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Did you sign in? Android will notify its users about login from new devices…

Previously you’d get a mail something like this, “Hey, a new device just signed into your account…” if it was you, then no big deal, but if not, then there are alarm bells ringing in your head.
When you have a Google account, what can be more upsetting than finding out that your account has been accessed by new unfamiliar device…especially when you get the notice only when you access the mail? But, not anymore. Google is introducing new native Android notifications that pop-up whenever your account is accessed by unknown devices and changing your password before the intruder goes crazy with your credentials. If you ever get suspicious, just one tap can help you review what happened.
Google says it will encourage the users to pay more attention to the notification.
Of course, Google provides useful and simple-to-use security systems such as 2-Step Verification and Single Sign-On to protect its users who connect to their accounts on multiple devices. One equally important component in keeping the users safe is to keep them posted about the activities taking place in their accounts. But they have gone a step further and introduced an Android notifications feature on the newly added devices.
How does it work?
When the users add a new device to their existing accounts, the notifications alert the user about it or any other security event. If the activity is perceived as ‘suspicious’, the user can choose the ‘Review Account Activity’ to find out the location of the sign-in, which device was added and so forth. If the action was expected, the user can dismiss it as any other notification.
Now that the users are quickly notified on multiple devices when a new device is added, it will increase the transparency to the user of the actions they’ve performed and allow them to flag any dubious activity they may be seeing on the device. It’s also found that with Android notifications, the users are more likely to review their information four times more regularly as compared to email notifications.
The new update is rolling out gradually would be available to Android users in coming weeks.