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DataHub: A Refreshingly Different Service Provider

The demand for the data center providers is growing exceptionally over the years. Data center organizations often need to implement the state of the art hardware to process, store and manipulate data. Many times, various companies build their own data center, but it consumes time and resources. So, when organizations want to use their resources in a different way and when they don’t want to invest in a data center, then they are depended on data center service providers, which is far more cost effective and easier to use rather than setting up a personal data center.  With innovative and groundbreaking data center solutions, enters Switzerland-based DataHub, an up-and-coming end-to-end service provider for ICT services, which are uncomplicated, flexible and, as an SME, also extremely personal. The Swiss company provides unique end-to-end services related to data centers, connectivity and the cloud to service providers and business customers, with a small but experienced team of 15 professionals. Established in Winterthur and Biel their service is based on the company’s own data centers which will be fully operational by the end of 2017. The data centers are further complimented by the company’s 2,600 kilometers long fiber optic network for better service.
Providing Unique and Capable Services and Solutions
DataHub Data Center Cloud and DataHub UCC Cloud are the best solutions and services provided by the company. With the Data Center Cloud Services, the company designs, creates and operates its client specific cloud platform, which lets the client concentrate on their core businesses.
As analog telephony will be a thing of past in Switzerland, an alternative, called Unified Communication & Collaboration (UCC) is soon going to take over. UCC has a lot more reach beyond the old school conventional telephony and provides voice communications, and, presence management, instant messaging, video and telephone conferences. Due to the flexible UCC cloud services offered by the company, their clients don’t need to invest in expensive communication platforms. With the help of DataHub, UCC cloud clients can integrate different mobile terminal devices of their employees securely into their network.
The Dynamic Founder
Peter Gorini, CMO & Founder leads the DataHub team to achieve their goals and targets. He knows the IT industry very well, and as the Chief Marketing Officer, he works endlessly to consulting and developing specially tailored customer solutions and helping the company in making its presence felt with a twist. A few years ago, he took a chance to establish the company’s first data center in Switzerland and developed right after its network, and then went ahead to establish another data center in Biel.
DataHub’s Contribution in the Data Center Industry
The data center industry is booming in the main cities of Europe which include London, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam. However, Switzerland lacks international customers mostly due to the small internet exchange and higher pricing. So, DataHub is offering value for money and a wider range of services with data exchange rate of up to 100Gbps. For better customer satisfaction, the data centers are accessible to its clients round the clock via biometric access control.
Serving Clients with State of the Art Facilities
DataHub helps its clients to free up their own resources and place their data in the company’s modern, extremely energy-efficient, and secured data centers of Biel or Winterthur. Customers have upper hand when it comes to choosing the co-location option, which can be a half-rack, a private room or a personal cage. In addition to all these, customer data is always protected in DataHub, thanks to the strict Swiss data protection law, low-risk sites, and fully redundant technical infrastructure. The data centers are designed to be extremely energy efficient and they have achieved an extremely commendable PUE value of less than 1.35.
Evolving with Technology
According to the company, they want to be quicker and leaner than their competition. Additionally, with the advantage of being a start-up, they can adapt the market faster than their counterparts. However, the company is not at all unique in all means, yet with their own fiber optic cable network spread all over Switzerland, two data centers and innovative offerings, DataHub is its way to be a challenger to the two big players of Switzerland, UPC/Liberty Global and Swisscom.
Assurance of Quality
DataHub always adheres to the national and international quality standards. Customers receive a guarantee of data and information as well as greatest possible operating sustainability. The DataHub Winterthur has ISO 27001 certification, which ensures the highest level of information security. Additionally, all data centers of DataHub meet the strict requirements of FINMA Circular RS 08/7. Additionally, the data centers correspond to the TIER III+ standards and are built & planned entirely in accordance with EN 50600.
Picture of the Bright Future
DataHub aims to stabilize the business and become a serious threat to the leaders over the time period of next 2 years.
When it comes to the future of data centers, the trend is pointing towards the cloud, software, and infrastructure as a service. However, the trend is not new, but the company believes, it is on the edge and this year will be the breakthrough.

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