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Dev Maitra: Delivering Values Beyond the Transaction

To navigate the uncertainties of life, insurance is a tool that acts as a safety net. Unprecedented situations can occur at any instance, and having financial security to withstand these situations can solve the majority of adversities. The peace of mind that comes with insurance allows you to focus on your goals and aspirations without the constant worry of potential financial setbacks.

In this context, the competitive landscape of becoming a trusted insurer involves a blend of essential factors that collectively contribute to establishing credibility, reliability, and confidence among clients and stakeholders.

While discovering the Most Trusted Insurers in the Middle East, we had the privilege of catching up with Dev Maitra, the esteemed Managing Director of Savington Insurance Brokers. Mr. Maitra sets comprehensive performance goals, aligning them harmoniously to drive optimal performance and foster overall growth.

Below are the highlights from the interview:

Can you Introduce yourself and provide an overview of your roles and responsibilities within the insurance company?

My name is Dev Maitra, and I am writing to introduce myself as the Managing Director of Savington Insurance Brokers, which ranks among the leading Insurance brokers in the UAE, committed to delivering excellence in risk management and client service.

As the Managing Director, my primary role encompasses clearly communicating the company’s strategic vision and objectives and setting clear performance goals alongside to drive performance and overall growth. Furthermore, in terms of business development and growth, I identify and capitalize on opportunities in the insurance market, fostering relationships with clients and carriers and spearheading efforts to acquire new clients and expand our market presence.

Financial management is pivotal, involving effective budgeting, forecasting, and the pursuit of profitability while mitigating financial risks. Hence, to ensure strict compliance with insurance laws and regulations, I stay updated on industry changes, thereby fostering a culture of compliance. Based on these trends, I develop crisis management plans and actively engage in industry associations and events to stay connected with peers and industry trends.

Briefly describe the history and mission of your insurance company, highlighting unique features and areas of specialization.

Established in 2006 in Dubai, Savington International Insurance Brokers LLC has emerged as a prominent player in the United Arab Emirates’ insurance landscape. Holding licenses and certifications from the Central Bank of UAE,’ we have become a trusted and recognized entity within the insurance market. Our dedicated team and comprehensive insurance offerings are designed to provide our clients with the ultimate peace of mind. At Savington LLC, we proudly rank among the top insurance service providers in the UAE. Our services encompass a wide range, including managing medical insurance claims, personal insurance, liability coverage, vehicle insurance, and accident protection, catering to the diverse needs of our clients.

Unlike our peers, our vision extends beyond merely providing insurance services. We aspire to become the foremost insurance company capable of delivering tailored and general insurance solutions to clients throughout the UAE.

Driven by hard work, professionalism, and unwavering commitment, our mission is to bring joy and satisfaction to our clients. We achieve this through cost-effective insurance policies, high-quality insurance solutions, transparent service practices, and equitable claims settlements. Drawing from a decade of experience in the insurance industry, we excel in crafting and delivering precise solutions, including claims management, risk assessment, consultancy, and risk transfer.

Savington stands out in the insurance arena due to its unique client-centric vision, setting us apart from our competitors. With global partnerships and a dedicated client base of nearly 2,000, we have earned our place as industry leaders. Our hallmark attributes include unmatched professionalism, relentless focus, and steadfast dedication to serving our clients.

What do you consider to be the most significant achievements or milestones that have contributed to your company’s reputation as one of the most trusted insurers in the Middle East?

Our most significant milestone is Easy Insurance by Etisalat, which reaches the client more effectively by leveraging the power of technology, and the client is able to purchase the policy of his choice in a matter of minutes, irrespective of time and location.

We are trying to redefine and disrupt the insurance distribution model by leveraging the already established channels of distribution and products and coupling them with the safety cover of insurance.

How does your company prioritize the needs and concerns of customers, and what strategies do you implement to build trust and satisfaction? 

Firstly, to truly understand customer needs, we, as brokers, invest substantial time and effort in conducting comprehensive assessments and consultations. These efforts are geared towards gaining intimate knowledge of each client’s unique risk profile, financial situation, and individual objectives.

By meticulously delving into these aspects, we recommend insurance solutions that are precisely tailored to match a client’s specific requirements. Whether it’s crafting a policy with tailored coverage limits, bundling policies to optimize protection, or providing add-on options to cater to unique preferences, the overarching objective is to ensure that the insurance coverage fits like a glove.

Secondly, the provision of tailored insurance solutions forms the cornerstone of the client-centric approach. We take great care in crafting policies that align seamlessly with a client’s needs and preferences. These customized solutions go beyond off-the-shelf offerings to provide precise coverage. Whether it’s personal insurance, liability coverage, or specialized risk protection, these tailored policies cater to the nuances of each client’s situation.

It’s about ensuring that the client isn’t over-insured or under-insured but, rather, perfectly insured. This not only enhances client satisfaction but also underscores our commitment as brokers to delivering value beyond the transaction. In essence, these first two pillars – understanding client needs and delivering tailored solutions – constitute the bedrock upon which the entire client-centric strategy of Savington is built.

What are some innovative insurance products or services that your company offers to cater to the unique needs of clients in the Middle East?

Cyber Insurance by us is the only individual cyber insurance policy in the UAE, which is highly recommended for individuals to protect against personal economic losses, whether credit card or any other banking channel. This policy protects the user from online banking or credit card fraud, as well as from losing online purchases, electronic extortion or identity theft, cyberbullying, and direct economic losses.

We also provide travel insurance with a roaming plan and cyber insurance with gadgets.

How does your company ensure strict adherence to regulatory standards and maintain high ethical standards in all operations?

Savington rigorously upholds regulatory standards and ethical conduct across its operations, employing a multifaceted approach to ensure compliance and ethical integrity.

A cornerstone of this approach is regular training beyond what is mandatory from the regulator. Brokers understand that maintaining a well-informed and ethical workforce is pivotal to their success. They invest significantly in ongoing training programs that address regulatory updates, compliance procedures, and ethical principles. These training initiatives are not one-time events but continuous processes, keeping employees at the forefront of evolving regulations and ethical considerations.

Compliance officers or teams play a pivotal role in designing and delivering these training programs. These professionals possess specialized knowledge in regulatory matters and ensure that employees comprehend and adhere to the latest standards. The training isn’t just about knowledge; it’s about creating a culture of ethical behavior and decision-making.

Employees are educated on the importance of transparency, honesty, and client-centricity. Practical scenarios and case studies are integrated into the training to provide real-world context. In addition to regular training, we establish written policies, codes of conduct, and conflict of interest policies. Independent reviews and audits, both internal and external, evaluate these compliance efforts further.

By emphasizing regular training, Savington fosters a culture where employees are well-equipped to navigate the complex landscape of regulations and uphold the highest ethical standards in their interactions with clients, colleagues, and partners. This commitment to training not only ensures compliance but also bolsters client trust and maintains the industry’s reputation for integrity.

What are the company’s future plans for growth and expansion in the Middle East region, and how do you envision maintaining and enhancing trust in the coming years?

Our company aims to achieve the status of pan UAE in the next year by opening a branch office in Abu Dhabi. We are also planning to Go pan GCC by opening offices in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Bahrain.


Dev Maitra: Delivering Values Beyond the Transaction


Dev Maitra: Delivering Values Beyond the Transaction


Dev Maitra: Delivering Values Beyond the Transaction


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Dev Maitra: Delivering Values Beyond the Transaction



Dev Maitra: Delivering Values Beyond the Transaction