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Disney cancels Florida campus and employee relocation due to ongoing feud with DeSantis

Disney’s decision to scrap its plans for a new employee campus in Lake Nona, Florida, and cancel the mass relocation of California-based employees is a significant development in the ongoing tensions between the company and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Citing changing business conditions and the return of CEO Bob Iger, Disney’s Chairman of Parks, Experiences, and Products, Josh D’Amaro, made the difficult but necessary choice to halt the construction of the campus.

The cancellation of the relocation comes after many Disney employees expressed their concerns and reluctance to move to Florida when the plans were initially announced. While some employees had already transitioned to other positions within the company, hoping for a change in the relocation plans, Disney’s decision now provides clarity for those who were still uncertain about their future.

Despite the setback, D’Amaro reassured employees that Disney remains committed to handling this change with care and compassion. The company recognizes the value of its incredible workforce and will work towards ensuring a smooth transition for those who have already relocated to Florida, possibly even offering the opportunity to move back to California.

The feud between Disney and Governor DeSantis adds another layer of complexity to the situation. Disney’s lawsuit against the state government, accusing them of political retribution, reflects the tense relationship between the two entities. Nevertheless, Disney plans to continue its substantial investments in Florida, contributing to the state’s economy and job creation.

While the abandonment of the Florida campus plans may be seen as a setback, Disney’s commitment to its employees and ongoing investments in the state reinforce its dedication to delivering magical experiences to visitors and maintaining a positive impact on local communities.