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Data Entry Services Definition, Types & Benefits

Data Entry has been the most time-consuming and cumbersome task for any kind of business. Data entry services in an organization ensure that various formats of data are categorized and digitized in a way so that they can be used whenever required. However, outsourcing data entry tasks are highly beneficial as it reduces the physical storage space of the hard copy of the documents while creating a digital backup for the physical documents.

Data entry refers to the act of transcription of the written documents into the digital mode or transcribing one type of electronic data into another. An error-free organized digital data is the key to accelerating business growth. Nevertheless, a growing company might find it tiresome and cumbersome to track all data daily. Managing in-house data entry operators can be proven to be very stressful while leaving less focus on the core business activities.

What is Data Entry Outsourcing?

Data entry outsourcing is defined as the process of hiring a third-party service provider to manage the data entry tasks of a company. Outsourcing data entry services refers to forming a partnership with an off-shore or onshore company instead of getting smooth business operations. Although data entry outsourcing significantly reduces the time and cost of the day-to-day operations.

Types of Data Entry Services

Depending on the type of information, the data entry services are categorized into the following groups. The key services of the outsourcing agency are formed while keeping in mind the needs of the data entry requirement from multinational giants to small-medium businesses.

1. Online Data Entry Service

Online data entry services refer to the entry of all the data and the records manually in the web or cloud-based software system with the help of secure, accurate, and reliable methods while maintaining a strict security protocol.

2. Offline Data Entry Service

Offline data entry services refer to the extraction of required data be it medical records or financial records, bills, invoices, or data collected from any other source while digitize them by entering those data into various file formats like MS Word, MS Excel, CSV, etc.

3. Image Data Entry Service

Image data entry is the process where the data entry experts extract the needful information by leveraging industry-approved tools and efficiently upload them to a cloud source in the required file format.

4. Survey Forms Data Entry Service

Survey forms are the most commonly used format to make a record of customer interactions and the experience. Hence, the record of those data is required for companies to serve seamless customer service. Service forms data entry refers to the conversion of survey forms into information that helps in driving business decisions.

Benefits of Data Entry Outsourcing

Though cost-efficiency is the most common denominator for any kind of outsourcing deal, the focus on cost-benefit has now become a subtler issue. The reasons are now focused on more defining the process, efficient management, flexibility, availability, speed, and effectiveness of the data entry operator. A good data entry outsourcing will focus on delivering fast results without any error. Below is a sneak peek of the benefits of outsourcing data entry services.

1. Time Efficiency

The experienced data management team of the outsourcing company are well trained enough to turn the large volume of work without compromising on quality. The lesser the turnaround time the better it would be. One of the most natural benefits of data entry outsourcing is the time difference factor.

2. Proficient Data Management

Outsourcing of data entry tasks not only leads to the digitalization of data but also ensures systematic management and storage of the data across multiple channels. Hence, the data becomes more indexed, logical, and easily available for the process of data analysis when required for making crucial decisions.

3. High-Quality Data Entry Services

Once the data entry tasks have been outsourced to a reputed third-party service provider who is a pro in data entry services, then these companies use the best practices and processes while achieving the maximum quality. These companies strive to maintain 99% of the data accuracy while doing all the data entry management tasks so that the clients can use the data required for developing their business.

4. Data Security

Security is the most crucial factor when it comes to outsourcing data management services to an outsourcing agency. Always check the security management techniques which will ensure 100% safety of the data. Few other security checks need to be considered while outsourcing the data entry tasks such as non-disclosure agreements, scanning services for penetration testing, audit trails for the system activities, etc.

5. Improved Business Focus

In this highly competitive business world, companies should provide razor-sharp focus to their core businesses to gain a competitive advantage in the market. The supporting business functions should not act as pain points that can shift the focus to it rather than putting emphasis on the core business. Hence, outsourcing the data entry services and other pertaining back-office functions will keep you focused on the business model.

6. Increased Productivity

Data entry outsourcing is not only related to systematic storage and digitalization of the data, but also it extracts data from many sources that sometimes we tend to ignore such as survey forms, images, customer call interactions, etc. Outsourcing agencies extract these data and hence companies can focus more on product development thus serving the needs of the customers.

7. Scalability

Once the backlog documents have been digitized, it is easier for companies to strategize their business as per the interactions of the customers. The business can focus on its product and business development as per the data sources obtained from the data entry operators. Moreover, the company remains stress-free in terms of hiring the workforce and training them.

8. Improved Operational Cost

Companies witnessed that outsourcing certain business processes save almost 70% of their operational cost. So, it is very practical to outsource different business tasks including data entry services to a renowned outsourcing partner which is reliable as well as delivers quality service on time.

Wrapping Up

Data entry outsourcing not only saves the in-house team members from performing repetitive, tedious work but also gives more accurate and time-efficient data. Always remember to outsource the data entry tasks to a secure company as well as a good turnaround time. Starting an outsourcing partnership with a reputed vendor can be a daunting task initially. However, after consideration of the above points, the process will go smoothly while expecting a quality delivery whenever required.