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Fred D’Alessandro | Founder & CEO | Diversified | Insights Success

Diversified: Connecting Clients to Their Digital Future

This industry leading technology solutions provider delivers a comprehensive portfolio of innovative solutions and services to a global clientele across a wide array of markets including financial, media & entertainment, enterprise, energy, higher education, technology, healthcare, hospitality, government, and more. With a diverse range of technical expertise and specialties, Diversified is uniquely able to serve as their clients’ trusted technology solutions partner capable of meeting all technology needs, streamlining even the most complex projects with a single point of contact. Unparalleled in today’s technology market, Insights Success is proud to recognize Diversified as one of the next generation tech disruptors, leading the way into the digital future.
In an interview with Insights Success, the Founder and CEO of Diversified, Fred D’Alessandro, shares key insights into the organization’s journey and how its specialized solutions and services are continually growing to meet the dynamic needs of an evolving global market.
Below are the highlights of the interview conducted between Fred and Insights Success:
Give a brief overview of the company, its uniqueness and its vision. 
Diversified was founded in 1993 as a start-up broadcast integration firm based out of Kenilworth, NJ and has since grown into a top technology solutions provider with more than 30 locations around the world. Originally addressing the technical needs of the broadcast, audio visual, IT and RF market segments, our service offerings continued to grow and evolve with the marketplace. Over the years, Diversified’s strategic investments and acquisitions have not only expanded our portfolio of expertise but also extended our geographic footprint to better serve a growing client base.
With these enhanced capabilities, Diversified has emerged as an industry leading technology solutions provider offering an unmatched portfolio of consolidated services, delivering innovative digital media, collaborative, broadcasting, electronic security, and Over-The-Top solutions to a global clientele. This expansive expertise has positioned us to serve as a go-to partner for all our clients’ technology needs, delivering complete technology strategies that enhance their operations, increase productivity, and help drive ROI.
Describe your company’s cutting-edge products/services which address all the needs of your customers. 
The rapid speed of technological evolution means that Diversified and its clients constantly have to look three steps ahead to maintain a competitive position in today’s global market. As a leading global technology solutions provider, Diversified proudly offers the most comprehensive portfolio of technical expertise and consolidated services in the industry. Our clients’ previous reliance on multiple vendor-specialized service offerings to implement a single project simply doesn’t cut it anymore.
We provide our clients a single trusted technology partner to help develop and deploy the entire scope of all their technology strategies.
Whether it’s a digital signage network to communicate a brand or messaging to visitors and employees, a collaborative conference room to connect enterprise locations around the world, a security operations center to monitor facility activity, a broadcast studio or even managed service offerings to ensure a maximized ROI on technology investments, Diversified has a team of industry professionals ready to partner with organizations and deliver the technology needed to drive daily operations—all while simplifying the project cycle and increasing ROI.
With the escalating number of technology-based solution providers, how is Diversified driving itself to create an impact on its customers? 
Diversified’s approach to business has always been just that—diversified. As technology and its impacts continue to evolve, so do our capabilities. With a mission to connect organizations from a broad range of markets to their technology objectives through a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and services from a single trusted technology partner, we are able to utilize our diverse collection of technical and strategic expertise to consult on and deliver the entire scope of our clients’ technology strategies. Whether it’s audio visual, digital signage, production and distribution, IT, mission critical, electronic security or even medical integration, the Diversified team has a deep bench of experts to meet any technology need, no matter how precise or unique. What’s more, our teams are on the forefront of today’s technology, helping to set standards and prepare customers for changing digital landscapes. Leveraging our IT and media and entertainment expertise, Diversified has become one of the pioneer authorized partners of Cisco’s IP Fabric for Media solution. The new authorization allows us to close the project circle, meeting all our media and entertainment customers’ needs from design to implementation and service of an entire production facility—now including all Cisco elements to certify end to end success as more media networks make the shift to transporting over IP from SDI. This marks just one of the ways that Diversified is ahead of the curve and continuing to serve our clients in new ways.
Describe the experiences, achievements or lessons learned that have shaped the journey of the company. 
