse. The challenge is drinking has become a widespread activity, and programs like happy hours have only fueled this trend. It’s common at birthday parties, weddings, baseball matches, and almost everywhere else.

If you consume opioids, anyone will quickly say you are overdosing on them. But no one cares about drinking too much. Whether someone agrees or disagrees, alcohol dependence is more harmful. So, don’t sit silent. Take help.

Why do some people still avoid treatment for alcohol misuse?

A survey revealed that nearly 39.9% of people requiring treatment for this said they didn’t want to let go of their drinking habit. On the other hand, almost 21% informed the treatment was not affordable for them or they didn’t have insurance. Likewise, 23.8% spoke about not being aware of where they can find treatment for this condition. Please don’t make these mistakes. Many rehabs offer comprehensive treatment for alcohol abuse patients. If you dream of a healthy life again, find those places. You already have one place to start your search.

In 2021, more than 21 million people, including 12 years and older, needed help with substance abuse. Of them, 2.6 million or slightly more than 12% of patients sought treatment at a facility. Furthermore, they sought treatment at outpatient rehabs, outpatient mental health rehabs, inpatient rehabs, etc. Nowadays, you get plenty of information online. Visit credible sources to learn about your condition and what you can do. If you are wary of rehab facilities, you must understand that trustworthy services can change your life for good. So, don’t take the risk with your wellness anymore.