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David Mansilla: The Transformation Artist

Dynamic personality, dedicated work ethics, and a winning smile, these are some of the words that David Mansilla, Founder & CEO of ISU Corp Software, rattled out when asked about his management style. These are traits that David infused into ISU Corp’s culture since the company’s founding in 2005. Since the inception of ISU Corp, David decided to dedicate 100% of his time in the software consulting industry. He has been able to acquire a wide variety of clients from software start-up companies, such as M.O.S.T. and Fortune 500 companies like General Electric Energy.
The Journey
David started his career as a Software Developer in 1995. A part-time business followed in 1996, creating Software applications for the retail industry. He acquired many years of experience working in the corporate world, going from Senior Developer, Systems Architect, all the way up to Senior Development Leader. David has great experience in discovering rock stars in the development field and keeping his team highly motivated is one of the secrets of his explosive success.
David personally enjoys working with each and every person on his team, and values his corporation and colleagues like a family. David always finds ways for his employees to grow and develop by providing staff with continuous learning opportunities, expanding their training, and utilizing their strengths while improving any weaknesses. This above-and-beyond management style reflects in the quality of work and products that are generated from the company he leads.
Services Propounded
ISU Corp. is a Software Consulting & Development Company focused on providing custom software solutions in an efficient and cost effective manner. They not only focus on the technology aspect of the project, but also at maximizing potential aspects of sales and market increase for their clients. ISU Corp’s custom software is related to Chemical Software Laboratory Testing Companies, Insurance Brokers & Insurance Providers and Market Analysis Companies. They have extensive experience developing Laboratory Management Information Systems (LMIS), financial applications for the stock market & insurance industry, retail applications for market analysis & business intelligence and socially enabled applications for start-up companies. ISU Corp. is working on the next generation of their online collaboration platform,
Strategies that Keep ISU Corp. Unique
ISU Corp’s key strategy is their unique culture which allows them to have an extremely productive team. Another key strategy that differentiates them is the optimized software development lifecycle process. They follow agile methodologies, specifically, scrum. For over 10 years, ISU has been delivering outstanding results to their customers with hundreds of projects completed on time and under budget.
Key Milestones
The number one value that ISU Corp. has utilized since the beginning is the value of transparency and integrity. It is of utmost importance to the company to do whatever it takes to make sure that clients get not only what they expect out of the project, but also going the extra mile to exceed those expectations. ISU Corp’s success is based on the culture they have been able to put in place, their team culture and the talent they attract locally and around the world. Their reason to exist is to be a better company for their clients.
The Customer Base
ISU Corp. is currently at a stage in which their pipeline of potential customers is automatically filled by word of mouth and their web presence, which is something that took them many years to develop, but is finally paying off. In terms of stability alone, the future of the business looks very bright. This opens the doors for them to continue to grow in a very systematic, strategic and controlled way.
Working with top notch people and keeping great client relationships makes this possible. Clients benefit from ISU Corp’s values, commitment, transparency, integrity and an honest long-term relationship, as well as from the results and solutions they provide within an efficient and cost-effective manner.
Engage to Enhance
By engaging its employees, an organization can enhance the productivity of its workforce. This is an office truth that every CEO learns early. David sees steady, constant and controlled growth coupled with the latest and best available technology incorporated into his company’s development lifecycle and PMO managing offering.
His company focuses on constant improvement around its culture and values. He always research ways to increase team happiness and willingness to help each other and help clients in the best way possible. David and his team do constant research on new technologies in order to provide their clients with the best return on their investment.
Going Forward
ISU Corp. is going in a very steady trajectory to create more success and sustained growth. They are firm believers that acquiring clients as fast as possible is not the right strategy. Therefore, the clients they acquire over the years become their long-term partners. This relationship strategy creates great stability for their staff, for their company and better yet, great stability for their clients themselves, since it provides them with a great competitive advantage. ISU Corp. has been able to keep all of their clients from the last 3 years and have great confidence in continuing that trend for years to come.