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Daria Dubinina, CEO and Co-founder, Crassula

Daria Dubinina: Building the Next-generation FinTech Products

Women have made enormous strides in the finance sector. Their contributions in the space are strengthening the financial-services industry and helping businesses stay ahead of challenges. One such woman shaping the future of finance is Daria Dubinina.

Before diving into entrepreneurship, Daria’s journey has been full of discoveries and industry research. She has been working in the FinTech and payments field for five years, doing e-commerce and online payments. This allowed her to get to know the FinTech industry and strengthened her desire to learn and develop in FinTech.

Daria has dedicated more than nine years to mastering payments, e-commerce, and business development. As a leading strategist and entrepreneur, she has also led major partnership deals with top international companies. Today she is the CEO and Co-founder of Crassula.

Let’s unveil more about Daria’s journey and how Crassula is delivering the world-class products.

Putting Accumulated Knowledge into Action

Crassula’s story began when Daria met Alex Novozhenov and Vlad Nikolayev. They all are co-founders of Crassula. The decision to found Crassula was a natural progression of the desire to put the accumulated knowledge into action. They started with a simple idea to provide fast and easy core technology for launching FinTechs. And today Crassula White Label solutions are trusted by the industry leaders. The company allows users to build their PSP, Banking, FX products in days and provides access to world-class products to over 5 million users.

Allowing Companies to Create their Products and Services

Crassula White Label software provides the technical infrastructure for the FinTech companies that allows creating their services and products. With Crassula, companies can concentrate on building their businesses without spending years and huge budgets developing their solutions. Also, this approach reduces the risks when testing a business idea; now the company can begin to implement its idea on Crassula’s platform, attract customers and enter the market.

Crassula allows its clients to launch their crypto banks and wallets, accepting crypto payments. Using its solutions, clients can start their crypto business in days.

Helping Companies Bring their Ideas to Life

Daria is playing a crucial role in supporting the launch, growth and development of FinTechs around the world through Crassula.  Firstly, Crassula helps FinTech companies to bring their ideas to life quickly and save their budgets. It also creates a whole infrastructure of solutions and products, a kind of tech hub, stimulating the creation of new products and services development.

 “We also do a lot of R&D and there is a clear trend of FinTech penetration into most tech industries. Social media, retail, gaming, and other industries are developing FinTech components. Thus, our solutions are also becoming more global, which allows us to develop the global market,” Daria notes.

Creating Most Effective Products for Customers

Further Daria mentions that Crassula researches and tests the latest technological advances to create the most effective products for its customers. Today, the Crassula platform offers 3 main products: Core Banking System, Crypto Banking System, and PSP.

Core Banking System provides ledgers with IBANs, card management system, KYC onboarding and verification module, AML financial monitoring module, SWIFT & SEPA transfers, Currency exchange, and more.

Crypto Banking product allows Crassula’s clients to launch their crypto projects, manage and open accounts with unique crypto addresses, exchange fiat to crypto, make crypto transfers, invest in crypto, issue cards for private and business clients.

PSP is helping create a global payment gateway attributed with alternative payment methods, anti-fraud, risk management, merchant integration, smart routing, and virtual currencies, enabling payment companies to make online payments secure and smart for merchants and payers.

Encouraging Out of the Box Thinking in Team Members

Stating the importance of culture Daria states that the most important value for Crassula is its team. For its community, one of the key principles is called “Freedom And Responsibility”. It does not control every minute of working time, giving its teammates freedom to create whenever they want, but expects responsibility of finishing the projects on time and with the highest quality. It created its product with the ability to think out of the box and tries to encourage this skill in its team.

As a CEO, Daria tries to motivate Crassula’s community, be a role model, share her experience and stimulate creativity in the area of responsibility of Crassula’s teammates.

Daria believes that the basis for building a team is to work with the best. To cooperate with the best professionals from around the world, Crassula developed remote working practices even before the pandemic. So, when COVID-19 flipped the workplaces upside-down, Crassula​ had already embraced a remote work model before hiring professionals online began to get popular. This approach enabled the team to double in size in 2021. Currently, Crassula is a technical hub bringing together professionals from all over the world. Its dream team​ is working remotely from Latvia, the UK, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan.

Keeping Pace with World Trends and Availing Edge

We asked Daria her opinion on the next big significant change in the FinTech space, to which she says, “Pandemic, lockdown, and society changes led to radical changes in technology. Technologies today are developing rapidly as never before, and the FinTech industry is growing as well. Online banking is becoming a transforming tool in finance. And it’s not just about the cashless economy. Digital banking offers more innovative services and products, improves security and transparency. It is important to mention white labelling as one of the main trends. White Label FinTech solutions allow the market to develop faster, and the businesses to launch their own solutions, minimize risks and costs.”

According to Daria, one of the most important financial innovations and one of the main trends is crypto. Trends such as robotic process automation and voice-enabled payments cannot be ignored. No one could even imagine how quickly it could evolve when online banking has just started. Big data projects are still an important trend, as people create an incredible amount of data every second. Crassula is at the cutting edge of technology development, and it is going to work to let its products keep pace with world trends and possibly lead them.

Looking Forward to Working on New Solutions

Looking backward, Daria sees a lot of amazing clients, successful projects, and collaborations. Therefore, she is looking forward to working on new solutions for Crassula’s clients, to new integrations, nominations, and collaborations.

Being Open to New Opportunities

In her advice to emerging entrepreneurs, Daria says, “Building your own business is one of the most hard yet exciting journey. This is a chance to give rise to new trends that may one day change the world. Therefore, you should be open to new opportunities, work hard, and develop your networking skills. You should always take care of yourself, of your team and keep moving to the new goals.”