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Dataflo Corporation: Advancing CRM Capabilities with Inventory Management

Businesses across industries realize the value of keeping communication open between their organization and the customers they work with. Historically, these interactions may have been tracked through very basic systems, but as information technology continues to advance, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems have progressed to dynamic, real-time systems to increase the quality of interaction between clients and customers.
Dataflo Corporation, a progressive group that focuses on data collection technologies within the supply chain industry, is taking the general CRM system to another level by incorporating advanced capabilities. Not only does Dataflo integrate directly into Salesforce CRM, one of the most popular systems available, but also their popular add-on, Matrix Velocity, enhances the system to bridge the front office with the back office.
About the Team
Steve Campisi is the CEO and Founder of Dataflo Corporation. The company’s DNA is rooted in an engineering background. Dataflo is responsible for many industry firsts in systems integration and delivering unique systems to its client and customer base.
In the early years, Dataflo built unique interfaces for the EBCDIC to ASCII conversion and embedded the interface into printers and data collection devices. Team Dataflo have designed and developed state of the art biometric authentication technologies, been at the forefront of RFID design and implementation, and are leaders in Cloud Computing based order fulfillment and inventory management system within the CRM platform.  Additional core competencies include barcode systems, RFID, data collection technologies, label printers, retail electronic shelf labeling systems and high-end smart key security solutions.
“My success is not by one of the exceptions, but achieved through passion, persistence, failure and a constant desire to improve,” says Campisi.
Matrix Velocity
“Matrix Velocity is the next step in turning the CRM into an inventory management and order fulfillment system,” Campisi explains. “Matrix Velocity provides that next step to take customers to one centric system to run the entire business to include integration to a variety of accounting systems.”
Dataflo Corporation takes the general information tracked via CRM, but sales reps can use Matrix Velocity to better leverage quotes by being able to see when a customer bought a product, as well as the price of the product and purchase history. “They can be consistent in their pricing and see in real-time, inventory on-hand,” Campisi says.
When the quote is awarded, Matrix Velocity then moves into the inventory management side. As soon as a sales person converts a quote to an order, he states, they can quickly move into fulfillment, selecting which warehouse locations to use for the fulfillment of orders or create purchase orders for drop shipment. The system creates pick and pack tickets that complete the process and can generate invoices directly through the Matrix velocity platform.
For example, Dataflo Consulting works with a customer that at one point had a website with a shopping cart where they handled about 50 sales orders per day. However, the system was very manual and allowed for errors, from lost email orders to other issues that arise with a system dependent on hard copies. “Now with Matrix velocity they are processing over 300 orders per day from the website,” he says. “Those orders automatically come into the Matrix Velocity order object, and from there, the fulfillment and pick ticket gets placed within the Salesforce Matrix velocity.”
Flexible Solutions through Experience
With more than 33 years of supply chain experience, Dataflo Corporation anticipated the need for this extension as far back as 2009 and began tailoring their platform to complement Salesforce offerings. “It’s very flexible,” Campisi explains. “We also speak to many different industries with our product because of its flexibility.” For example, another major vertical they work with is the healthcare industry. Their platform can track items such as orthopedic parts to provide recall alerts as well as when parts are nearing the end of their shelf life.
Achievements and Awards
Dataflo Corporation has been serving North America since 1984 earning honors such as, the Better Business Bureau Integrity Award, ACE Award Winning Service Team, Ascent Top 5 Partner Award, Honeywell Outstanding Achievement Award. Dataflo Corporation achieved these awards by doing what’s right for the customer and relying on word of mouth for their corporate growth.
Principles and Goals
While focus on meeting customers’ demands, Dataflo Consulting is continually looking to improve their product offerings. “We are natively embedded within CRM,” Campisi says. “We have a long history, in supply chain, it’s in our DNA throughout the company. We don’t wait to create, we pay attention to what our customers are asking for in capabilities and features. We’re very customer-centric and with that information coming in from our customer base, we create new capabilities within Matrix.”
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