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Development Dimensions International: Talent Management Expertise For Business Ready Leaders

Only 2 in 10 companies today have the leaders to meet tomorrow’s business challenges. The good news? When they do, they are 3 times more likely to destroy the competition.
The reality is today’s leaders face an around the clock bombardment of ever-changing demands. The smallest of leadership actions, good or bad, can ripple through today’s workforce in milliseconds. On the other hand organizations are looking at accurate, accessible intelligence, and data on critical talent to generate insights to drive better business outcomes.
And that’s where DDI comes in. Obsessed with the science of leadership. Four decades of experience. Across thousands of organizations. One million better leaders. Across 93 countries.
Development Dimensions International (DDI), is the world’s premier talent management consultancy founded in 1970, helping companies transform the way they hire, promote, and develop their leaders and workforce. To ensure that their talent is ready to instigate, understand, and execute business strategy, and address challenges head-on.
DDI’s expertise, includes Performance & Execution – Driving a high performance culture, Leader Selection – Higher and promote the leaders your business really needs. Increase selection accuracy to reduce turnover and speed productivity, Leadership Development—Transform your leaders to transform your business. And Succession Management—Accelerate your next generation of senior leaders. Identify leadership potential earlier and prepare for key transitions.
With more than 1,100 professionals in 42 offices in 26 countries, the firm advises half of the Fortune 500 on areas such as succession management; high potential identification and assessment; accelerated development for managers and senior leadership; screening, simulations and behavioral interviewing systems; performance management systems and competency models, linked to business strategy.
DDI’s Expertise in Talent Management
Major corporations make crucial promotion and placement decisions for more than 3,000 senior executives each year using DDI’s assessment process—in Singapore, Beijing, London, Mumbai, New York and hundreds of other locations around the world.
Staying ahead of change in the talent management industry and markets, DDI invests twice the industry average in R&D.
Kennedy Consulting Research & Advisory, the world’s leading source of consulting market analysis, recently gave (DDI) top ranking as the number one leadership development provider on its The Kennedy VanguardTM Matrix based on the breadth and depth of its solutions.
Anu Zachariah, Managing Director, DDI India, heading the India operations with an overall responsibility including Sales, Marketing, Operations and Consulting.  In her capacity Anu also serves as an executive consultant and coach delivering solutions to DDI clients.
In her varied roles at DDI, Anu has steered and contributed to large-scale implementations of DDI services to address a variety of talent management initiatives; apart from building and managing a portfolio of client relationships. These initiatives include: competency framework development, leadership potential identification, delivery of executive assessment and selection interventions, succession management, design and delivery of learning systems and executive development interventions, performance and change management.
Prior to DDI, Anu has ably contributed in HR roles in leading FMCG, Banking and Engineering environments with global and Indian organizations. She has successfully executed responsibilities in the sphere of HR Policy & Process design, talent acquisition, performance management, succession management, leadership and organizational development.
Anu has a masters in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations (PM & IR) from TISS,Mumbai, India.
She is a DDI certified facilitator for the learning solutions in Interaction Management® (IMEx), Targeted Selection®, and Master Trainer for Business Impact Leadership® (BIL) solutions, designed for the development of mid and senior level leaders.
She is a DDI certified assessor for Executive Assessment Solutions, including use and interpretation of Hogan’s Global Leadership Inventories (GLI). Additionally, she is a SHL certified administrator of Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) and Occupational Testing (OT) tools.
Implementing Highly Consultative Approach
Anu has helped clients achieve their strategic business and human resource priorities through a highly consultative approach that leverages the best of a client’s capabilities with DDI’s proven talent management solutions and consulting support.
At DDI, Anu supports their clients for all consulting and delivery engagements. She is responsible for formulating and executing DDI India’s consulting business strategies, also consulting with clients to determine appropriate human performance, succession management, and talent management strategies.
At DDI, Anu has brought value to clients such as Aditya Birla Group, Bristol Myers Squibb, Deutsche Bank, Fidelity, GE, GlaxoSmithKline, HSBC, Infosys, ING Life Insurance, Johnson & Johnson, Marico, Microsoft, Reliance Industries, Sasken, Ambuja Cements, Raymond Tractors India Limited and Wipro among others.
On managing work life balance Anu Zachariah comments that “Work life balance to me is not just about time that I give to  work or personal priorities alone. It’s more about the choices that we make in the time that we have. If the choices that we make gives us joy, gives us satisfaction, and gives us energy in how we manage our professional and personal time that’s a perfect balance.”
DDI has worked with organizations in every industry, including Manufacturing, Health Care, Government Agencies, Energy, Financial/Insurance, Aerospace, Pharmaceuticals, Technology, Consumer Goods/Services, and Telecommunications. In future, the company sees themselves at the forefront of Talent Management Industry through its effective strategy.
Having developed more than one million better leaders—at every level, in every industry, all over the planet. And helped our clients make thousands of better selection and promotion decisions each year. At DDI, All with a singular end-goal: better leaders, improved business performance, faster. We are passionate about empowering leaders and enable them to declare their true worth and ignite impact in the workplace.