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Diyar United Company: Providing Excellence in IT Services and Solutions for Decades

All industries nowadays are cultivating an exceptionally rapid tactic which increases the demand for flexible models and approaches to drive businesses differently and innovatively. Diyar United Company is one such leading regional Information and Communication Technology (ICT) company renowned for adapting to the industrial transformations and providing excellence in IT services and solutions.
Incepting in 1980, Diyar has been committed to continually pursue technical innovation; expand its international technology alliances; invest in its intellectual property and its ability to integrate technologies in order to contribute to the advancement of the ICT adoption and implementation. Diyar solutions are developed and selected to add value by improving the efficiency and effectiveness across all sectors.
High Caliber and Strategic Alliances Paved Way
Among the rich list of Diyar’s distinctiveness stands, its high caliber of professional workforce of 1400+ employees; strategic alliances with leading technology companies; focus on meeting client business objectives; investment in technology initiatives that help the economy and society and its commitment to Total Quality Management. This, in turn, makes Diyar an ideal partner for its clients’ technology requirements through its active partnership with innovative technology providers like Microsoft, Dell Technologies, Oracle, Cisco etc.
Thanks to its solid financial status, the company has successfully executed mega projects in many sectors including oil and gas, finance, education, health care, government, and telecommunications. Diyar attributes its success to its commitment to customers, its adoption to international standards and certifications, and the careful selection of professional workforce coupled with a continuous commitment in providing the best working environment.
Passionate to be the Partner in Success
Diyar boasts a customer partnership culture; strives to add value to its clients’ businesses; holds a vision of being the preferred technology and services partner to its clients; and has an unwavering determination to embrace and develop talent within its organization. All of these are engraved in the hearts and minds of the consultants and engineers of Diyar, who have a passion to be your partner in success.
At Diyar United Company, success is measured through its clients’ success. The company ensures that its ICT solutions are aligned to help its vast customer base with the business challenges faced in their industry. Its solutions are delivered in accordance to the various processes and procedures that have been benchmarked up to the most demanding of ICT international standards.
Providing a Varied Range of IT Solutions for Decades
Diyar has been successfully providing a wide range of ICT Solutions, Consulting, Business Process Outsourcing, Engineering Services and ICT Infrastructure Services, System Integration, Managed services, Managed security services, Application Development, and last but not least Digital Solutions Implementations.
Diyar innovative new generation technology services and solutions are enabler for Digital transformation in Government, Oil & Gas, Financial, Telecommunication, Transportation, Retail, Education and Health sectors.
Accolades in the Bag that makes the Journey Worthwhile
One of the most successful business models in the GCC region was the Managed Services and, Managed Security, and it was first implemented two decades ago, in the Oil sector in Kuwait. The immense achievement in the past has moved forward to the present, and Diyar alignment of its managed services model with the Microsoft Solutions has led to great accomplishments like; Microsoft Award – Partner of the year for 4 years (2012, 2015, 2016, and 2017) and the best LSP in Gulf in 2015.
More than Just a Name
“Diyar” in Arabic language means Home
The name of the company has inspired it to shape its business values. Diyar works hard to ensure the comfort of Home for its customers, while battling it out to implement the most demanding mission critical Digital Transformation projects.
Diyar’s culture and work ethics revolves around Home values of openness, team work, and transparency. Every single person at Diyar is committed to work hard and earn its clients’ trust and partnership.
Transforming and Adapting with the Ever-Growing Changes of the Industry
As the industry has been transforming itself to meet the ever-changing requirements of the clients, Diyar has likewise adopted cloud solution and has started its transformation journey by moving most of their workload to the cloud, mainly Microsoft Azure. Using Office 365, the Modern workplace and collaboration suites, and then moving this experience to its partners in technology who are its valuable customers, Diyar has always aimed to exceed customers’ needs.
Meet the Trailblazer
Bashar Atout, CEO of Diyar United Company, possesses extensive technology and management experience, which spans almost 30 years in the industry. As the Chief Executive Officer of the Kuwait-based company, Bashar shoulders the responsibility of leading a highly skilled and dedicated team of professional achievers. who pride themselves on delivering the promises to Diyar’s clients.