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dayTrack: Simplified Tracking of Field Employees

The outsourcing industry is booming as more businesses, particularly startups, embrace remote workforces. While the concept of remote work is inherently brilliant, many employers find it a challenge to keep track of remote employees and maintain optimal productivity standards.
dayTrack recognized this concern and crafted a solution to it in the form of an innovative employee management app. This app has now become one of the world’s leading fieldforce employee management platforms.
It enables clients to track the GPS location of every sales employee and manages their daily activities by capturing updated data at the point of execution.
Back in 2015, dayTrack was just a small idea that allowed customers to keep a track of their field employees; about their attendance and whereabouts. Later on, the company realized that the potential was much bigger as companies didn’t have any authentic way of keeping track of their field employees and ensuring their reporting in an authentic and detailed manner. From that instant, the journey of dayTrack took the turn and it never looked back ever since.
An Industry Leader 
dayTrack has been developed by Snowebs Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a software services company based in India. Their development and global delivery center is located in the city of Noida.
The dayTrack app automatically tracks and records activities performed by field employees. This includes marking attendance at the start of the day, tracking visits to contacts, booking sales orders, and recording collection of payments.
It also has the ability to capture images in real time of merchandise at the retail point and any object or any scene, record Minutes of Meetings (MOM) and responses to survey and feedback forms, and set reminders for future visits to contacts.
The team at dayTrack has a proven track record of applying innovation to solve problems. The company has over 15 years of experience working with clients across a wide range of industries that depend on mobile-based communication and field employees.
Using the insights and technological vision gained from this experience, dayTrack is able to consistently gain fresh perspectives into its customers’ businesses, and use it to help them accelerate operations and reach their full potential.
Integrity, the pursuit of excellence, accountability, collaboration and passion are the core values in which dayTrack believes. It strives to serve its clients by providing the highest quality of professional services to address their business issues.
To achieve this, the company attracts, recruits, and retains the most knowledgeable and passionate professionals, and provides a collaborative culture which enables them to thrive both professionally and personally.
Comprehensive Abilities 
dayTrack app is a complete solution developed with input from various business verticals like publishers, FMCG, pharmaceuticals, footwear manufacturing, garments manufacturing and many more.
By ensuring simplified sales employee tracking, it allows employers to focus on the growth. The app assists with most common tasks which a sales executive has to perform on a regular basis. This includes meeting customers, giving samples, taking orders, collecting payments, recording feedback, placing promotional material at customer locations and much more.
The dayTrack app also gives sales employees the option to capture and upload pictures of outdoor marketing activity with GPS details as well as feed information into their daily expense records.
Sales employee can enter client order details directly using the App and the order is visible in real-time to the head office, branch office and/or sales manager. This greatly reduces the risk of error in conveying daily order details and eliminates delays altogether.
Other sales employees and managers can easily pull sales performance reports with the information that is tracked real-time in the app. This gives them access to advanced sales analytics without involving other employees, thus saving on manpower.
A Formidable Duo 
dayTrack was created by Co-founders Saurabh Bhatnagar and Gaurav Gupta, each of whom has over a decade of experience in the IT industry. Since 2005, the company has handled various IT projects and, from 2015, has been focusing primarily on dayTrack.
Gaurav plays a major role in the development of the app, new innovations and adapting new technologies for the future. Saurabh, on the other hand, handles sales and is actively involved in both the online and offline marketing processes.
Simple and Affordable Solutions 
The core strength of dayTrack is its intimate understanding of its customers’ needs and expectations. It works closely with them in the implementation phase to help them achieve their business goals and expectations.
Feedback from clients is given utmost priority and changes stemming from that feedbacks are implemented accordingly. dayTrack’s development team always sees a problem as a window of opportunity to upgrade the app and help customers achieve more.
dayTrack enables users to feed their daily expenses into the app. This makes it easier for the company to pay employee expense claims because they are reported and collated on the same day instead of the employee posting all expenses at the end of the month, which complicates verification.
Additionally, dayTrack helps its users send daily reports to their seniors with details of visits, details of discussions and orders, payments, plans for future interaction and business expectations. all this is done by the dayTrack app automatically and it then sends emails to reporting managers and administrators who can download the details from the admin panel itself.
In this way, dayTrack keeps sales staff, reporting managers, and the company on the same page. This helps the organization to grow as they have better access to market information. dayTrack stands apart from its competitors in terms of its ability and capacity to upgrade the app to every client’s unique needs. Apart from this, dayTrack offers services at a reasonable cost and includes regular free updates.
Future Expansion 
The company’s target is to increase its user base by 300% in the current financial year. They are in touch with investors to expand its wings further down the road and are planning to open offices in major business cities across India.
dayTrack is also working to expand its footprint globally. It has already acquired customers outside India and the entire team is striving hard to make dayTrack a truly global product.
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