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dc-square: The MQTT Expert

Today, Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the whole world by making many of our day-to-day tasks so simple and easily controllable without physical presence. Some of the examples of current trending IoT solutions are; connected cars, smart homes, autonomous vehicles, drones and many more. IoT solutions companies are becoming popular and valuable with their futuristic approach and unique solutions. dc-square is one of the most innovative companies in the IoT space and leading expert in connecting products (e.g. devices, machines, devices, and apps) with MQTT, the de-facto communication standard protocol for the IoT.
In an interview with Insights Success, Christian Götz, Co-founder and CEO of dc-square, gave his insightful views about the current IoT developments. He also shared many important details about how dc-square, helps companies to gain a competitive advantage by connecting their products over the internet.

  • Brief us about your company. What kind of IoT solutions offered by dc-square at par with the current industry standards?

dc-square is a software company, which helps businesses around the globe to connect their devices and application over the internet and transform into digital businesses Our main product is the data movement platform HiveMQ. HiveMQ makes it easy to move data to and from connected devices in an efficient, fast and reliable manner. It is an Enterprise-ready solution, which is based on the MQTT protocol, the standard protocol in IoT. We have over 100 customers using HiveMQ and recently we have been awarded the 6th place in the Technology Fast 50 list by Deloitte Germany.

  • Tell us something about you.

I’m the CEO at dc-square and particularly responsible for the success of our current and future customers. With a technical background in computer science, I have the necessary technical qualification to understand our customers on a deeper level and additionally clearly identify their business challenges and drivers. This enables me, as well as our whole team, to be an expert when it comes to helping customers to connect with their products. This is really what IoT is about, we enable our customers to use their existing or new products, in a totally different way as before.

  • What is the present state of the IoT solution industry? How are you positioning your company?

Currently, there are a lot of different offerings available and a huge market opportunity as well. The key to success in IoT is the movement of data in an efficient, fast and reliable way. Often solutions do not have these characteristics, especially bearing in mind the constraints of IoT devices. We are not a very generic platform as the most are; we are a trusted partner of more than 100 customers solving their specific challenge to enable their products to exchange data instantly. We integrate easily in all common enterprise systems.

  • How can you describe your company in one sentence?

dc-square is the company behind HiveMQ, the data movement platform that makes it easy to move data to and from connected devices in an efficient, fast and reliable manner, making it possible to build connected products that enable new digital businesses.

  • How did you get inspired to become an IoT Solution provider?

We started building HiveMQ in 2013, there was no IoT industry yet, it was called M2M (machine-to-machine communication). We have seen that connecting machines is totally different from connecting people over the internet via websites. Therefore other solution and protocols are needed. We wanted to offer a solution that incorporates a new and lightweight technology enabling new business models by having a lightweight and push-based connection between the devices and the cloud.

  1. Tell us something about the benefits gained by your clients/users from you.
  2. We have enabled connected car solutions by providing instant data movement, cost reduction, and improved customer experience. For example, reducing the time for unlocking a car from over 20 seconds to less than one second.
  3. 360-degree customer experience in the entertainment industry by enabling notifications across devices and screens and remote control of home devices like TVs and set-up boxes.
  4. Accelerate market entry of IoT projects by handling the most critical and important component the data movement from and to IoT devices in a fast and reliable fashion.
  5. Enable new business models due to the push-based and constant connection.
  • With the introduction of new technologies like AI and vast improvement in wireless technologies & telecom infrastructure, what are the scopes and challenges coming with it?

All the new technologies like AI are still in the very beginning, so there will be a lot of new possibilities for companies to use these technologies in order to provide a better product for their customers. One of the challenges will definitely be to transfer and process the large amounts of data, which will rise up exponentially. So having a reliable, efficient and highly scalable solution to exchange the data is the foundation for leveraging the potential of these technologies.

  • What can be expected from your company in near future?

We are currently getting ready for the next challenges our customers are facing and solving them before they have them. We are on our journey to enable even more businesses to connect their products by providing new versions of our product HiveMQ and expanding the ecosystem around it with additional products and tools, to make it easier than ever to deploy IoT solutions with 10.000.000+ devices. Also starting 2019 we will be expanding our business in the US, with the help of the German Accelerator Tech, where we have been one of 14 companies selected to participate in.