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Dilip Rahulan: A Maverick Enjoying an Exhilarating Ride

For every entrepreneur, tackling a set of challenges – be it on operations, strategy or funding – is part and parcel of their daily lives. And winning the commitment of people outside the ambit of their power is a significant stepping stone to achieve the desired outcome. One such adroit is Dilip Rahulan with more than 35 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur.
As a true global citizen, Dilip Rahulan, Founder, Executive Chairman & CEO of Pacific Controls Inc. sees technology as a way to preserve Planet Earth for the future generations. Under his leadership, Pacific Controls Inc., a global ICT enabled Managed Services Solutions provider has become the global leader in delivering sustainable technologies enabling real-time business Intelligence from Machines to the enterprise using Information Communication Technology. A Pioneer in the development of an enterprise IOT Management Platform called Galaxy 2021.
Where it Started
Throughout his career as a serial entrepreneur, Dilip has been instrumental in implementing state-of the-art technologies which include ICT-based Enterprise-level automation solutions for large commercial projects such as the Dubai International Airport, Command Control Center for construction/real estate developers, Homeland Security projects and large infrastructure projects, all of which demand sophisticated automated solutions using wireless technologies for operations and management.
Dilip is a Mechanical Engineer by profession. He is a Chartered Engineer and a member of the Association of Energy Engineers in the US; Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers, in the UK and an active participant of the Emirates Environmental Group.
As part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Dilip has pioneered the concept of ‘Green building’ in the Middle East and the US and has contributed to the Green initiative by spearheading the design and construction of Pacific Controls’ headquarters as the first Platinum rated Green Building in the Middle East, under the United States Green Building Council’s (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Program.
Passion for Progress
Under his dynamic leadership, Dilip has positioned Pacific Controls as a global leader in delivering managed energy services on the cloud. And also helped the company in pioneering the concept of city-centric management of buildings and infrastructure for sustainability, and has established the world’s first Global Command Control Center for Energy and managed engineering services. This center serves clients globally by enabling the monitoring and management of their assets, carrying out: continuous commissioning, measurement & verification of their carbon footprint and converting them into carbon financial instruments, in real time.
Dilip is the visionary behind “Pacific Control’s Galaxy” the enterprise level Managed Services delivery platform and the revolutionary “Gbots”, which are intelligent, autonomous, experienced and cognitive software robots, deployed across networks to deliver diverse tasks in assets across the world.
Success Mantra
For Dilip, “Never give up” has been the true value creator and this along with focus focus focus has been the strategy. Every day is an exciting new storyboard, and it’s all about people and how you can respect people and serve them wholeheartedly using technology.
Pacific Controls & Services it Proffers
Pacific Controls is at the forefront of platform, data infrastructure, and service delivery innovation for enterprise and publicly managed solutions partnering with leading product OEMs, carriers and service providers, governments and diversified enterprises to help fully leverage smart connected devices, machines and the Internet of Things and People.
Pacific Controls has invested aggressively in foundation technologies for “smart systems,” including network enablement, unified communications, virtualization technologies, application service delivery and software infrastructure.
Pacific Controls has developed the Galaxy Platform the world’s first Enterprise and City Management Platform solution for deployment around the world. Galaxy is an end to end platform for managing services that proactively monitors assets, providing transparency into how critical “real-world” systems are performing (including, but not limited to, buildings and smart grid assets), where critical faults lie, and where opportunities exist to reduce operational expenses significantly.
The company has developed a strong relationship with loyal blue-chip clients in the major countries around the world.  The company is also working with a broad spectrum of network operators, IT equipment players, professional service providers, software players and equipment OEMs to form partnerships to unlock the extended enterprise by simplifying the integration of sensors, machines, assets, people and systems to provide solutions for managing real-time, real-world systems.
Growth in the Upcoming Years
Pacific Controls carry the greater hope of globalizing the business using the concept of cloud-enabled hosted IoT marketplace. They will be a comprehensive solution provider with a reputation for expertise, quality and cost-effective solutions in the world of automation. Over the years, Pacific Controls has demonstrated commendable capabilities in developing and implementing IoT technologies that have set new benchmarks in various industry verticals.