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Lisa Harbert | President | Digital Display Solutions

Digital Display Solutions Inc: Integrating Imperative Audio-Visual Services

The performance or result of any organization depends on more than simply the abilities and efforts of those involved in the task; instead, they also depend on the facilities provided by the company to its employees. These resources include special equipment, communication supplies, and more.

Depending upon where you work, it is more than likely that your workplace is equipped with audio-visual systems that assist in keeping you connected with other personnel and customers. The possibilities are infinite with audio-visual systems when you communicate overseas, locally, on-site, or remotely.

This technology means not only double team productivity but also fosters enthusiasm, promotes the firm, trains employees to provide a personalized experience, and improves program efficiency. With these factors in mind, demand for solution providers that cater to the mediums that enhance the organization’s experience arises. Audio-visual solution providers can ultimately become your company associates, so it becomes critical to trust and choose the right one.

Formerly known as Digital Display Solutions, Digital Technology Solutions (DTS) is an award-winning company that provides full-service audio-visual solutions for its clients. Digital Technology Solutions is a family-owned, innovative organization that cares about making technology reliable for its customers. DTS serves current needs, forecasts future needs, and commits to offering the best quality service and products possible.

We at Insights Success had an opportunity to interview Lisa Harbert, President of DTS, to get more comprehension of her venture.

Below are the excerpts from the exclusive interview.

Lisa, what was the initial idea behind the inception of Digital Technology Solutions?

We started Digital Display Solutions in October 2001 (now branded as Digital Technology Solutions, DTS). We started 19 days after 9/11, and the certainty of the world was not there, nor was the financial future secure. We knew that even in 2001, at the turn of the century, the future would involve high levels of technology. Our field of being a Commercial A/V Integrator is a very select group of people with specific knowledge.

This knowledge is not something you can get from a university, but it must be taught from the Product manufacturers, the employees, or through experience and training modules. There are so few experts in the world in the field of Commercial Audio Video that the employees are rare and must be exceptional. We offer custom designs for our clients, and we solve problems when issues arise with audio-visual solutions within specific meeting rooms, training areas, or large venues. We have technology experts on staff and programmers writing code and modules for control systems. Even the most discriminating high-end residential clientele seeking streamlined control of lighting, shades, and distributed audio can be accommodated in an efficient, and meticulous fashion. The Commercial A/V field is expected to grow an estimated 32% each year for the next 5 years. It’s a booming industry.

What are the primary objectives and philosophy of DTS?

Our primary objective and philosophy at Digital Technology Solutions (DTS) is to be The Best! We hire people who do good quality work whether anybody is watching or not. We hire smart people who focus on quality and always operate at a very high level of integrity. We are faith-based, but we do not focus on that with our clients but make the commitment always to do what’s right. We spend a lot of effort on culture to create a place where people feel valued and put them in areas of their strengths to do work.

We have three Mission statements:

  • to be identified as the best AV company by our customers
  • to be identified as the best place to work by employees
  • to be identified as the best company by the community

We believe in giving back! We are helping the Uvalde school (where there was a mass shooting) to re-establish better audio communication throughout their school this year. We donated 50% of the equipment, and we are doing the installation completely free. We believe in doing the best quality job, being fair with our customers and vendors, and ensuring that we take care of our employees.

What are your top-notch offerings that have a strong foothold in the Audio Video Solutions industry?

Our top-notch offerings that have a strong foothold in the industry are the collaboration rooms. We have been installing so many different varieties of Zoom, Team & Webex rooms, and we have been installing them in corporate, city government, and churches.

The need to create a place where people can meet in person and/or remotely is critical. We also have been exploring the variety of cameras and sound bars that can help when a room is in an unusual shape or has bad acoustics. One of the reasons we changed our name to Digital Technology Solutions (DTS) was our knowledge and product offering advances in the technology of UVC rooms. UVC technology has been used for 50 years in operating rooms between operations. These specialized lights eradicate all airborne pathogens.

It doesn’t matter the type of virus or airborne germ circulating in the air; UVC treatment makes the workplace clean and safe! At DTS, we see technology six years prior to mainstream electronics retailers. We always look for new products and technology so that in today’s world, there are solutions to keep people safe and allow the business to thrive.

What are the roadblocks that DTS faces in the ever-changing landscape of the business world?

We have experienced many roadblocks since the onset of Covid. We are lucky to have survived the shutdown of the corporate world. We are blessed a high percentage of government entities embraced new technology solutions such as touchless infrared temperature scanners in safeguarding their work environments and teams.

The biggest roadblock slowing us down is manufacture supply chain delays, and the inability to procure key components to complete systems. We have a high inventory in stock for the project, however, semi-conductor chip shortages have drastically impacted many of our intelligent audio-visual solutions. Many items are backordered for 1 year.

We feel our other greatest roadblock has been our lack of true marketing and letting people know exactly who we are. Almost 90% of our work comes from referrals or repeat business. We are focused on this for future growth.

How is DTS adapting to market orientation?

Our company is adapting to market orientation by listening to our customers about functionality needs and the ability to get their rooms updated without the impact of product delays. We are very creative in finding solutions in stock.

What is your stance on implementing innovative technologies?

Our stance on implementing innovative technologies is a critical Cornerstone for us to be successful in the future. Our industry changes so much that items become outdated within six months. We are operating from a standalone building close to the San Antonio airport, and our vision is to be able to bring in manufacturers to show all the options available in video, audio, microphones, direct view, etc.., and honestly create a Technology Toy Store! We want to be able to show people the latest technology every day at our office in our fully outfitted Conference Rooms – “Take a test drive in your new conference room” is one idea we have.

In what traditions is DTS contributing to the communities?

Our company is committed to helping the community. We offer our conference room for one hour for free to nonprofit organizations for meetings. We will provide the technology in the area for them to use free of charge. We have helped a local child in distress facility with their new conference room free of charge. As I mentioned earlier, we are helping the Uvalde school in completely upgrading their PA system with the majority of products donated. We believe in giving back, and as company team, we helped the food bank load food into folk’s cars during the height of the Covid shutdown.

What is the next chapter for DTS?

The next chapter for Digital Technology Solutions will be to be trainers for people to understand the technology better and show people the latest products that we are seeing in the social media and video world. We believe that we could help train people in things that they need to take into consideration when redoing their facility. We have the ability to bring in experts from across the nation to provide incredible teaching opportunities on new technology.

We are expanding more profoundly into the residential market but focusing only on high-end homes. We believe we have one of the best teams in the world, and we believe that we are positioned for a successful future.