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Deepraj Software Services: Gaining Prominence with its Superior Products & Quality Services

Information Technology and its associated solutions are faster becoming the epicenter of all business operations. With a highly competitive business environment, there is a constant and never-ending struggle that every entrepreneur is facing in recent times. Those who adapt and imbibe the new technological advancements into their business operations will survive, thrive & ultimately assist their organization to achieve boundless financial success. Deepraj Software Service Pvt. Ltd (DSS) is one such reputed firm which develops various cutting edge technological solutions for better operational efficiency and profitability.
Mumbai based DSS firm was established to provide various software services to SMEs and Large Enterprises in the Indian region. Since then, the company due to its vast experience in providing software development and software trading to the government, SMEs and Large Enterprises in Asian and Middle East Regions has evolved and started flourishing. Deepraj Software Services operates 3 brands, viz. for providing Enterprise Email products and related services, EnzymeLogic for providing software development to Energy & Resources and E-commerce sectors and Appgorithm for providing Mobile App solutions. DSS, enriched with core technical knowledge and million dollar ideas, is also involved in research and development of hardware and software products for consumers and businesses.
Leading light of DSS
Mr. Gaurav Solanki along with his brother Varun Solanki, founded the company in the year 2007.  Gaurav, the CEO at DSS, has a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunication from Mumbai University. He has worked with many Fortune 50 software companies. Gaurav has a vast software experience of over 15 years out of which he invested 3 years in the USA while working for a reputed firm. He then returned to India with a vision to ease the complexity in providing customer friendly software services to various industries in India and contribute to the growth of the country. Gaurav has been a computer enthusiast right from his childhood and has won many prestigious awards in the same field. Reading, travelling and ideating on futuristic concepts are some of his keen interests apart from software technologies. DSS firm has gained immensely due to his proficiency and expertise in various software technologies and management values.
Notable products of DSS, EnzymeLogic and Appgorithm are the flagship products of DSS. offers multiple levels of email products for all size & types of businesses. For some companies, email systems are very critical and they invest heavily in a robust system, whereas for some companies in the same industry, a different mode of communication is important. Experts at understand the requirement of client and offer the most suitable solution within their budget. The most notable and differentiating factor in is the range of services related to email systems. The range is unparalleled across the industry and is very easy for any customer to understand it.
EnzymeLogic offers software expertise in the Energy & Resources industry as well as E-commerce industry. Gaurav is a adept consultant in these industries and has provided many core industry applications to Indian and International enterprises. Some of the software platforms developed and implemented by DSS host very high value transactions value, on a daily basis. DSS delivers a full 360 degree solution or simply a software application to the customer.
Appgorithm was founded based on the need of the hour. DSS couldn’t find a provider suitable enough to develop mobile apps at a price suitable for the Indian market along with quality software. Therefore DSS built their own team. The quality of design DSS offers is of top class and their app also hosts very high value transactions on a daily basis. Currently, DSS is developing apps for both iOS, Android and hybrid environments, for enterprises as well as entrepreneurs with new innovative ideas.
Attribute that makes DSS a Distinguished firm
The most differentiating virtue for DSS is the sense of partnership. DSS truly works as a software partner for its clients, like an extended arm of their company. DSS sincerely believes that when a customer grows, DSS grows which is why they delivery A-1 quality. The company thrives to stick it out with their clients through thick and thin. With a firm believes that top quality product always helps in winning clients trust and new businesses, the company is growing leaps and bounds. Due to their top quality product and highly satisfied clients, DSS has managed to grow manifold simply based on references. Quality of services is the only reason that even, which is serving a highly competitive market, has managed to grow manifold.
Challenges and opportunities in recent times
 At present, the first challenge a non-IT industry faces is of software overload which is affecting the overall productivity of a business operation. DSS offers dashboard solutions with which a company can focus on their core business and keep an eye on other things with smart dashboards.
The other challenge is that there is very little time and high volumes of information. Machine learning has the potential to process high volumes of information in very less time. DSS is capable of implementing machine learning for various core industries as well as for e-commerce platforms.
Future Goals
DSS, bullish on their R & D wing, are looking forward to their futuristic ideas coming to life. DSS is extremely happy with the current wave of technology adoption in India & intends to contribute more in the further advancements. DSS has begun focusing on new regions across the world and in the near future, DSS will find new opportunities to establish itself in multiple global regions.

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