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Data Protection! Boon or Bane?

Data Protection!
In recent years, these two words have changed the world of information technology. Data protection is no longer just an issue that is entirely technical (mostly due to its massive commercial and political impact).
Recently in 2018, European Union introduced GDPR which is basically data protection legislation. Not only from Europe, several tech giants across the world also had to testify before the Congress regarding data protection and privacy in the United States.
However, even after multiple measures taken by the security companies or the governments the frequency and complexity of cyber-attacks is increasing every day. Recently, we have witnessed the increase in ransomware, malware, inside attacks and hijacking IT resources in order to mine cryptocurrency.
However, currently organizations are trying to resist all these by taking few very important steps. So, let’s have a look at some of the trends that could change the way how we use internet and share our data;
Internet is a global playground, more and more countries and their governments are slowly recognizing cyber attacks and cyber defense as key elements. So, organizations that are working from countries which lacks data protection and security laws needs to be much more conscious regarding their digital assets from their competitors. According to various agencies, 2019 will be year of corporate espionage and intelligence capturing.
With time, perimeter-less corporate network is gaining traction, and it possesses even bigger challenge to secure all enterprise data that are outside of the corporate network. So, we can expect a slow but steady improvement in integration and management tools so that organizations can manage their digital assets no matter where ever they are hosted.
Since last few years, application delivery is slowly migrating towards software-as-a-service model, which means the security around various cloud based application needs substantial improvement. Organizations are slowly securing these apps. However, due to the ease of access, organizations are consistently introducing themselves to various risk factors.
So, with great enthusiasm Insights Success Magazine has shortlisted, The 10 Most Innovative Google Solution Providers, 2019 that are ensuring optimal efficiency and security.
For this issue as the cover story, we have Core and More Technologies Inc., which is world’s leading provider of digital marketing solutions.
We have also shortlisted, DefinedLogic, which is a full service digital agency built to seize new opportunities and solve today’s toughest business challenges; Zive, which is the producer of Kiwi for G Suite and Kiwi for Gmail, a highly rated desktop client for Mac and Windows users which takes Gmail and G Suite out of the browser and into app form; Pervorm, who solves digital challenges for scale-ups and established global brands, by organizing fluid teams of experts to optimize towards business goals; CAPSiDE, which delivers best cloud managing services to the multinational companies.
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– Kaustav Roy