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DigiPlex: Redefining Sustainable Data Centres

Founded in 2001, DigiPlex is the Nordic leader for innovative, secure and sustainable data centers. The company has worked tirelessly to develop its reputation as world’s most innovative and strategic data centre provider, as well as the most attractive provider in the whole of the Nordic region. Today it is the only pan-Nordic provider offering both hyperscale, wholesale and retail colocation at state-of-the-art facilities in Oslo, Norway; a campus facility in Stockholm, Sweden and an in-town centre in Copenhagen, Denmark.
DigiPlex data centres have been uniquely designed to pass on the maximum benefit from low regional temperatures, using advanced and inventive cooling techniques to compound efficiency. DigiPlex is a rarity in the global data centre market, as the dominant Nordic large-scale operator that runs on 100% renewable energy, all of which is fully compliant with the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) recognised standards for quality, security, safety and environmental management.
As businesses, governments and individuals around the world are becoming more aware of the major looming environmental threats presented by expanding data needs, DigiPlex has already established itself with a solid team of industry experts, deep market knowledge, and an advanced proposition that enables environmentally responsible, and cost effective growth.
Efficient and Eco-friendly 
DigiPlex helps customers build a data centre solution that evolves with their needs, while reducing their carbon footprint and environmental impact. Continual investment in R&D has ensured its new data centres are among the most efficient and environmentally responsible in the world, with powerusage- effectiveness (PUE) levels as low as 1.1-1.2, far below global average of 1.7-1.8.
DigiPlex has won numerous awards for its creativity and engineering excellence in seeking maximum efficiency, for example through its Air-to- Air cooling system, designed perfectly for the cool, moist atmospheric conditions of the Nordics, or the Concert ControlTM algorithm developed to optimise the performance of cooling against the power drawn by servers.
An Industry Veteran 
Gisle M. Eckhoff is the CEO of DigiPlex. He has thirty years of experience in the IT industry (both in the Nordics and the US). Gisle has provided a renewed strategic edge as the business expanded to international customers. Since his appointment, DigiPlex has grown its customer base substantially, winning multiple industry awards, entering new markets, and positioning itself for further growth within the hyperscale, wholesale and retail client sector.
Optimizing Customer Experience
DigiPlex is constantly developing and expanding its proposition to better meet the needs of its customers. Its Ulven data centre is host to the first Norwegian deployment of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect, an offering that allowed the company to provide their customers and their customers’ customers with easy, direct access to the cloud through AWS Direct Connect. This presented a significant upgrade to the service available to users in Norway, and bolstered DigiPlex’s position as the region’s most connected data centre operator.
Tapping New Markets
DigiPlex was founded with the firm belief that the Nordics is the ultimate data centre destination for companies and organisations which recognize sustainability and energy efficiency, as business-critical issues.
Having become the best known data centre brand in both Sweden and the Nordics, the company will continue to expand its proposition to new markets, partnering with clients ranging from local and national businesses, to governments and the world’s largest and most technically demanding hyperscale brands – all of whom are poised to reap major rewards from DigiPlex’s best-in-class, energy efficient and green data centre solutions.
Earlier this year, DigiPlex announced several ambitious and pioneering heat reuse agreements in both Sweden and Norway allowing for recovery of excess heat from its data centres to warm neighbouring homes.
These efforts will present a global first where the operational Stockholm data centre with an indirect evaporative airto- air cooling solution will be retrofitted to recover excess heat for the local district heating system Stockholm Exergi, heating up 10,000 homes. In August, the company extended this with a new initiative in Oslo, where excess heat from Oslo data centre Ulven will be used to warm 5,000 homes though the local Fortum Oslo Varme district heating system.
Clientele Assessment 
As a fast-growing, cloud-based IT platform service provider, it is essential for us to have the right data centre partner. Our partnership with DigiPlex ensures that we deliver a green, ISO certified and energy efficient cloud solution to our customers.” – Andreas Hisdal, CEO of Intility
“DigiPlex and IT-Total fit together like two pieces of a puzzle. DigiPlex is enabling us to continue rapid growth, amplifying our offer through a secure, green and tailored service.”- Fredrik Franzén, Global Business Development Manager, IT-Total.
“As we developed our compliant clouds, in which companies in the financial sector have been very interested, we needed a data center provider that could meet the high standards of accessibility, security and regulatory compliance demanded by our business and customers. This was in addition to increasing requests from customers for sustainable IT services. With its clear focus on providing climate friendly and energy efficient data center services combined with their high security and regulatory compliance, DigiPlex was chosen to be an important partner for our continued expansion,” – Johan Christenson, CEO and founder, City Network
“DigiPlex has been able to give its customers the best of both worlds: high speed connectivity giving a great experience for end users across the globe, whilst using data centres that are in the best locations for delivering greener facilities. The topology, speed and bandwidth of the Telia Carrier IP Backbone means that DigiPlex can confidently provide scalable internet connectivity services to customers, as well as take advantage of other IP transport and wavelength services in the future.” Henrik Almroth, Sales Director, Telia Carrier
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