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Determine: Providing Organizations With Source-to-Pay and Enterprise Contract Management Solutions That Empower Better Decisions

Pioneering modular solutions that help mitigate risks, cut costs and save money
Determine’s Source-to-Pay Cloud Platform is a complete suite of applications designed to support the end-to-end strategic sourcing and procurement process. This includes spend analysis, sourcing and contract management as well as transactional procure-to-pay (P2P) processes — everything from e-requisitioning to e-catalog management, accounts payables invoicing automation (APIA) and e-invoicing.
Determine’s modular solutions are critical to organizations for delivering quick, straightforward value in proactively mitigating risks, cutting costs and saving money.
Each day, multinational corporations process thousands of invoices, purchase requisitions, supplier data, contracts, expense forms etc. To meet this mundane challenge, more and more purchasing departments are deploying “Source-to-Pay” suites (S2P suites) which can be defined as ‘a suite of integrated applications.’
It is designed to manage the procurement processes from strategic Sourcing and Spend Analysis to operational Procure to Pay within a single solution. Therefore, it is important from the client’s perspective to collaborate with an expert “Source-to-Pay” solution provider.
Determine is a global provider of industry-leading cloud solutions that help organizations gain complete visibility into their data; turn it into valuable insights, and achieve total control to make more intelligent, confident business decisions. Through end-to-end source-to-pay and contract management, its next-generation tools empower decisions that create sustainable bottom-line impact.
Determine’s community of customers spans across more than 20 industries, including high-tech, telecommunications, manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, retail and government contracting. They rely on Determine solutions every day to streamline processes, build supplier relationships and meet an enormous range of specific source-to-pay needs.
A Single Platform Powering a Single Source of Data
The Determine Cloud Platform seamlessly integrates with major ERP or third-party systems such as SAP, Oracle, Sage, QAD and Microsoft. Modular solutions can be configured as needed to provide additional value beyond spend management. The unified master database and business process approach empowers users at every level to make more informed and smart decisions.
One thing that really sets Determine apart is its Determine Engine – the brain and heart of the Determine Cloud Platform. It’s the smartest and most powerful tool on the market to manage the complexity of enterprise business processes, as opposed to department-level functions. The Determine Engine replaces silos with seamlessness, eliminating barriers to complex workflow by opening the lines of communication and collaboration between people, geographies, and functional needs.
Through end-to-end source-to-pay and contract management, the next-generation tool provides procurement, legal and finance professionals analytics of their supplier, contract and financial performance, which empower them to proactively drive new revenue, identify savings, improve compliance and mitigate enterprise risk.
An Unprecedented Knowledge Base Empowered by Three Technology Pioneers
Determine was formed by uniting three industry leaders across sourcing, procurement and contract management – Iasta, b-pack and Selectica. This gives the organization the advantage of having an unmatched breadth of capabilities and decades of collective experience spanning the entire end-to-end source-to-pay spectrum. But more importantly, Determine has the depth of expertise in each area that allows it to truly understand unique customer challenges and find innovative solutions using its background and technology.
Determine’s experience stretches across many verticals and hundreds of customers. However, there are key verticals that are benefitting from its platform agility, particularly now: Biotech/Healthcare/Life Sciences, Financial Services and Insurance, and Retail. These industries can be very highly regulated with an extensive compliance need and strong services procurement component, as well as highly supplier-reliant with a significant focus on third-party risk and performance management. These verticals also operate in an environment of increasing speed of global regulatory changes and competitive landscapes. Determine provides the flexibility and tools to manage these business needs, from traditional modular S2P areas to complex project-based approaches for both goods and services spend, while addressing compliance requirements.
Collaborative data, integrated solutions, transformative results.
Determine Platformance is the result of the combined power of three separate technology pioneers, so the Determine Cloud Platform and the Determine Core together drive a whole new range of possibilities for businesses in all industries. Fully integrated, end-to-end, they achieve new levels of efficiency, intelligence and collaboration. The key elements that establish Determine as a successful innovator in business:
The Determine Cloud Platform: Determine solutions are powerful because of the cloud platform they run on. All of Determine’s analyst-recognized solutions are built with rich functionality plus flexibility for enterprise agility, and are designed for simple implementation and configuration, a consumerized user experience, and maximum security.
The Determine Core: At the heart of all the different solutions is the Determine Engine. From enhanced security to dynamic workflow, application integration, audit trail and more, it’s the most powerful tool to turn business process complexity into simple competitive advantage.
Integrated Modular Solutions: Unmatched scalability, configurability, agility: This suite of modular source-to-pay and contract management solutions enable vast applications and seamless integration with whatever systems a company is running. Modularity means starting with one, two or several, and adding on as needed to ensure adoption, low TCO and faster ROI.
Innovating and Refining to Stay Ahead of the Curve
Determine’s strategy is to continue leveraging the countless possibilities of the cloud, Big Data, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Blockchain, machine learning, along with the vast capabilities of its third-party partners. Determine is heavily investing in open cloud solutions having the capability to do all operations through API, and working with partners to connect platforms together demonstrating the new trend of real cloud applications having to collaborate. Determine is working with customers to implement chatbot with conversational capabilities using artificial intelligence. Determine’s new sourcing application is rapidly evolving to leverage full platform capabilities, as it expects to be able to deliver a product that will disrupt the market.
Instrumental Pioneer Smoothing Strategic Approach  
Patrick Stakenas was instrumental in pioneering Determine’s strategic approach to Source-to-Pay and Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management. His go-to-market strategy propelled the acquisition of IASTA and b-pack, and over the past year he has led the charge to meet the evolving needs of today’s global enterprises. Mr. Stakenas has over 25 years of industry and management experience with enterprise technology. Prior to joining Determine, he authored key industry research at Gartner including the Magic Quadrants for Sales Performance Management and Sales Force Automation. His forward-looking research and publications have helped enterprises and software vendors shape and model their go-to-market approaches and future technology offerings. Mr. Stakenas continues to be the driving force advancing Determine’s strategic approach to industry leadership across the Source to Pay and Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management market. To learn more about Determine, visit

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