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DataMetica: Big Data, Big Experience, Big Expertise – Fast

Right from Ideation of Data sourcing strategy to a complete data-driven, high end, self-service analytics scenario, DataMetica brings in proven implementation methodologies in Big Data space.
DataMetica is a leader in Big Data & Analytics space with an unparalleled profound production experience. Right from Ideation to Support, they provide end-to-end service delivery in Big Data across sectors like Retail, Insurance, Healthcare, Financial Services, Manufacturing etc.
With prodigious successful Enterprise Data Hub Implementations and extensive Data Science Implementations for large enterprises and Fortune 500 companies, DataMetica has developed time-test approach for Accelerated Development through Reusable Component Repository leveraging Reference architecture, best practices, coding standards, technology frameworks and tools.
DataMetica provides wide range of services spanning from Legacy/EDW Modernization, Building Modern Governed Big Data Platform, Data Science & Advanced Analytics, DevOps and Support. In Addition, DataMetica has a suite of accelerators (30+) which improves time-to-market, reduces risk in solution delivery and minimizes the total amount of effort & cost spent by an organization.
‘See the Invisible’
DataMetica has extensive experience in planning, architecting, designing, implementing and supporting large and medium enterprise solutions that ensures customized solutions to meet the industry needs thereby equipping the clients with best of the breed technology stack. Their reference architectures and accelerators cater to specific industry needs and foster seamless delivery and faster time to market.
Distinctive Products
DataMetica’s products are derived from years of successful Big Data implementation experience to address the client needs. The team at DataMetica continuously strives to create and operate service products that focus on decoupling Big Data Storage from the Compute Platform. This has led to deep operational knowledge, patterns, tools and services, with many years of hands-on large-company knowledge, helping clients to be informed, take real decisions through integrated Big Data solutions into an established data management landscape. Some of their celebrated products are:
eCat (Collaborative, Automated, Intelligent Big Data Navigator): A cognitive product that enables organizations with Big Data footprint to understand the complete semantics of data acquired. It optimizes the data value through seamless data governance and socialization across enterprise-class big data platforms.
Features: Metadata Management, Data Lineage, Data Quality, Data Tagging, Data Utilization, Rules Repository, Search, Optimizations, Inference Repository, Analyst Workbench, Business Rule, Navigation, Interoperability, Alerts/Subscriptions & Security.
Eagle (Migration Suite): Get a complete Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) offload strategy with detailed business and technical plans by analyzing each object in the data warehouse one after another considering workflow/job flow/usage/data dependencies. Convert EDW workloads into Big Data compatible and perform continuous validation check between EDW and Big Data platform after completion of jobs in both the system. Govern the whole offload solution using a tracker to get a holistic view of the migration program.
Features: Workload classification, migration planner, recommendation engine, total cost of ownership, converter, validator and tracker.
SelBI (Cloud Analytics Anew): Interactive Analytics Platform on Cloud which enables self-service analytics, empowering users to discover, filter and apply the data. SelBI ensures compliance, manages the cost of running cloud environments and administers access control.
Features: · Compute Management, Compute Sharing, Visualization (GUI), Security and Custom Script Report
The Diligent Duo of Data
Rajiv Gupta, CEO, is an enabler in driving business results and customer engagement at DataMetica. With decades of collective experience, he is building and running teams with deep understanding of large-scale production Big Data environments, tools and services showing clients how to integrate Big Data solutions into an established data management landscape. Rajiv has successfully built a strong foundation of skilled Big Data resources; staffing clients’ needs for projects and operational support. He is an innovative and visionary leader with a track record of fusing corporate strategy, business requirements and technology to generate quantifiable results.
Dr. Phil Shelly, President, brings a track record of executive experience and innovation to DataMetica. He is recognized as an industry leader, speaker and educator in the use of Data to drive business results in big data technologies, techniques, advanced analytics and modernization of legacy systems. He lends his experience as an advisor and Director of DataMetica to ensure that the Big Data services are aligned with client needs. Phil has years of experience delivering large-scale solutions for analytics and data management, including data warehouse and mainframe modernization.
Aims to Create a Responsive Innovation System
DataMetica’s aim is to be the Technology Partner of Choice for forward looking customers by collaboratively transforming technology into business advantage. They are constantly reinventing their growth, differentiation and competitive strategies to capture market share and expand channels. DataMetica also invests in several ‘first-of-its-kind’ products to target niche markets for distinguished produce.
“Our unique strength lies in our ability to identify the right use cases with a long-term vision. Significant experience in running large business transformational programs and a rich resource pool of functional, and technical Big Data professionals, enables us to deliver Big Data projects with 100% success rate at a faster time to market,” asserts Rajiv.

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