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DataPath : Not All Enterprise Security Solutions are Created Equal

Protection of critical business networks and assets requires specific cyber security and information assurance expertise. Companies must protect themselves from the increasing threat of a cyberattack with cost-effective, enterprise class solutions to ensure data security and regulatory compliance.
DataPath has over two decades of experience protecting highly secure government and military networks, and now the company offers its cyber and managed security services to all types of organizations. DataPath’s cyber solutions combine the latest tools,threat intelligence, and experienced cyber security experts to prevent, detect and respond to all threats against your network.
A firewall and antivirus software are not enough in the heightened threat landscape of today. Practically any device is IP-addressable, and therefore a potential risk to your network. Businesses need cyber security solutions that are tailored to their specific operating environments to ensure their networks are fully secure. One of the tools that Data Path utilizes is its own MaxView® Enterprise™ Network Monitor and Control software, which allows companies to monitor all assets and devices connected to their Network.
Building a Leader in Cyber Security
David Myers, President and CEO of Datapath has a track record of building market leadership in technology and telecommunications companies. With a 20-year career that spans business and technical disciplines, he is best known for developing innovative product offerings that enable customers to improve the performance, efficiency and effectiveness of their operations. David’s approach to building an industry leader combines a customer focused culture with investments in the technology and infrastructure necessary to create differentiated products and services. DataPath’s current focus is taking the mystique out of cyber security, by packaging state-of the-art capabilities into easy to understand service packages.
Cyber Security Consulting and Managed Security Services
DataPath offers Cyber Security Consulting and Managed Security Services designed to protect missioncritical data and assets and fortify the business’ infrastructure. DataPath helps companies prepare for and respond to cyber emergencies with global incident response, along with business continuity and efficient recovery in the unfortunate event of an attack. DataPath’s highly skilled team in its 24×7 Cyber Security Operations Center (CSOC) constantly monitors each customer’s existing equipment in order to predict security attacks and minimize impact. The team follows strictly defined processes to manage threats and reduce security risks. Cyber analysts and experts are constantly correlating and analyzing data, and then escalating any security events that occur.
Security is the Future of IT Services
One of the DataPath’s main growth areas is cyber security and managed services, which complements the company’s heritage in providing remote communications solutions. The cyber security market is booming, and the company has expanded its capabilities to meet the growing demand. DataPath’s team of experts is ready and available to provide companies and Managed Service Providers (MSP) with the support they need to succeed in their businesses and most importantly protect their data and their networks.
Advice for Startups
By leveraging the security expertise, infrastructure and financial backing of a company like DataPath, startups can avoid the difficult and costly process required to enter the Managed Security Services market. DataPath’s MSP Partner Program is a customizable solution, designed to seamlessly integrate into an MSP’s existing business. Once enrolled in the program, MSPs can offer their customers a complete range of DataPath-powered managed security services, including both on-site support and 24×7 remote monitoring services.
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