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DataPath: Unveiling the Future of Communication

Founded in 1991 and having continually evolved along with communications networks and the way customers think, DataPath now offers full-service, comprehensive communication solutions. Originally launched with a focus on individual products, such as satellite terminals, at the time of its inception, DataPath today offers end-to-end network solutions tailored to the client’s unique requirements. Ranging from tactical equipment for field users, to 24×7 customer support, to cybersecurity and overarching network management software, DataPath provides best-in-class solutions.
With more than 25 years of experience serving both government and commercial customers, DataPath brings the best of breed from their practices in both markets. The company’s cybersecurity customers benefit especially from this broad experience. DataPath blends their IT experience and capabilities with their expertise in information assurance and cyber solutions for government customers.
 Best-in-Class Services with Best-in-Class Solutions
Operations in remote or distributed environments have a fundamental requirement for reliable, high-definition communications and real-time data. As cyber threats and attack methods proliferate, DataPath is committed to providing the protection customers need to meet the existing and emerging threats.
To serve varying customer needs, DataPath provides both a range of Cybersecurity Consulting Services as well as Managed Security Services. Through its Managed Cyber Security Services, DataPath enables businesses to provide their customers with enterprise-level security. DataPath has not only the experience, but has invested in the tools, training and state-of-the-art facilities necessary to provide 24x7x365 network monitoring and protection services.
 Determination to Help Customers Protect Their Information and Assets
Today, cybersecurity has reached an inflection point. New regulations are continually being put in place at multiple levels of government, including the state- or city-level. Businesses of all sizes need to take on the challenge of compliance, though it is hard to stay abreast of the increasing regulations. DataPath is seeing the convergence of physical and digital security, where C-level executives are responsible for companies’ security posture. Cybersecurity is joining disaster recovery as a leading aspect of enterprise risk management.
The change in the regulatory environment is taking place against the backdrop of rapid growth in the number and frequency of threats. With increasingly sophisticated attacks, companies are no longer facing just threats to their digital assets. Now, the conversation includes the physical world. Through cyber attacks, buildings and infrastructure can be taken off the grid. Attacks can extend to back-up generators and life-saving machines.
In this environment, insurance companies place high value on independent cyber assessments. DataPath works with businesses of all sizes to tailor an offering that is appropriate for their acceptable risk profile. The company helps clients identify their most critical assets and how to secure them, finding the best balance between defense, response, and recovery efforts.
Driving Industry-Leading Network Management Solutions
David Myers, President & CEO of DataPath, is a technology and telecommunications industry executive with a track record of building market leadership in companies. With a 20-year career that spans businesses and technical disciplines, David is known for developing innovative products and services that enable growth and entry into new markets.
When asked about the latest developments at DataPath, David shared: “We are very excited to be combining our cybersecurity services with our industry-leading network monitor and control software, MaxView® Enterprise™. ”
MaxView is a powerful tool, already deployed across all seven continents and managing over 1 million endpoints, that has the ability to provide a single view and control tool for all elements of a network. Traditionally, it has been deployed to deal with the world of physical alerts in complex communication networks. Now, MaxView can integrate feed data from terrestrial and satellite networks with Security Event Information Management tools. For customers, this means security incidents may be more quickly identified. This integration will combine the best-of-breed products and tools to extract more information than ever before and distill it into a single user view.
 Building and Maintaining a Culture of Success
DataPath values a highly collaborative company culture. Managers are committed to building both a high-performance and collegial team that fosters creativity. The company’s culture is the foundation of its motto: “make it right for the customer, no matter what.” “Our customers benefit because DataPath employees live by our core values: passion, accountability, customer service, execution, innovation, and transparency,” David said.
When it comes to building an ideal cyber team specifically, David explained: “Our cyber team is driven to protect networks, as well as learn from every threat or incident. They keep asking questions and investigating until the incident is resolved. More importantly, DataPath’s cyber team thinks of themselves as an extension of the customer’s network. We don’t just resolve cybersecurity issues. We anticipate and adapt to the constantly changing cyber threat landscape to protect our customers’ networks over time.”

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