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Data Systems Analysts: Employee-Owned, Mission-Driven

Data Systems Analysts (DSA) is an Information Technology and Consulting Solutions firm that enables customers to protect the public welfare, safeguard the nation, and promote freedom worldwide. Emerging cyber threats, new technological advances, and new organizational approaches to integrating enterprise solutions are redefining what Industry, in general, and DSA, specifically, must provide to its customers. In terms of threats, the world is experiencing a continuous stream of nation-state and criminal assaults on secure networks that has led to serious breaches of sensitive data and the theft of critical and proprietary information. To combat these threats, we must rely on a comprehensive range of solutions. At the same time, new technological advances are emerging at a rapid rate and are redefining customer expectations with respect to secure information management.
DSA’s professionals excel in helping customers achieve sensitive, mission-critical business goals and objectives. It offers deep expertise and comprehensive understanding of the operational, security, and collaboration challenges that its customers must address. DSA provides secure information management solutions that encompass program and knowledge management, business process re-engineering, cyber-security, SharePoint services, data analytics, and systems engineering and integration.
DSA’s CEO – A History of Strategic Leadership
Fran Pierce, President, CEO and Chairman of the Board joined DSA as a systems engineer and advanced steadily through various leadership positions. Throughout her career, Fran was ever ready to go above and beyond what the job required and to step forward to assume roles of increased responsibility. This often occurred unexpectedly, such as with the illness of a leader or the potential sale of the company.  In such circumstances, there was little time for formal transition of corporate leadership. In each instance, Fran led the way, developed a plan, and inspired her leadership team to surmount the daunting challenges it confronted to achieve success.
Fran is rightfully proud of the current DSA team’s strong work ethic and commitment to corporate success. Capitalizing on her in-depth knowledge of the industry, Fran has positioned DSA to be a recognized leader in the field of secure information sharing and to attain an exceptional reputation for its uncompromising commitment to the highest standards of ethics and customer satisfaction. Her inspiring leadership and proven entrepreneurship has led to numerous individual awards and honors and has fueled the company’s growth over the years.
The DSA Voyage of Discovery
DSA has successfully navigated several transitions: inception as a private company, later going public, and finally becoming 100% employee owned. When Fran became CEO in the early 1990s, the company was struggling in the midst of an industrywide downturn. Under her leadership, the company achieved a remarkable turnaround by capitalizing on the skill and leadership of its leaders and employees and by broadening its service offerings, customer base and geographic footprint. Today, DSA has over 300 employees and has expanded its operations to six regional offices, with personnel operating in 27 states, Washington D.C. and Guantanamo Bay.
Customer Trust and Competence -The Basis for Corporate Success
Fran’s business philosophy boils down to building relationships of trust with customers and leveraging the commitment and expertise of DSA’s employees. This intense customer loyalty, with some relationships extending from the founding of the company 53 years ago, differentiates DSA from many of its competitors. These bonds are based on the company’s effectiveness in delivering quality solutions, commitment to excellence, corporate and individual employee integrity, and mutual trust. Decades of experience in delivering solutions in heavily regulated environments also set the company apart. Loyal customers return for repeat business and new customers are attracted to the DSA’s ability to offer innovative technology solutions. DSA is tracking and responding to dynamic changes underway in the Federal and, particularly, Department of Defense, IT market segments.
Considerations for Young Entrepreneurs
Fran advises young entrepreneurs to display grit and resiliency. Never give up. Do not let the naysayers get you down. Surround yourself with talented, committed, and ethical people. Ask lots of questions. Secure trusted advisors whose industry and professional experience will guide your decision making. Test the market for your product or service. Keep your eye on the cash. Be passionate. Have courage. And always maintain the highest standards of integrity.
DSA Stands Ready to Confront Future Challenges
The DSA team is witnessing dramatic shifts in the business environment as large corporations traditionally involved in the Government IT market segment are opting to shed what they deem as commoditized, low margin services so that they can focus on more profitable activities. At the same time, there is a vast number of small, niche oriented firms offering competitive technologies and services. The DSA team believes, given this setting, that the Government IT market segment will be highly competitive over the coming years, with many small companies vying for a share of the market based on their ability to offer customers a unique value proposition at a very competitive price. This, in turn, will pose challenges for large IT providers to maintain market dominance. In this setting, Government customers will continue to press for innovative solutions at the lowest possible price.
DSA’s Future Focus
DSA is positioned to build on its 53 years of experience to support its Government customers in identifying and applying advanced technology and innovative approaches to meet their needs. It has crafted business strategies and has redefined its offerings to address the emerging threats, new technological advances, and business process re-engineering requirements of current and emerging customers.