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Debra Griffin | Managing Member | PPXTEC || Dean Harrison | Software Developer & Technical Lead | Patient Provider Exchange (PPX)

Debra Griffin and Dean Harrison: A Duo of Proficient Business Leaders in Healthcare

Advancement in technology has brought a huge change to the healthcare industry. Patients now can check accurate medical information using their handheld devices, but they can also track their doctor’s appointments, and get reminders to take their medications through mobile apps when integrated into your provider’s software vendor. Remote consultations with doctors, required treatments, and the availability of comprehensive mobile apps have led to upgraded patient care and healthcare experience overall. Debra Griffin, founder and managing member of PPXTEC, a mobile data exchange bridge enterprise that has a personal health record that aggregates that data being exchanged between and beyond silos. “PPXTEC allows users to decide when and how to share their info. B2C, B2B, C2C exchanges. PPX-TEC is a COVID 19 mitigation solution” says Debra.
Debra has extensive experience in healthcare which includes hospital administrator for 20 years and past managing member of physician Hospice Care, LLC since 2008. She also is a former member of the MS State Board and as a surveyor in Mississippi health facility. She also authored “Why Judas Was Born To Betray Jesus”.

“Our objectives are simple, low cost integrations that install easily and are easy to use and prove value quickly”

Dean Harrison is software developer technical lead at Patient Provider Exchange (PPX). He is also the also the Owner and Developer at HSoft Consulting, LLC. His area of expertise includes App Developer, Web Programmer, Database Designer, IT Specialist. In PPXTEC, Dean is responsible for design and development for iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets.
Griffin started this journey in 2011, and Harrison joined in 2013; both had proven fully committed engaged and as a result has brought this foundational product to market. Both Dean and Griffin bring a unique combination of expertise in both the health care field and innovative information technology. Each of them has committed an abundance of the time and prayers in bringing this development to market at this timely space. In spite of no access to capital and limited acknowledgement or encouragements for this product they have come to market developed and timely.
Compatible Solutions
PPX-TEC built a unique mobile tool for seamless data exchanges to alleviate many pain points incurred by patients and providers while navigating healthcare experiences. PPX-TEC mobile bridge solution allow silos connectivity using smart devices’ APIs, HL7, FHIR protocols and other proprietary standards. The company’s solution integrates, search, send and receive data in numerous mobile exchange modalities out of one single mobile enterprise. America has a hybrid healthcare system partially private, public but ALL are data silos. The silo effect limits information flowing between entities.
PPX-TEC’s Unique Share function is developed with the end user in mind; seamless integration and giving user’s control of share. Its iOS and Android apps are market ready with several integrations. PPX-TEC Mobile Enterprise stseems to be 1st in this new frontier market with the stfinalization of the 21 Century Cures Act March 2020. There is no current business model for interoperability and this is one of PPX-TEC’s challenges.
Connected data silos facilitate more accurate and faster holistic health data collection and interpretation. Our solution tool provides for interoperability, COVID 19, structural health disparities, and opioid crisis mitigations. PPX-TEC’s solution is new technology that enables a new perspective on health self-management needed more now due to current paradigm shifts to various virtual care where holistic health histories are needed.
Visioning to Get Extend
According to Griffin, PPX –TEC’s needs include access to capital to create a pipeline to customers. We are seeking Board Members who can be advocates for PPX-TEC and grow with the company.  She desires to witness population adoption of the company’s solution and patients, and caregiver’s empowerment by making PPX –TEC their own tool. “Acquisition or Partnership with a company that understand that embracing interoperability is the need of the hour and PPX TEC delivers” said Debra.
A Fighting Spirit
On overcoming challenges as a leader, Debra asserts “The last hospital that I worked in the Mississippi Delta literally tried to kill me. I was told that I was an uppity nigger and there the decline began. I swam in a pool of hatred. The details are lengthy and personal but ‘In Spite’ of I survived.”
An Advice for Upcoming Entrepreneurs
“Never Quit, Pivot if Necessary, Stay Focused, Take nothing personally even if it is meant to be, be Diligent,” says Debra.