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Desiree Bombenon: A Tenacious Entrepreneur

Desiree Bombenon is a person who grew up in a low income family where every day was a struggle to put food on the table, at a very young age, she dreamt of different ways she could start a business to help with her family’s financial struggles. As she worked her way through school, she realized that while having a profession such as a Doctor, Lawyer or Police Officer was very fulfilling and rewarding, she wanted to have more latitude in the way of creativity and experiencing various roles. Working in a business could offer diverse roles that enabled her to experience and build various skills. There was also the opportunity to grow within a role and take on new responsibilities. That really was exciting to her and sparked her passion for entrepreneurial endeavors and SureCall made that dream come true.
SureCall Contact Centers is a global outsourced business solutions company, which takes technology and innovation as a positive challenge. Desiree and her team are working on their business model to utilize machine learning and artificial intelligence as an accelerator for their applications. They also understand the importance of security and sustainability and keeping their platforms within a safe environment for client data protection. Cyber terrorism is top of mind and keeping up with maintaining and updating their systems is vital.
Fabricator of SureCall
Desiree Bombenon is the President and CEO of SureCall Contact Centers. She has nearly 30 years of business leadership experience. Along with operations and strategic planning, Desiree is an agent of change with a proven track record of leading businesses to success. Recently appointed as a Harvard Fellow for 2017, Desiree is a member of the Advanced Leadership Initiative cohort, working on critical humanitarian issues affecting the world.
Desiree is a CIAC Certified Strategic Leader and is a CSSMBB – Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt. As an active member of YPO, she was awarded the Lang Memorial award for her commitment and accomplishments to the Alberta Chapter. Desiree is a member of the International Women’s Forum, Women’s Executive Network, and has chaired several industry boards and focus groups.
Desiree sat on the board of the National Music Center – Bell Studio and is a current director of the Chamber of Commerce board. She has given her time and energy to create a meaningful difference in the lives of others through mentorship and advocacy. She is balanced by her husband Marc and her two beautiful children, Janine and Joel.
Quality Services by Motivating Employees
SureCall’s business depends on the quality of the work delivered to their clients, because team SureCall actually integrates themselves into their client’s business and acts on their behalf. They ensure a consistent code of quality, with KPIs and metrics that are above the industry norms. Education is the number one staff expense they have outside of salaries. Their Talent Development team has a proven quality assurance and coaching program that provides ongoing feedback and specifically focuses on enabling employees to become their best self. Their rewards and incentives are all tied into the KPIs that promote quality and providing the best customer experience.
Customizing Solutions for every Industry
SureCall provides custom solutions for front and back end services to every industry. Desiree and her team’s main goal is to enable their clients to focus on their core product or services while they provide the best customer experience on their behalf. They have made applications that range from virtual reception, order entry, emergency response, help desk, technical assistance, and many other front-end programs, to e-commerce, data entry and outbound services on the back-end. SureCall has been utilized by small and medium business, to large corporations and government entities. It is a full service 24×7 multilingual BPO, fully customized for their clients’ needs.
Flexibility to Change
SureCall’s current services enable remote capabilities and allows its employees to work from various locations including home. Along with this benefit, and the introduction of more innovative technologies, Desiree and her team see a reduction in costs for their services, allowing many more companies to utilize the effective and efficient services of outsourcing. They will also move from the economies of the scale model, where they are trained on multiple applications, to a cluster model so that high quality individuals skilled in very specific applications are sourced to those companies with those same needs.
Considering Women as a Valuable Asset
Desiree believes that women are invaluable assets for any business. Women have both logical and intuitive skill sets that allow them to better assess, manage, and lead any situation. She sees women play an important role in addressing culture as a strategy and helping promote and instill that culture, while maintaining balance and a sense of authenticity. Desiree says, “Women can bring out the emotional intelligence and creativity in a group, allowing vulnerability without taking away strength. This is a differentiator when it comes to success in business.”
Emotional Attachment with Employees
Desiree said that achieving work-life balance is not an easy thing for her, and she has to focus to make it happen. For her the key is surrounding herself with great talent in her company. This allows her to reflect and take time for her family and herself. She also encourages a culture of work-life balance for the entire company by including paid flex days for the employees, paid volunteer days so they can enjoy a cause meaningful to them, and many health initiatives.
Desiree’s advice for the Ambitious Working Women
“Stay the course. The most difficult part is in the middle, so stay strong, be bold, and believe in yourself. There will be challenges and setbacks. Don’t be afraid to fail, because only when you fail will you open yourself up to truly reach your full potential.”

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