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Digital Guardian: Protecting Sensitive Data from Potential Threats

Protecting sensitive data is an ongoing challenge for every security professionals. The challenge grows each year. Cybercriminals now a days are far better funded than before, which necessarily means attacks are much more varied, ranging from those that are very sophisticated, to those that rely on human weaknesses. Defending against these attackers requires much more than purchasing technologies. Successful defense require a combination of the right technologies, people, and processes. While some companies can build and maintain these resources internally, for many others leveraging external expertise and cloud infrastructure can deliver better results.
Comprehensive SaaS and Cloud-based Data Protection
As organizations adopt the cloud to run their businesses more efficiently, it is logical that the cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS) can deliver a more efficient data security platform. Moving from on-premises to SaaS delivery model can pose a transitional challenge at first but once the customer sees the benefits of a big-data back end architecture, the transition is much smoother.
Digital Guardian’s Data Protection Platform leverages SaaS to provide data protection in a package that results in superior security, better economics, and reduced overhead. Compared to legacy, on-premises infrastructure, this solution is delivered via its secure cloud and provides the performance, scalability and cost advantages enterprises need. With Digital Guardian’s team managing the infrastructure, security resources of enterprises don’t need to spend time learning how to configure, manage, and update applications.
Digital Guardian’s SaaS enables enterprises and its teams to focus more time, energy, and resources on identifying and mitigating risks to their sensitive data and less time on acquiring, building and maintaining the infrastructure. This service leverages the scalability, data visualization and ease-of-use security analysts need. Centralized reporting in the cloud removes storage limitations and gives enterprises the ability to aggregate, analyze and query system, user and data related events across the network and endpoints over longer periods of time. This service delivers workspaces and workflows tailored for the unique needs of CISOs, InfoSec Analysts, Incident Responders and Threat Hunters.
Digital Guardian’s SaaS enables enterprises with big data security, analytics, and reporting without investing in a big data infrastructure. Its SaaS essentially reduces overhead, complexity and cost with cloud-based data protection.
Digital Guardian is the first and only solution purpose-built for data protection from all threats delivered via a SaaS. Its SaaS offering includes everything in the subscription – provisioning and support for all back-end infrastructure, application monitoring, backups, upgrades, etc. This cuts costs and eliminates the complexity of patching, updating and maintaining on premises infrastructure.
Consolidated DLP and EDR
The Digital Guardian platform performs across the corporate network, traditional endpoints, mobile devices and cloud applications to make it easier to see and stop all threats to sensitive data. For more than 10 years, it has enabled data-rich organizations to protect their most valuable assets with an on premise deployment or an outsourced managed security program (MSP).
Digital MSP offers data protection as a managed service. With its consolidated Data Loss Prevention (DLP), and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) or compliance security experts protects sensitive data of the organizations from internal and external threats.
Assuring the Integrity of Business Processes
Digital Guardian is a next generation data protection platform designed to stop data theft. It protects sensitive data and critical assets from both insider attacks and external adversaries. Its advanced data protection solutions and managed services secure sensitive/confidential data and assure the integrity of business processes.
Digital Guardian’s unique data awareness and transformative endpoint visibility, combined with behavioral threat detection and response, enables enterprises to protect data without slowing the pace of their businesses.
Proficient Leadership
Mark Stevens, SVP of Global Services at Digital Guardian is an accomplished, results-driven senior information technology leader with extensive experience in managing diverse technology organizations. At Digital Guardian, Mark is responsible for driving customer success across professional services, managed services, support and training. He is known for his high-energy emphasis on customer success, leadership and teamwork, and his tireless work ethic.
Throughout his career in software development and consulting, he has succeeded and established higher standards by focusing on results and driving excellence through his efforts and his teams’ performance. With a distinguished academic record — and work experience in various developed and developing nations throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas — he delivers results as a true, technology-savvy business leader in the software industry.
Mark’s key proficiencies include sales, account management, project management, business development, and system architecture design. He is from a distinguished academic background, including a Master’s degree in International Economics. He has Strong managerial, interpersonal, writing and presentation skills.
Prior to Digital Guardian, Mark was Area Services Director for BMC Software, a $2 billion leader in the business service management space. Previously, he served as Senior Director of Professional Services for Progress Software, a $550 million provider of application infrastructure software and services. In this role, he managed and directed a team of 80+ technical field personnel to help drive a $225 million sales region.
Appreciations of Services
“With Digital Guardian, we can be completely transparent with our clients about how we handle their data, giving them peace of mind that their sensitive reservoir data is fully protected.” – John Barton, CIO, io oil & gas consulting
“With DG’s MSP service, I can rest easy knowing that we have 24/7 protection and my team’s resources are allocated effectively.” – Scott Wiggins, CIO, ANDRITZ GROUP
Source: The 10 Best Performing SaaS Solution Providers 2018