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Deltalis: The Secure and Stable Data Center with Innovative Solutions

Considering the high turnover of ideas and fads, it is no wonder that companies’ and their offerings in terms of products and services constantly evolve. Everything is in motion, everything is flowing, and everything is changing. Ernest Hemingway once remarked, “Never mistake motion for action.” With the motion in the air, the industry of data center solutions seems to be moving into two camps: Businesses which provide data center based solutions and the Data Centers that provide the environment for them. Deltalis is one of the world’s most secure, stable and innovative data centers, one that is moving with the flow yet taking the necessary action to serve businesses with the best-in-class data solutions.
Falling into the second camp, Deltalis is known to provide a unique environment from which many of their clients provide data center solutions to businesses. Located on the borders of the greater Zurich area in Switzerland, Deltalis operates in a former Swiss military bunker, deep inside a Granite mountain. This highly functional location not only provides the company with unmatched security, but also a way to maintain efficient and green operations. It is developing the industry by making contributions like co-marketing with clients to help them grow their businesses and brands, fully customizable Enterprise disaster-recovery and backup, and providing cutting-edge KVMaaS to allow clients to manage their infrastructure from any part of the world.
The exemplary services delivered by Deltalis have garnered them positive responses from world-class clients and certifications from Eurocloud 4 and 5 star (secure cloud environment), ISO 27001, EMshield (fully EMP proof) and URIstrom (100% green energy). Deltalis is known to be a proud associate of Asut, Vigiswiss, and the GCCM(Global Carrier Community).
Located in a Former Swiss Military Bunker, Deep Inside a Granite Mountain
Deltalis is situated in a facility which features two mountain water reservoirs providing a natural resource for cooling. The facility is situated in the heart of the Swiss Hydro-electric power industry and is in close proximity to one of Europe’s major backbone routes which provides Deltalis access to a wide choice of local and international connectivity providers. The data center consists of three independent buildings within the mountain, with three floors each, providing more than 10.000 square meters of floor space, on a total terrain of 15,000 square meters. Deltalis is a fully private Swiss business, known to provide the best-in-class data location for data center operations.
Adapting to the Change
Deltalis is consistently reviewing the market and constantly looking for scope for development. They claim that their area of expertise includes their mentality to adapt to the ongoing changes and staying ahead of time. Deltalis is known for their broad level of experience in the industry. This data center provider focuses primarily on innovation around cooling and currently they are working with leading industry vendors, for example on an immerse cooling showcase. The company works very closely with their clients, especially with service providers to understand their future requirements, so as to continually evolve the environment for them.
Services which make Deltalis unique
It is not only security that Deltalis is known for, the company is also known as a co-location specialist providing the high-quality racks, cages and private suites on a fully customizable model. To meet the specific requirements of the customers, this data center company provides flexible room or suite configuration, security setup, and power delivery services. Deltalis supports modern high-density deployments due to efficient cooling and natural advantages. In addition to pure co-location, it provides a very flexible remote hands-on service which helps them to support their customers from different parts of the world. The company has further introduced a Remote Management as a service solution which allows their customers to manage their infrastructure in Deltalis anytime and from anywhere in the world as if they are physically present in the data center.
While continuing to grow their ecosystem of cybersecurity and connectivity providers, Deltalis is further enhancing their physical security. This ultimate combination of physical and cyber security together, within the secure and independent location of Switzerland, makes Deltalis unique and an ultra-secure data center.
Led by a Veteran in the Industry
Frank Harzheim, CEO at Deltalis, is a veteran of the Telco and data center Industry. Frank is a man with rich work-experience. He has served for some of the most best-known multinationals around the world. From being a Sales Director in Europe at Siemens to Director of EMEA Territory Sales at Emerson Network Power, Frank has been known as a man of wide experience. He has received his Master’s degree in Economics/ Management from Fern Universität in Hagen. His knowledge, expertise, and experience have earned him a broad perspective on the challenges and the required developments faced by data centers. Frank is known to manage many challenges, like the need to support ever higher density deployments and to improve the efficiency of the data center. Under Frank’s leadership, Deltalis enjoys a stable and growing business, and their clients take the pleasure of using virtual access to their infrastructure to manage any challenge, whenever it arises.
Planning Ahead
Deltalis is quickly becoming specialized rather than remaining a type of data center to cover all use cases, for example, Disaster Recovery and Backup, Fintech such as Blockchain and payment services, secure cloud services and data archiving etc. The current scenario suggests that more and more data centers will evolve to fulfill the requirements for specific use-cases or industry verticals. Deltalis is an organization which is ahead of the times and leading the trend, evolving to help clients better the company is at the forefront of the trend in providing a tailored environment for their client’s requirements.

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