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DelCure LifeSciences: Offering Solutions that Echoes Quality

Incepting in 2013, with a sole goal of making good quality, affordable medicines that are accessible across the globe, DelCure LifeSciences stood out with its solutions at providing healthier life options to the society.
The company has had a firm vision since being launched, “To become the most respected, uniquely positioned leading pharmaceutical company in the chosen areas or specialty verticals in India and abroad with distinct value based characteristics.”
No Compromise with Quality 
DelCure has a “NO COMPROMISE” policy with regards to the quality of its products. The company has an ardent focus on quality as it delivers top-class differentiated and innovative products in the field of Paediatrics, ENT and Chest. With its Winspire and Delvoice team behind its back, DelCure delivers optimal quality using its patented technology. The company works closely with all its associated doctors to develop breakthrough products — all highly effective, fast and affordable.
Delivering Breakthrough Technologies Back in 2013, it launched its first division, Winspire, with 300 members in Paediatrics, ENT and Chest specialties. Winspire’s breakthrough products provided greater and faster relief to patients, resulting in its wide-spread popularity. Soon, it followed that up by launching its second division called DelVoice, which is multispecialty division focusing towards Orthopaedics, Gastroenterologists and Consulting Physicians.
Today, this young start-up has become a full scale pharmaceutical company, proving its significance through world class products and going beyond profit to invest in humanitarian led initiatives like “Honour Your Doctor- Respect Doctor, Save Society.” 
DelCure firmly believes in digitalization and in its attempt to be technologically superior. The company plans on making use of all advanced I.T infrastructure like digitized platform of information sharing, Artificial intelligence etc., and provide a breakthrough path of value driven pharmaceutical business across India.
Overcoming the Industry Hurdles and Competition 
“Pharmaceutical industry is still struggling in several areas including political pressure, conventional business practices and resistance towards change,” mentions Mr. Prashant Kumar Pathak, MD & CEO of DelCure. DelCure LifeSciences is trying immensely to overcome such constraints. Although factors like political ignorance cannot be changed, the company works tirelessly in areas which it can improve like breaking conventional pathways, accepting digitization, promoting technology and working in a transparent manner. One such measure adopted by the company to ensure the same is PHYGITAL, which is a digital platform to stay connected with doctors rather than knocking on their door at wee hours.
DelCure believes that if you manufacture and provide products that you, as a producer, can recommend to your own family members without hesitation, then your product boasts an unbeaten quality. DelCure provides just that.
“We maintain product differentiation and adopt upstream market strategy based on in-depth understanding of customers and continued market research. We have proprietary data base, still unavailable to the competitors.” 
Happiness through Helpfulness and Truthfulness 
DelCure’s actions are driven by its values of spreading Happiness through Helpfulness and Truthfulness. The company thrives on unique ideas of attaining sustainable growth and accepts challenges as opportunities. To establish itself as a technologically innovative drug leader, the company discovers new paths of doing business and aims at overcoming the barriers of conventional pharma practices.
DelCure doesn’t follow a blind capitalistic path, but believes in contributing constructively for the societal development through its humanitarian initiatives like Honour Your Doctor-Respect Doctor, Save Society, Educative CME programs for young doctors, etc. In addition to these, the company recognizes its talented pool and rewards them through innovative HR practices like Star Award Program.
An Industry Veteran Paving the Way of Success 
With over 33 years of industry experience, Mr. Prashant Kumar Pathak shoulders the responsibilities of DelCure and has proliferated the company’s industry standing with his leadership. Prashant has previously served at high positions of reputed pharmaceutical firms like Dr. Reddy’s Labs & RPG LifeSciences Ltd.
Starting his career at a young age of 22 years as a Medical Representative, Prashant has come a long way from a remote village in Bihar to spearheading a team of more than 600 people. This speaks volumes about his determination and resilience to perform beyond the call of duty and deliver excellence with high ethical value.
Prashant holds various recognitions and awards to his name, amongst which the ‘Outstanding Achiever Award’ for his contributions in RPG Enterprises and the ‘Chairman’s Excellence Award’ for his untiring efforts of leading Dr. Reddy to success stands out the most.
A Future with Promise 
DelCure has its goal set and eyes focused on the path to be a technological leader, with more innovative products and harmonious relationships with all its clients. Most recently, the company has collaborated with an esteemed European company, and is all set to launch by May 2018. It will provide the first licensed European products to address the needs of paediatric neurology. In addition to these, DelCure is also working towards establishing direct relationship with end users for its nutraceutical portfolio in paediatrics and orthopaedics.
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