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Diversified: Addressing the Technical Needs of Multiple Market Segments

Rapid changes in the technology industry represent the biggest opportunity for today’s business leaders. The speed at which things are changing can provide a leg-up on the competition if an entrepreneur is innovative and stays ahead of the curve.
Diversified is a leading global technology solutions provider, delivering a comprehensive suite of solutions that connect today’s leading enterprises to the global marketplace. Its team of industry experts partners with clients from diverse markets, helping them to achieve the highest performance levels, enhance their operations, increase productivity and drive ROI.
Whether it is about connecting organizations with effective collaboration, media networks with viewers, fans with the game, brands with their audience, facilities with peace of mind, or enterprises with reliable technology infrastructure, Diversified is a dedicated technology solutions partner committed to connecting clients with their technology objectives.
A Deliberate Pioneer
In 1993, Fred D’Alessandro, Founder and CEO of the company, set out to build a world-class technology integration firm offering specialized solutions that allow organizations to communicate more effectively, streamline workflows, collaborate seamlessly and realize a greater return on technology investments.
Coming from modest means, D’Alessandro draws inspiration from the work ethic of his father, whom he doesn’t recall ever taking a day off. This instilled work ethic, coupled with a broadcast engineering background and innate desire to innovate and provide quality service to others has driven D’Alessandro from the founder of a startup to the CEO of a 1700-person company with more than 30 offices worldwide and revenues exceeding $700M.
Hurdles that Jumped-Out
A key challenge for any organization is to find employees who share a common work ethic, cultural values and desire to innovate for successful outcomes. Diversified has maintained a strong team through strategic recruiting, effective training and acquiring companies with similar cultures and building a reputation as the best company to work for with opportunities limited only by ambition and dedication.
Diversified began as a broadcast integration firm and has grown into one of the top technology solution providers in the world. Reaching this point wasn’t easy, but the vision for a company positioned at the forefront of technology drove D’Alessandro to take risks and reinvest in the business to keep up with growing demands.
Around the year 2000, Diversified began to seek opportunities in AV integration, a new market in which the team saw a great value for diversifying the company. Diversified had found a lucrative home in enterprise broadcast but to be the best, it had to provide more than just one piece of the puzzle. Learning AV was a challenge but even more was building a credible name against competitors who had been in the industry for some time. Diversified took every job which its clients gave, even worked as a subcontractor for big players to earn credibility. Then, to level the peaks and valleys of the integration business, the company started the Digital Media Group, an early adopter of digital signage and managed services, a differentiator that would provide recurring revenue and additional value to its clients.
Stepping Ahead of the Competitors
The company’s vision is steadily centered on being the best and providing clients with one trusted partner to meet all their technology needs. Furthermore, it has taken a creative approach to the types of services offered. Unopposed to stepping outside the box or contradicting industry expectations, Diversified constantly seeks the next big thing that will change the game and keep them ahead of customers’ needs.
One of Diversified’s recent ventures into a new industry focuses on delivering unique and innovate solutions to healthcare organizations. Recognizing the expected growth for this market, the company is designing and deploying medical integration solutions, including CORIS® that optimizes workflows and enhance patient care. This expansion of offerings has allowed the company to sustain growth, even in the toughest markets. If one industry doesn’t perform as expected, another picks up the slack. This advantage became clear in the 2008 recession, when many singularly broadcast or AV firms were struggling while Diversified remained safe, not letting a single employee go. This advantage has also become the driving force behind D’Alessandro’s vision for the future, which is continuing to grow vertically as well as horizontally, adding complementary services that provide value and solve virtually any customer requirements through unique, hybrid technology solutions.
Through openly sharing his philosophy of being the best and establishing a robust customer base with repeatable business, D’Alessandro has seen another major emerging differentiator—Diversified’s engineering-centric operations. True to its tagline, Imagination Engineered, Diversified takes great pride in the execution of projects and empowering its engineering staff to be creative and innovative in their designs. Each industry that Diversified serves is different, requiring custom solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs. Overall, new sales will keep the door open but strong engineering and delivery will bring the customer back and again, allowing growth beyond what anyone expected.
Fortune Insight
With a well-established domestic footprint, Diversified now focuses on international expansion to serve a growing global clientele, expanding their managed services portfolio in digital media, security and “day two” support, and transitioning from hardware integration to software-based integration to meet trending technology demands. Together these initiatives will allow the company to maintain its leadership position and continue double-digit growth.
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