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Fabian Klar, Director Sales and Customer Relations, deltaconX AG

DeltaconX: Unifying Regulatory Compliance.

During the last few years there has been a clear trend to use cloud-based solution. The advantages of a centrally managed and maintained private cloudbased reporting platform that can be accessed from everywhere in the world are always existent. deltaconX AG believes that cloud computing and in consequence outsourcing of data centres is the future for most industries. The company is working with two highly secure data centres (Tier 4) in which its data and its customer data is maintained. deltaconX AG offers its solution as private cloud solution since 2013 as it realized these advantages much earlier. The pandemic has even more accelerated the trend to use cloud-based solutions.
deltaconX AG’s main sector of activity is the financial industry but also non-financial companies are among its clients. As a Swiss company based in Lucerne, deltaconX AG is a full-service provider offering a unique software and support package specifically tailored to European Financial, Energy, and Commodity trading organisations to cover multiple jurisdictions within a unified regulatory platform.
At the helm of the company is its elite leadership team. One of the key members of the company is Fabian Klar, Director Sales & Customer Relations.
Strong Position in Financial Sector
deltaconX AG’s deltaconX regulatory platform has been launched as a private cloud solution in 2013 to offer a reporting solution under the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR). In 2015, the reporting obligation under the Regulation on wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency (REMIT) has kicked in and company included the module to its solution. In 2017, the Financial Market Infrastructure Act (FMIA or FinfraG) in Switzerland came into force and it won 50+ financial institutions in Switzerland.
In 2018, the Markets in Financial Instruments Regulation (MiFIR) entered into force in Europe and it has included transaction as well as trade reporting modules into its regulatory platform. In July 2020, the Securities Financing Transaction Regulation (SFTR) reporting obligation came into force. With the introduction of this highly complex regulation into its deltaconX regulatory platform, the company has significantly strengthened its positioning in the financial sector.
Clients from Different Sectors
Today deltaconX AG reports on behalf of over 200 direct and indirect clients coming from different sectors. It has its Energy and Commodity trading organisations on one hand and on the other hand it has its clients from the financial sector being banks, asset managers, insurance companies or pension funds. Even industrial clients that are active in the capital markets (mainly FX trading) are among its clients.
Beside the company’s direct clients, it also has partnerships in place with some of the most prestigious software vendors in the financial industry. It has been white labelling its platform to Finastra and SimCorp and has a connectivity agreement with Murex in place. It plans to further extend such partnerships and are confident that it can announce at least 1-2 new cooperation within 2021.
Easing Regulatory Reporting Processes
deltaconX AG’s vision is to become the strongest FinTech/RegTech community in unifying regulatory compliance processes by providing its centralized deltaconX regulatory platform. The company intends to ease regulatory reporting processes of its clients as much as possible while reducing the total cost of ownership significantly.
Brexit has also been a topic that kept deltaconX AG busy over the last months as depending on the regulation, reports must either be split between both regulations or even double reporting might be necessary for certain transactions and constellations. deltaconX AG has established additional EMIR UK, MiFIR UK and SFTR UK reporting modules that include rules engine defining under which regulation a transaction or even a delegated report needs to be reported.
Multi-Regulatory Platform
The deltaconX regulatory platform is a state-of-the-art multi-regulatory platform offering various possibilities regarding data management, exception management, reconciliation management as well as a whole sweep of useful functionalities like UTI generation and sharing, an LEI-Repository which is directly connected to the GLEIF database, just to name a few. In its unique platform, all reports and records for supported regulations can be accessed, including the entire history of the reported transactions. Regulatory changes are mainly done by deltaconX on the centrally managed platform. Using deltaconX AG’s service enables IT resources of clients to work on their primary activity.
The regulatory platform enables 100% predictable costs due to the Service fee including all regulatory changes. No extra fees for release upgrades. The company wants to extend the regulatory offering by upcoming reporting modules. It intends to extend regulatory reporting by additional reporting channels. There is no need of dependency on reporting channels decision to continue or discontinue the reporting services. deltaconX will take care to find an alternative and to connect to these. Reduced implementation and maintenance cost as only one integration is required. Flexible integration as deltaconX AG’s solution can accept declarations in XML, CSV, Excel and flexible connectivity types: API, SFTP and manual upload.
Reducing Operational Costs of Clients
deltaconX AG is constantly enhancing the features of its platform and extending the regional coverage. It is not seeing itself as a vendor but more as a service provider and partner that is evolving together with its clients and partners. Being close to the market, understanding the markets needs and delivering a service that is helping its clients to make their life easier and to reduce operational costs is its main focus.
Extending Regional Coverage
In 2021, deltaconX AG plans to extend its regional coverage by also offering Dodd Frank (CFTC and SEC) reporting in the US, ASIC reporting in Australia, MAS reporting in Singapore, CSA reporting in Canada, HKMA in Hong Kong.
In time of five years, deltaconX AG aims to be a global leader in the regulatory reporting space and covering regulations from all over the world and supporting clients from all over the globe. It will cooperate with the majority of the financial front-office system providers and will transform regulatory reporting from a pure cost centre into a differentiator for its clients.
Fulfilling All Regulatory Reporting Obligations
“For us, working with deltaconX is not just about having a soluon provided by an external vendor. Instead, deltaconX has proven to be more of a partner, supporting us with their broad knowledge on regulatory reporting burdens.” – ERSTE Group
“We decided to go with the deltaconX SFTR solution because the respective product is very intuitive to use and could be implemented with little effort as well. The deltaconX regulatory plaorm is highly user-friendly and enables us to easily create SFTR reports in an efficient way and to be 100% compliant all the me. In addition, there is the prospect of connecting further regulatory topics such as EMIR all within one interface which makes it more comfortable for the back-office departments.” – DZ PRIVATBANK
The reporting start went well for us.
We would like to thank the team of deltaconX for the support and can particularly emphasize the feedback management and the high response speed. – SOBACO
“deltaconX perfectly fulfils the function as a central platform for different regulatory reporting like EMIR, FMIA or MiFIR and convinces with innovative spirit, flexibility and great support.” – Investbanks Berin
deltaconX is a reliable and credible partner that provides a highly flexible solution for the coverage of dc’s regulatory reporting obligations.
The robust technical platform has definitely helped us to streamline and automate the reporting processes, which ensure regulatory compliance with both existing and upcoming regulation regimes.
Great support from deltaconX that is always sensitive to our specific business needs is highly appreciated. – Danske Commodities