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Datumate: Turning Data and Information into Insight

Handling large construction projects requires a right management. Most of the time, these projects are over budget, late, and are executed inadequately. Furthermore, these projects suffer from additional challenges such as repetitive reporting, multiple data systems, paper-based reporting, un-prioritized and unorganized data. All these challenges complicate the process of construction for the owner and diminish time, budget, and development performance. Not to mention, the huge amount of data generated and resources that goes into these construction projects. Hence, there is a specific need in the construction industry to have an automated data monitoring and report generating functionality that should be capable of managing a multitude of data.
Keeping all these industry hurdles in mind, Datumate, a construction data analytics company is transforming and simplifying the construction projects digitally. Starting from a developing software solution delivering survey grade mapping and measurement for the surveying market, the company has evolved into an end-to-end automated construction data analytics platform as a service for the construction industry. The firm delivers an automated data analytics platform, providing daily monitoring of project execution, planned budgets, schedules, and quality.
Recognizing the industry needs, the company addresses the construction project process and results, which are precise, scalable, quick and user friendly that delivers the analyzed data in a collaborative manner via the cloud.
Company Leadership 
Tal Meirzon is the CEO at Datumate and a business leader with an extensive experience in growing global start-up and mature High-tech companies, privately or publicly owned. He has more than 20 years of experience in the Communication industry and he is an expert in the Carrier and Enterprise markets.
The motorist behind Datumate, its Founder Dr. Jad Jarroush holds a Ph.D. in civil engineering and geo informatics. He has twenty years of experience in construction and GIS projects. Leveraging his civil engineering experience combined with the other management expertise in the high-tech, he led to the generation of the technology innovation construction tech company – Datumate. He is an active professional consultant to the Survey of Israel, Israel’s government agency for mapping, geodesy, cadastre and geo-informatics and led some of the pioneering works to convert Israel’s cadastral data into a digital system.
The Diversified Construction Solution 
Datumate provides an end-to-end solution, which is based on a robust cloud-based platform. This platform provides leap frog in operations for General Contractors, Construction Management, and Project Management Companies stakeholders. By using this Datumate’s Project analytics, executives can gain a real-time comparison on the project progress and it’s versus plan and by that, control the project execution, delivery, budget and quality.
Within Datumate’s (DatuBIM™) cloud delivery platform, images are collected from the field using DatuFly™ Professional drone application (professional drone app for automated flight plan and execution) and are processed centrally on the cloud for construction data analytics. “As-Built” information is continuously extracted from the field and is analyzed to produce progress, deviation from plans, alert and forecast reports (in addition to survey-grade 3D models and maps). As far as the customer’s ROI is concerned, it includes:
– 50% cost saving vs. existing process budgets
– Engineering analytics within 48 to 72 hours vs. weeks in traditional processes
– Digital documentation of the entire project lifecycle
– Saving of 3-5% of total project execution cost
Fostering the Industry 
The Construction projects in general and Construction Infrastructure specifically, are divided to 3 stages: Planning, Execution and Inspection Indeed, the planning process is mostly automated and digitized, however, the execution is absent. Using the latest technologies like Photogrammetry, Computer vision, Drones and Cloud in its end to end solution Datumate delivers automation to the entire execution vs. planning process.
Datumate reduce the amount of time construction supervisors and surveying crews spend in the field, speed up construction progress and shorten infrastructure inspection duration while maintaining survey grade accuracy. Datumate’s intuitive, simple, and automated platform increase the productivity by delivering quick, precise, and analyzed field progress data for civil engineering and construction infrastructure projects such as roads, intersections, earthwork, topography, piping, industrial facilities, bridges, property surveys, building facades, railways, and more. This team of experts strives to deliver best in class solutions. In addition to offering industry, leading solutions Datumate also promotes innovation and digital transformation in the construction market. And set the standards for the automated future.
Advancing in the Technology 
The firm surpasses its competitors by providing uniqueness in its technology. The company’s platform provides an end-to-end service aimed at the construction infrastructure projects with transportation projects in focus. It has several satisfied customers worldwide. Currently, the firm serves for Deutsche Bahn – the German Railway, the largest railway company in Europe as well as other government and private companies in Europe & USA.
By using pixel level precision measurement, the company improves surveying continuously with the ongoing improvement of the technology of the camera. Already being the part of the CAD systems, its imported planning data and generating vectorized data from the field can be compared to plan with ease.
Future Mapping
Datumate will continue to be the leading digital transformation of construction infrastructure projects execution and aims to deliver its value to the largest global contractors. The company believes that the continuous automation effort of its platform processes that uses technologies like machine learning will enhance the value for repetitive objects measurements and its envisions utilizing the same in coming future.
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