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Debunking Common Gambling Myths

For how superstitious gamblers are, it’s no wonder that gambling has always been surrounded by myths and misconceptions. The downside, of course, is that these myths can often lead to misguided strategies and false expectations, with players thinking all they need to succeed is a slots welcome bonus and a rabbit’s foot (or worse)

In this article, we will take a look at some of the most common gambling myths and debunk them.

Myth 1: Casinos Pump Extra Oxygen onto Floors

Let’s start with one of the more bizarre myths: supposedly, casinos pump extra oxygen into their floors to keep players awake and gambling longer. The theory suggests that higher oxygen levels make people feel more alert and less tired.

Kind of like that Michael Jackson’s hyperbaric chamber story that was popular back in the day.

However, this practice is not only illegal but also dangerous, as it poses a significant fire hazard. Of course, many casinos are willing to go above and beyond to seek profit but even they have limits – and putting your own venue at risk is definitely a hard no for casino owners.

Myth 2: Dealers Can Influence Game Outcomes

Okay, this next myth is way more commonplace: some believe that dealers can control or influence the outcome of games like roulette or blackjack.

If you’ve ever lost at a casino, you’ve undoubtedly at least entertained this idea. We all have.

In reality, reputable casinos have strict regulations and oversight to prevent any form of cheating (the keyword being “reputable”). The outcomes of these games are based on random chance, and dealers are trained to follow protocols that ensure fairness​​.

Myth 3: Slot Machines Are Due for a Payout

A common belief among slot players is that a machine that hasn’t paid out in a while is “due” for a win. This myth presupposes that the machine operates on a cycle that guarantees periodic payouts.

In truth, slot machines use random number generators to determine each spin’s outcome, making every spin independent of the previous ones. There is no pattern or cycle that dictates when a machine will pay out​​.

Think of it this way: every time you flip a coin, it has a 50/50 chance of being tails. Even if it has been heads the previous 1,000 times, the chances are still 50/50.

Myth 4: Online Casinos Don’t Pay Out

Many people think that online casinos are scams and will not pay out winnings. While it’s true that some unscrupulous operators exist, licensed and regulated online casinos are required to adhere to strict standards that ensure fairness and reliability.

Players should always choose casinos that are licensed by reputable regulatory bodies to ensure their winnings are paid out according to the rules and conditions stated​​.

Myth 5: Card Counting is Illegal

Card counting in blackjack is often depicted as an illegal activity that will get players arrested or even beat up in the basement. While casinos frown upon card counting and may ask players suspected of using this strategy to leave, it is not illegal.

Card counting is a skill that involves keeping track of the cards that have been dealt to gain a statistical advantage. However, casinos have the right to refuse service to anyone they believe is disrupting the fairness of the game​​.

Still, nobody is beating you up in the basement, 21-style. You’re no Jim Sturgess.

Myth 6: It’s Better to Play in a Busy Casino

Some gamblers believe that playing in a busy casino increases their chances of winning, particularly with slot machines. The rationale is that more people playing should lead to more frequent payouts.

But again, the odds of winning on slot machines are the same regardless of how many people are playing. Remember what we’ve said earlier: each spin is an independent event determined by the RNG. The presence of more players alone does not influence the outcome of any individual game​.

Myth 7: You Can Influence a Slot Machine by Increasing Bet Size

Another common myth is that increasing the size of your bets on a slot machine can influence the machine to pay out more frequently or in larger amounts. Unfortunately, slot machines don’t work on the scratch-my-back-and-I-scratch-yours principle.

The reality is that – again – the outcome of each spin is random, and changing your bet size does not affect the machine’s RNG. While betting higher amounts can increase potential winnings, it does not change the likelihood of hitting a winning combination​​.

Understanding the truth behind these gambling myths can help players make more informed decisions and enjoy a more realistic gaming experience. Casinos operate under strict regulations to ensure fairness and transparency, and the outcomes of games are based on chance rather than manipulation.

By debunking these myths, we hope we’re helping players focus on enjoying the entertainment value of gambling without falling prey to misconceptions​.