Starting out as a broadcast integration firm, Diversified established an impressive reputation within the media and entertainment industry. However, we knew that would not be enough to sustain continued growth. Our vision for a company positioned at the forefront of technology, providing its clients with the best solutions to meet their objectives, drove us to take risks and reinvest our earnings back into the business to keep up with growing demands.
Around 2000, we began to seek opportunities in AV integration, a market we didn’t know much about but saw great value in for diversifying the company. We’d found a lucrative home in enterprise broadcast, but we knew to be the best, we had to provide more than just one piece of the puzzle. Since then, while competitors have been content with the status quo, Diversified has continued to establish successful footholds in other technology specialties including digital media, mission critical, medical integration, and electronic security, providing additional value to clients around the globe.
What are the challenges faced while providing the unique tech powered solution and how is Diversified serving to tackle them? 
Staying current on today’s technology without losing sight of tomorrow’s advancements is a critical component for any technology provider. At Diversified, our teams are constantly focused on learning and finding innovative ways to incorporate new technology that not just meets our customers’ needs, but exceeds them, and helps them make a real difference in their respective industries. From maintaining extensive training and certifications to partnering with manufacturers to enhance products for actual use cases, our team is consistently improving our offerings to better equip our clients and help them reach their technology goals.
What according to you could be the potential future of the innovative tech solution providers and how does Diversified envision sustaining its competency? 
To remain competitive in today’s global market, technology providers must be agile, proactive and diverse in their offerings. With an expansive catalog of solutions and services, combined with a worldwide network of resources capable of confidently deploying projects on a global scale, Diversified is working with leading organizations around the world to meet all their technology needs efficiently and effectively. Additionally, we are developing and delivering strategically engineered, productized solutions that further simplify technology deployments for our clients. Whether we’re driving operating room efficiency and enhancing patient care with our exclusive CORIS® product family or increasing situational awareness to support a faster response time with VantagePoint, Diversified is bringing new solutions to the market that continue to connect clients to their digital futures.
Where does Diversified see itself in the long run and what are its future goals? 
Over the coming years, Diversified is focused on continued international expansion and transitioning from providing mainly hardware integration solutions to more of a software-based or “Technology as a Service” model. Additionally, with the industry shifting from SDI to IP, we see great opportunity in helping many of our clients make the switch and implement efficient, cloud-based systems for their organizations. Diversified is confident that these initiatives, coupled with the ability of our leadership team to keep us ahead of the competition, will allow us to maintain our leadership position and continue our double-digit growth.
About the Leader 
Fred D’Alessandro’s dedication and work ethic, coupled with an innate desire to innovate and provide quality service to others, is the driving force behind his success and what he and his team have built at Diversified. His decisions are steadily centered around being the best and providing clients with one trusted technology partner to meet all their technology needs. Furthermore, he has taken a rather creative approach to the types of services offered, understanding that innovation and disruption go hand in hand, staying outside the comfort zone and looking to provide multiple pieces of the technology needs puzzle to deliver an unparalleled level of expertise and service to Diversified’s clients. It’s been said before, “You better disrupt yourself before someone else does!” Unopposed to stepping outside the box or doing the opposite of industry expectations, Fred is always seeking the next big thing that will change the game.
As a result, the breadth of Diversified’s offerings has allowed Fred to sustain growth, even in the toughest markets. If one industry isn’t as hot as expected, another picks up the slack. This advantage has also become the driving force behind Fred’s vision for the future—continuing to grow vertically as well as horizontally, adding complementary services that provide value through unique, hybrid technology solutions that solve virtually any customer requirements. Still, he believes for continued sustainability, Diversified must operate within the top tier of each industry, understanding its clients and how these solutions help them find success in their own markets.
Through openly sharing his philosophy of being the best and establishing a robust customer base with repeatable business, Fred has seen another major differentiator emerge—Diversified’s engineering-centric operations. True to its tagline, Imagination Engineered, Fred takes great pride in the execution of Diversified’s projects and empowering his engineering staff to be creative and innovative in their designs. His viewpoint is simple—new sales will keep your door open but strong engineering and project delivery will bring the customer back time and time again, allowing growth beyond what anyone expected.