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Daniel Spatzek: Designing Milestones in the UI/UX Industry

Technology is always changing, redefining its terms and improving its own definitions every moment. The combination of design, technology, and art makes the backbone of the UI/UX industry. Nothing remains stagnant in this industry. Every design expert has their own views on the industry scenario which complements each other. Some say that mobile based UI/UX, some say app-based, while others say chatbot and conversational-UX are going to lead the industry. Industry pioneers say that in the present state, designers feel the need to follow the most dominant trend. The work of the fellow designers inspires them to reuse their animations and further develop that with effects to create something trendier. Intellectuals state that, it is often resulting in an experience that might be overwhelming for casual users or contradictory instead of supporting it.
Forerunners of the industry see the near future to be saturated with effect-overloaded UIs. They have also stated that the old school branding skills and innovative yet decent concept will come back again and rule the industry. For any wise person who has a sober taste of art and design, picture counts more than the frame, and the content must get into focus while animation must serve a purpose. In other words, animations should be handled with care and wisdom because they are an intrinsic part of a good user experience and this will never change. To redefine the industry and create new milestones, enters Daniel Spatzek, an award-winning freelance graphic designer and art director from Austria. He has been known to provide unique UI/UX solutions that please the eye of the viewer and tickles the brain by wrapping the latest web technologies around the conceptual ideas that correctly fit the communicating goals of his clients.
Daniel is a man of excellence who is guided by his aesthetic sense and an in-depth knowledge of technology. His works have made him an achiever of multiple awards like Designer of the Year Finalist 2016 by CSSDA, winner of Greatest Clicks Award from 2010-2016 and his portfolio website has won even more. From being the Site of the Day, one among 20 greatest web layouts to many others distinguished awards in the industry. His excellent skills have earned him an honorable position on the judging panel of the CSS Design Awards Team. 
A Man of Excellence with A Soul seeking for Perfection
Being a perfectionist, Daniel stands firm as an award-winning freelance digital graphic designer and art director who has also served as the judge for one of the biggest UI/UX award sites. Educated as a traditional graphic designer, his work ranges from branding, illustration, photo art direction, conceptual collages to anything else in the world of UI/UX. Daniel’s expertise lies in digital design and reports suggest that he has a wealth of experience of more than nine years as a professional in the world of UI/UX design.
During his journey of almost a decade of intensive and pro-level work experience in the UI/UX industry, Daniel has learned the hook-n-crook of designing. To him, the most important thing at first isn’t the client’s satisfaction, and rather it’s the client’s customer satisfaction. His definition of a successful product doesn’t stand as the one which makes the clients happy but the product which fulfills the needs and desires of the client’s customers, and that is what creates a positive effect on the sales number and ultimately makes the clients happy in a sustainable way. This is what matters to Daniel at the end of the day.
Daniel says, “Reliability and trustworthiness are the essential factors here. I try to create a relationship with my clients built on trust. Trust in my abilities and skills to deliver a product that creates significant value for the users and has an impact on the success of my clients’ business.”
Revolutionizing Solutions and Redefining Potentials
Meeting clients’ expectations is not the only goal of this award-winning designer, Daniel leads it to more. He considers himself to the client while undertaking an assignment and works the same way as if he is in the client’s position. This is how Daniel stands unique in this stiff competition. Daniel maintains extreme transparency with his clients. Instead of going through channels and talking to project managers, he speaks directly to his clients, and this is what he believes is the key to understand their wishes and to be able to translate them into tailor-made ideas.
The award-winning freelance designer feels Virtual Reality has tremendous potential, but since VR is still in a very early stage and the devices required are not widespread yet, so its usage makes sense in very few situations. In everything Daniel keeps his hands on, he brings out something new and innovative from the usually overlooked and neglected items. Instead of putting effects, animations or aesthetics, he puts enormous thought and reason into every single part of the UI/UX to achieve tailor-made solutions that deliver extraordinary experiences to the user and strengthens the brand of his clients and helps them to translate UX into business goals.
Building Stepping Stones of Future
To fulfill the demands of his clients satisfactorily, Daniel is currently focusing on building his new brand which acts as a bridge of collaboration between his partners, development and himself. He is capable and renowned for satisfying all kinds of clients from small to well-established ones. Enterprises are happy with Daniel’s expertise, and the award-winning designer is planning to expand the team to bring in new and more exciting innovations into the industry.

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