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Divante: Turning Challenges into Opportunities to Learn Something New

Over the years, the e-commerce industry has been growing by leaps and bounds and now the time has finally come for the retail industry to have a sharp look and modify their aspects to strive in the market. An independent research by a popular business media publication suggests that the consumers of the US alone have spent around $385 billion online in 2016. The reports further stated that the experts are expecting the spending to get a hike of at least $632 billion by the end of this decade.
As days are passing by, it is becoming highly difficult for a retail business-person to cope up with advantages offered by the online retailers. Even the competition for the ecommerce enterprises is rising at a huge rate with the hike in the number of online retailers. The ecommerce industry is witnessing a huge transformation in the business structure in the industry itself. The players of the industry are using new, innovative and strategic models to mold the minds of their active and potential customers. But day-by-day, it is becoming difficult for the ecommerce companies to survive in such stiff competition.
Some competitive strategies could be the only solution for the ecommerce industry to help them stay relevant and stay ahead in the market. Divante is that company which is helping ecommerce enterprises with the best technology in the field and extraordinary strategies that help the entrepreneurs in the industry to thrive in the competition and make a mark on the field. A Software House from Europe, headquartered in Poland and employing around 150 people, Divante specializes in sophisticated integration projects trying to connect hardcore IT with good product design and UX. While keeping their prime focus on delivering the best technology products in the field, the company states their core competencies are built around Magento, Pimcore and bespoke software projects including Symfony3, Node.js, Angular, React, Vue.js.
Accredited by Various World Famous Organizations 
Divante is one such organization whose name is frequently mentioned in numerous rankings and listings of the best IT companies of the world. The company has become one of the top three best companies implementing Magento technology, prepared by Honored for its contribution time and again, Divante was shortlisted as a finalist of Magneto Imagine Award twice-in 2016 with their project for TIM in the category “The Best B2B User Experience” and in 2017 with their shop for SOLAR for “The Best eCommerce Implementation”. Divante is also a proud Pimcore Gold Partner and the winner of Forbes Diamond Award.
Divante reduced our time to market and satisfied the needs of our users much faster. Their work led to a more prosperous client base and ultimately increased revenue,” said Barlomiej Lagoda, Process Management Specialist at T-Mobile.
We Love Challenges, says Divante
We love challenges – we treat them as an opportunity to learn something new. In our company, there’s a stress on developing skills and abilities. That’s why we engage in many educational actions – we share knowledge on international conferences and events, set webinars and meet-ups for ecommerce and open source communities. Also in our office, we’ve introduced some educational ideas as book-crossing, TED’s posters with inspirational quotes, list of must-read books or EDU hours – time when our employees can share knowledge.”-Divante.
The company has declared their new initiative ─ Future Tech Hours. It apparently seems that the world of technology is constantly changing and as an IT company, Divante is upgrading itself every moment to stay up-to-date and fight the random shifts in the industry. To inspire their employees and to share knowledge about the newest solutions of the industry, Divante organizes meetings about beacons, virtual reality, gamification, and bitcoins. This is what helps them to build and maintain a team of professional experts which represents the company in the global forefront and successfully completes biggest international projects with ease and excellence.
About the Pillar of Divante
For last nine years, Tomasz Karwatka, CEO at Divante, has been developing the company and taking it forward on the way of success. Tomasz is a man enriched with work experience and excellence. Previously, he has created and sold a blog aggregator and an online store (to a professional investor). Prior to Divante, he has worked in an international interactive agency-popularizing the concept of Usability/ UX in Poland. Before joining Divante, Tomasz has majorly contributed to various firms while serving in several critical roles. The leader of Divante has showcased an extraordinary academic career and holds a graduate degree of two majors i.e., Computer Science and Business Management from the Wroclaw University of Technology.
Under Tomasz’s guidance, Divante is one of the first companies in that part of Europe to implement Magento. He has led the company to implement success-fee settlement model, as it is still among one of the few companies to offer a comprehensive end-to-end model from implementation to logistics, payments and even selecting products. The company quickly provides new solutions and creates its own ones, it also openly educates the market about how it manages to maintain over 60 percent growth rate. At the same time, it acquires the best clients and business partners, as well as employees.
Tomasz is a born leader, who was able to build environment in which I’ve been able to spend and grow a great year. He was able to change e-commerce services industry in Poland, hire and train a group of people who set the tone for the industry in Wroclaw ─ in Divante or somewhere else. Even were not working together in Divante anymore we still remain colleagues and business partners,” as endorsed by Bartosz Majewski, Chief Sales Officer and Co-Founder at Righthello and former New Business Developer at Divante.
Success through the Eyes of Divante
To Divante, success lies in their ability to develop their own products and solutions. “We started from creating and developing eCommerces for our clients but meanwhile some brilliant ideas came up and with some engagement they become real products and solutions. We’re quite active in this area.”-Divante. The company has recently published their new product-Open Loyalty, a loyalty solution in open source enriched with ready-to-use features like customer management, rules for earning points, reward campaigns, fully customizable design, customer portal or panel for offline work purposes. Divante describes these as their moments of success.
What Distinguishes Divante from Others who Implement Magento
It apparently seems that Divante has already gone live with many Magento 2 projects and that is what keeps Divante ahead of other companies that implement Magento. This makes the company an expert in the field of developing Magento projects. Divante’s Magento projects are one of the biggest in the world of Magento. Serving the market leaders satisfactorily, Divante has proved its vast knowledge about the scalability of the ecommerce systems. While talking about the greatest plus points of Divante with the CEO of the company, Tomasz said, “We also know how to combat our clients’ biggest fear, which is integration.
Divante is not only accommodating the needs of their clients, but also optimizing the cost of maintenance and optimizing the system of ecommerce. They say that sometimes their clients ask them about shortening the time to market; they efficiently do that because of their pre-built solution services.
How Will Divante’s Clients be benefitted in the Near Future?
This extraordinary ecommerce solution provider puts their prime focus on international expansion and says, “We put the main focus on international expansion-we will enter new markets-especially DACH markets, Scandinavia and UK. We plan to gain new clients from these areas and take part in even bigger and more advanced projects.
The company has clearly expressed their aim to improve them to be the best and most recalled name in the industry by developing their products. Divante believes that the best marketing strategy that they can take is by building great projects and satisfying their clients. Hence, they put a huge effort in delivering the best quality.

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