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Digital Marketing: The Omnipotent Platform for All

Digital marketing revolutions are real and are creating disruptions for marketing operations. Marketers are now seeking different engagement models with the support of technology and transforming how they interact with their customers through digital.
Not long time ago, digital marketing used to have digital presence for their brands such as brand website, social media, paid media and email marketing. Over the years, this has evolved since requirement changes, target audience are becoming more mature, and change in technology innovation trends.
Digital Marketing is now being expected to drive acquisitions, understanding user behaviours, giving information at the right time, right place and right moments. Instead of digital marketing being a support channel, it has become the primary channel to deliver relevant information, getting leads and most importantly sales.
This situation creates opportunities where corporations view their partners that can provide not only creative agencies but company which has capability across everything from Data, User Experience (UX) and technology implementation capabilities.
By 2017, Gartner, the technology research company, estimates CMO will likely to control corporations IT spending from data, analytics and front/back-end IT spend. Marketers are now more involved in digital technology than ever before.
One of the key feature that marketers need to understand would be data analytics which is the key to successful digital marketing implementation. By correctly implementing data analytics, marketers can view website data and more importantly audience data comprehensively such as their demography, geography, psychographic and behaviour.
This enables marketers to define persona segmentations of their customers through digital and choreograph each persona with digital journey which creates unique digital experience for each persona. This is called Personalization.
Unique digital experience is a great methodology for customer since each information that customer will receive will be relevant based on their interests and behaviour. However, this is a nightmare for marketers to manage multiple user journey for each persona. Having to review persona user journey and optimize them one by one.
A solution called marketing automation was established. This helps marketers automate tedious tasks by managing multiple persona user journey. It helps to react, adapt and track each individual persona user journey and automate the optimization process through A/B testing as well as multivariate testing.
The above solution is currently being implemented in most digital-minded organizations and has become a trend in the digital market and subsequently creating demands for new agencies that helps with the marketing in digital solution.
These days marketers need more than just creative digital agencies to significantly enhance their digital capability and to be ahead of their competitors.
In summary, the market view on digital is currently shifting as digital marketing is becoming the primary channel for most marketers which drives data and results. This makes digital marketing, the omnipotent platform for all.
About the Author:
Marco Widjojo is the co-founder and CEO of SALT. With more than 15 years of experience in digital marketing technology, Marco started SALT in 2013 to bring Data, User Experience (UX) and Technology solutions to digital transformed organizations. He sometimes lectures in Indonesian university to bring his digital technology knowledge to students. He graduated from University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and took MBA from Australia Graduate School of Management (AGSM).