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Design Systems, Inc.: Designing Solutions for Unique Needs of Clients

Advanced Engineering Services provides one stop solutions to customers with the help of innovative strategies across multi-disciplined industries. Design Systems, Inc. is one such large multi-disciplined engineering company with a staff of over 300 people to support unique needs of the clients. DSI provides engineering, consulting, and program management solutions across diverse industries.
Experienced Engineers 
As a completely unbiased, full-service engineering and consulting resource, DSI has no product line to sell – their only objective is to design the perfect solution for their clients’ unique needs. While many of their other competitors have been sold or closed over the years, DSI is still led by two of the original owners from 1983. DSI’s team of engineers have over 1,500 years of experience combined. These years of experience doing things the ’DSI way’ gives their customers the confidence to believe that whenever they bring DSI aboard to complete a project, it will be with an experienced team which will complete and deliver the work as per the customer’s expectation.
Maximum Productivity 
DSI. has helped a variety of industries over the past 35 years to achieve maximum productivity within their operations. As a nationally recognized leader in manufacturing, process and warehouse design, DSI offers unmatched expertise and complete objectivity performing its engineering and consulting services. The company supports their clients with various processes from their production demands and throughput increases, to cost reduction projects, lean engineering practices and by identifying quality issues. Bringing a high-level of technical knowledge, tools, and expertise to their industrial client base, DSI is an unbiased partner with their clients throughout the process. At all times, DSI represents their clients’ best interest with an open line of communication.
Advanced Engineering Services
With DSI’s breadth of service offerings, clients have access to a full complement of engineering disciplines ready to assist any unforeseen event. They have been able to benchmark best-in-class practices across diverse industries. They are able to provide a full 3D look into plants and provide a ’street-view’ so all team members can see exactly what a problem is and what the solution will be. By being able to bring these floor level views into meeting rooms, the company helps the customer save time and money on travel costs and provides an outstanding communication tool for all stakeholders.
Another way DSI is helping their customers is by utilizing their drone technology to assist in preventive maintenance programs/health assessments to get a better view inside warehouses or different facilities. By being able to provide these advanced engineering services, it cuts down on the amount of people that need to be on site and is a much safer alternative than sending people to perform those services. The company also offers complete “Concept to Commission” services for the automotive, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, package handling, health care, steel manufacturing, and many other industries.
Continuous Growth 
DSI’s journey has been an incredible ride over the course of the last 35 years. Advancing from a small startup-engineering house to a 300 person full-service, multinational engineering and consulting firm has challenged them and made them better. Growing from hand drawings on drafting boards to 2D and 3D CAD to today’s Industry 4.0, DSI continuously reviews success and challenges on projects to keep learning and improving.
Students in the Workplace 
By teaching, training and sharing since its inception, DSI has regularly involved all levels of young students and aspiring engineers into their workplace. One such partnership is with Kettering University and their engineering department. DSI recruits students to spend their three-month ’work-term’ working for them and getting actively involved in their projects. Not only do DSI’s engineers help students in their learning, but new, fresh ideas and perspectives that students bring help DSI engineers as well. In addition, DSI is a member to dozens of Industrial and Technological membership groups, allowing them to connect with industry peers to serve their clients better.
Client Focused Management 
DSI’s management has always been delivering exactly what the customers need today along with having an eye towards helping them tomorrow. They have influenced the industry by presenting employees of DSI with new ideas, concepts and solutions to help reduce costs, reduce downtime and increase optimization. They have also influenced the employees at DSI to take ownership of their ideas and grow them. The company allows team members to explore new ideas and service offerings that interest them and helps further the solutions DSI provide to their customers.
Smarter Processes 
DSI sees itself continuing to being a great partner to their current customers as well as continuing to explore new industries and techniques. DSI continues to attract top talent while they encourage their employees to seek continuing education courses to help strengthen DSI’s foothold amongst their competitors. One of DSI’s future goals is to work with their many project partners and come up with innovative ideas on how to make processes smarter and more efficient with new and improving technology. In being able to implement these new technologies, it helps DSI stand out as an innovator while also helping their customers increase their utilization and production.
Glowing Reviews
“The knowledge and resources at DSI are outstanding. They have a great knowledge of supply chain processes and will work to help you understand those opportunities that you could be missing.” 
“As expected from your teams’ members and DSI, the results exceed expectations! The enormous reduction of project hours & timeline and accuracy improvement for the entire shop cannot be overstated, both for immediate and future projects. GREAT WORK!”
Source: The 10 Most Innovative Automotive Tech Solution Providers 2018