David Chaplin: A Genuine and Visionary Leader

All successful organizations and businesses need effective leaders. Effective leadership is paramount in providing an agreed upon goal for the company’s success, and it’s the major factor that makes everything work seamlessly. A company’s CEO is the business driving the organization forward. The role of a CEO is transformational, knitting right decisions in building the culture, owning the vision, and providing the proper resources. A CEO oversees and delivers the company’s performance by balancing present and future needs of the enterprise. David Chaplin is a shrewd Chief Executive Officer of an anticipatory and inventive company, SearchDex™, a boutique SEO service and technology firm specializing in high-end online retailers.
The Speed of the Leader is the Speed of the Gang
David brings his rich 25 years of experience in search and knowledge management to the industry. Before SearchDex, David led the group responsible for rolling out search technology at KPMG as part of a knowledge management initiative in the early 90s. This experience led him in founding the company Engenium, a conceptual search technology company that successfully introduced a search approach that was not confined to keywords. Unlike traditional search, this technology was conceptual in its ability to understand the query and the corpus of text the engine was searching. Engenium had a large footprint in electronic discovery, and David eventually sold the company to its biggest client, Kroll Ontrack. He remained at Kroll for three years as the Vice President of Advanced Search Technologies. In 2010 David led the efforts to acquire SearchDex, a leading provider of SEO services. December 1, 2010, David became CEO of the company.
David’s Memorable Incident in Leadership
David reveals, “After the leveraged buyout and within the first six weeks as new CEO, the largest client fired our company which led to an immediate activation of inherent talent, skill, and resource optimization to turn around and stabilize the business that is now positioned for major market growth. We immediately mobilized to enhance client service and service delivery and became an exceptionally well-run company.” After going through a very disruptive experience, David further honed his broad understanding of operational strength and the need to have a vigorous and stable core to pivot to growth.
SearchDex: A Complete Suite of SEO Services & Solutions
SearchDex™ is a digital marketing technology and service company, specializing in Search Engine Optimization, Search Management, and Consulting Services. SearchDex provides an integrated digital marketing strategy for eCommerce businesses that focus on online retail, travel, etc. SearchDex stays abreast of Google trends and algorithm changes because they understand that SEO, as an industry, evolves daily. The company is moving quickly to enhance their SEO management platform which further enables scale, speed, and flexibility. The company unlocks search potential by aiding the capture of “ready to buy” users with more accurate search engine signals, while also providing the ability to add custom landing pages rapidly to target users with pages that do not exist on the native site.
“We help companies grow, optimize, and drive relevancy; we are different because we not only identify the problems we fix/solve them too; we scale with the top 100 IR.  We allow for world class SEO to reside outside of the eCommerce system. Providing efficiency and speed in a search world that is rapidly changing,” assures David Chaplin.
It takes Two Flints to make a Fire
The combination of skill and experience is the most valuable asset for any organization. Searchdex’s team has taken this combination and become the driving force for the company’s journey into a great success story. Blending consultative problem solvers and thought leaders has allowed the company to adopt a philosophy based on client empathy in order to provide better and more encompassing solutions.
In this competitive world, SearchDex’s clients are getting results and growth which are tied to expert optimization. SearchDex’s team has executed many special development projects for their clients, including assisting in re-platforming eCommerce systems and providing insight related to site structure and hierarchy. SearchDex does not believe in staying within the confines of the past and strives to assist their clients in getting ahead of the curve.
The Best Will Continue…
SearchDex is developing and hiring talent for the future, as they will be transitioning into a markedly different company in the coming two years. Their expansion encompasses the omnichannel which is tethered to their core. They are evolving to become more revolutionary as they continue to solve tomorrow’s challenges today. The company is market focused and drives change through opportunity. Ultimately, their solutions are preemptive in nature to capitalize on the moving target that is search engine optimization.