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David Mansilla: The Task Master of IT Solutions

It takes immense knowledge and courage to set up an IT solutions firm. It is very demanding to keep up with the rapid changes that occur in the field of technology, let alone leading the industry with that scenario. David Mansilla is the founder and CEO of ISU Corp. and manages to lead the industry with its outstanding custom software solutions.
David’s role is to set the vision for the company and lead its clients and teams to a successful end-goal. David Mansilla fell in love with computer programming since the days of Apple’s primitive Macintosh II. Like for many, David knew that the capabilities of this technological development would be important in the future. Ever since then, it became a deep passion; it’s that same passion that drives his software company to thrive. David Mansilla’s leadership guides his company to new heights, and he ensures that a client’s needs are met from inception through to the conclusion of a project.
All Encompassing Solutions 
As a software development company, ISU stays on the cutting edge of the newest technologies, which, in turn, keeps its clients up to date as well. It gives the clients the advantage of staying ahead of the game and continuing on a path of profit growth. The company’s solutions range to suit the needs of several different industries. Based on its aforementioned client needs, ISU is currently working on incorporating cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence in its work. It is also working with Salesforce integration and development.
What makes a Leader 
According to David, there is a big difference between being a manager, and being a leader. He believes that there are three differentiating factors and those are: 1. Setting a vision, 2. Inspiring employees to work toward that goal, and 3. Handling the net performance for the company. Every CEO should be able to provide this to their businesses if they are to see growth. They must know the next step and communicate to others how to get there.
Next is a focus on culture. “Having the ability to inspire employees means caring for the workplace culture and maintaining an environment where everyone can be at their best. And lastly, they must be able to oversee the increase in sales and net profits and make sure the sales and marketing department is focused on going after the right client,” asserts David.
Happy employee equals Happy Client 
David believes that the one thing he has learned throughout his years of experience is that happy employees lead to happy clients. In the beginning, he was hyper-focused on finding his first client. “We went in 100%. The passion was good! However, we would soon discover that with larger clients, we needed larger teams,” said David. He also needed to prioritize employees. According to him, company culture truly sets the tone for how a business is going to grow. As a result of learning this vital lesson, he has gained bigger clients and earned industry recognition for the company’s process and culture. Most recently, ISU Corp was honored with the Canadian Business Excellence Award for Private Businesses, thanks to its balance of employee and client happiness.
Overcoming Adversities with Experience 
One of the biggest challenges that David faced was finding the right clients and the right employees. According to him, with the growth of a company, it’s difficult to maintain the right employees that match up with the demands of its clients. With every spurt of advancement ISU Corp made, his team would find itself running out of capacity and in need of quickly finding new developers in order to take on larger clients. Finally, they found what works for them in staying ahead of this problem. “We have people in over nine countries, and although it’s still a difficult thing to handle, our experience helps us uphold a stable and established business,” says David.
Technology is the Future 
David believes that ISU Corp will keep growing. The company recently had its annual company retreat, and over 30 of its employees came out. The more people that he brings into the ISU Corp family, the more companies he will have the privilege to work for and help grow. On that note, David along with its team plans on continuing on the leading edge of technology and moving forward with their plans for AI and cryptocurrency.
Cryptocurrency is the Key 
David’s advice for budding entrepreneurs would be to start looking into cryptocurrency and blockchain. He believes that with any sudden boom of promising developments, people will fear it’s just a fad or a bubble and stay away from it. However, Blockchain is here to stay, and it’s important to keep an ear open to the next opportunities that are to come.
Source: The League of Extraordinary CEOs